No Other Online Running App Comes as Good as This

Online running app

Are you searching for a good Online running app? Try Vingo, the latest and the best virtual reality app for running. Vingo uses sophisticated technology to turn your exercise into an online adventure.

It is more of an online game than an exercise app and you are the player one in it.

Create a Free Account in Vingo

The Vingo app is right now open for all and you can become part of the Vingo community by installing the app on your smart device. You can install it in your phone, tablet, or even your smart TV, for a better experience.

Also, you can invite up to eight members to join you in the app. All of you will have an account of your own and you can use all the premium features the app offers. Everything from maps, avatars, equipment, will be open to you and you can enjoy these features for free until the end of this year.

Explore the Features in iPhone

The recent update in the app has made it available for iOS. You can download the app on your iPhone or iPad directly from the App Store and register for free. The blazing fast processing speed and high resolution retina screens have made the app look better. So, you will find realistic scenery inside the app.

You can then connect your device to your treadmill via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go on an Indoor running adventure.

It Uses Realistic Graphics

The best feature about Vingo is its realistic graphics. All the maps in the app are designed from real locations from around the world. Also, these virtual locations are filled with interesting facts, stories, and urban legends about the spot. You can read or listen to them while you run inside the locations.

The recent addition to the maps catalogue is Iceland, with its high volcanoes and green plains. You can go on an Online running trip with your family and friends on the map, no matter where they might be staying across the world.

Connect Your Treadmill Easily

Like we said, you can connect the app with your treadmill via Bluetooth very easily. Just turn on the Bluetooth in your smart device and the app will automatically pair with your treadmill. The app is also enabled with ANT+ sensors which allow multiple devices to be connected with your smart device. This way you can connect the app with your treadmill and you’re Air Pods at the same time.

Use Social Media & Share Your Story

The next best feature in this treadmill bike exercise app is that you can connect with all your social media accounts and post your achievements online. You can also challenge your friends to compete with you and get fit together.

A Well-Rounded App for Your Exercise

By far, Vingo is the best indoor exercise app available in the market right now. It has got everything, a cool UI, great UX, seamless connectivity, social media & what not? Make best use of it and get fit the fun way.

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