Being Blind Is Not A Sentence: Musicians Who Succeeded Despite Their Disability

famous blinds Musicians

Andrea Bocelli

There are many stories of people with blindness who have had incredible success in their professional lives. Today we have prepared for you a selection of blind musicians who have amazed the world with their example. Andrea Bocelli was a very popular opera singer on the world stage who was blind. Bocelli loved music so much that even this illness was not a barrier for him in achieving his goal.

andrea bocelli

When Andrea was 12 years old he started to play soccer actively, studying in the football section. During one of his training, a ball landed on his head. After that young Andrea, who also had congenital glaucoma, went blind. Even though today, many people consider Bocelli their idol, Who had an angelic voice and perfectly performed solo parts, the musician himself did not find himself in royalty free music at once. Andrea first entered the faculty of law in Pisa, after studying he worked by profession and singing and playing the piano at musical evenings became his hobby, Which at least somehow brightened up his sad routine.

But his talent did not go unnoticed – on one of the regular evenings he was heard in a bar and was offered to sign a contract on cooperation. In his long career, Andrea managed to work with Luciano Pavarotti and Sarah Brightman was even lucky enough to sing for the Pope himself.

It was an incredible breakthrough in the musician’s career. In the 90s he debuted in Sanremo and released several platinum discs, which sold out in Europe and the USA with lightning speed. This is how the musician managed to become famous and gain fans all over the world.

His blindness became a certain trademark of Bocelli, which only encouraged his fans and made them realize that he could realize his dream. The singer himself later confirmed: “Everything that matters in life is about intention. You have to go for the goal by insisting on it.

Ray Charles

Ray Charles is a real jazzman who managed to make a name for himself in American show business. Now his tracks in modern processing are played on the radio, people continue to talk about him as a great personality and recognize the singer’s real, one might even say natural, musical talent. It was Ray Charles who managed to pave the way for African-Americans in the music industry.

Ray Charles was born in 1930 in Albany, Georgia, to a poor family. His mother always instructed her son to do what he loved, what he felt a real passion for, and never pay attention to what others told him. Ray was born with visual glaucoma, and when he was 7 years old, he became permanently blind. At first, he went to a special school for the blind, which his mother sent him to in the hope that he would find friends there. However, Ray understood that such an education was not for him and, when he was 15, he left school to devote the rest of his life to music.

At home in the evenings, he played the piano himself, which his father had bought for nothing long ago because he was crazy about classical music. Sometime later his father began to notice that his son was a talented singer and composer.

Ray soon went to America and began playing in an orchestra. There he was often cheated, and paid less than the agreed amount, citing the fact that he was blind and could not verify it in any way. However, he was soon offered to work solo, which he could not refuse. Charles understood that he had to leave a mark on the history of music, and he succeeded.

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