Tips On How You Can Focus Better for UPSC Exam Preparation

upsc exam preparation

Before trying to understand how to start preparing for UPSC at home, you should prepare yourself for the trip. Make sure to prepare mentally and physically for the examination. Set pretensions and devote time effectively. Understand the UPSC test pattern completely, and pace your UPSC preparation consequently.

Here’s How You Can Focus Better On Your UPSC Exam Preparation

1. Make a Timetable

To become an IAS officer, it is necessary to be like an officer with a well-organized diurnal routine. You should set a comfortable schedule before your preparation and stick to it.

Making a schedule will ease your preparation and make it more streamlined. With deadlines, you would work better and complete the syllabus briskly.

2. Know the UPSC Syllabus

The syllabus is the soul of any test. The UPSC has handed the syllabus for the Civil Services Preliminary and Main examination in an elaborate manner. Applicants should understand and follow the syllabus for UPSC civil service examination. Knowing the syllabus will help you to choose applicable study accoutrements, prioritize the subjects, etc.

3. Be Aware Of The Current Affairs for UPSC

The journals are the most important aspect of the UPSC test. If you do not read the diurnal review or follow the diurnal news for the UPSC test, you cannot hope to clear this test.

The questions asked in the civil services test are directly or laterally connected with current affairs. Hence, it is veritably important to follow the applicable news particulars in your diurnal review.

4. Choosing Optional Subject

The voluntary subject accounts for 500 marks in the UPSC final census. Hence, you should choose a voluntary subject wisely and after a thorough think-through of the pros and cons of the subjects you have in mind. Some of the factors to keep in mind before opting for a voluntary are:

  • Interest in the subject
  • Previous knowledge of its academic background
  • Imbrication with the GS papers
  • Vacuity of guiding
  • The vacuity of study material


The NCERT handbooks from classes six to twelve play a veritably significant part in UPSC test preparation. Applicants can get introductory generalities and propositions from NCERT handbooks. These books give the information veritably coherently. Also, they are dependable, too, as the source is the government itself.

In former times UPSC has asked questions directly from NCERT handbooks. So, NCERTs are the stylish books to begin your UPSC preparation with. Get a complete list of NCERTs required for the UPSC test. Piecemeal from the NCERTs, you should also follow many other advanced handbooks.

6. Make Notes

It is helpful to make short notes during your online foundation course for UPSC. Since the UPSC syllabus is veritably vast, it helps to keep track of the portions covered and serves as a ready-reckoner for modification. Lines are preferred by numerous since they help to add notes to content easier. This is especially helpful in the case of adding current affairs-related news to content.

7. Answer Writing Practice

The UPSC main test papers are descriptive. It is substantially about testing your logical, critical, and communicative capacities. It asks you to suppose with abstract clarity and organize your views, comprehensions, and studies in an indefectible manner.

Another thing to be kept in mind is the time and space constraints in the answer folder. This is not possible without an acceptable answer- jotting practice.

8. Working former Times’ UPSC Question Papers

Former question papers are the most dependable sources of UPSC pattern, difficulty position, and question type. You can judge the trends in the UPSC test paper fluently.

It will also help you understand which areas are the most important in a particular subject. Incipiently, it is a good source of tone- assessment in your UPSC preparation.

9. Mock Test Series

Tone- assessment is an essential part of UPSC preparation. It can help civil service applicants in realizing and learning from miscalculations, shaping what approach they need to follow in continuing the preparation and relating strengths and sins.

 It is largely recommended to join a mock test series, especially if you’re preparing from home. This will help you to assess yourself and help you further.

10. Important Government Offers

Your end when you are taking the UPSC test is to work for the Indian government. Naturally, there are numerous government sources you can calculate on during your preparation.

Government websites like the PIB, PRS, and public TV programmers featured on Rajya Sabha television are veritably helpful. We cover important PIB papers every day.

11. Modification

Modification is veritably important when you’re facing a test as tough as the UPSC test. Since the UPSC syllabus is vast and different, covering manifold subjects, it is natural to forget the effects you had studied before.

12. UPSC Interview

As mentioned ahead, the final stage in the UPSC test process is the UPSC interview or personality test. This is an important stage in the process, and then, it’s a commodity further than academics that will help you.

You’ll be assessed on rates like political chops, communication chops, presence of mind, response to stress, etc. You’ll also be asked questions about your interests, pursuits, education, and work experience, if any. So, you must brush up on these aspects.

13. Applicable Magazines

Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, Economic & Political Weekly, etc., are veritably important for the UPSC test. They contain important information on motifs like polity, governance, husbandry, frugality, etc. You can get a gist of the Yojana, Kurukshetra, and EPW magazines on our website.

14. Stay Positive

The most important aspect of the entire UPSC study online is to stay positive. There are times when it can get relatively inviting, and you will feel depressed. Remove negative studies from your head and work on them.


So, these were some of the most useful tips on how you can focus better when it comes down to UPSC exam preparation. Since cracking the UPSC examination is not a mere cakewalk, the above-mentioned tips will help you out extensively.

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