8 Fun Virtual Happy Hours Games on Zoom

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, we often feel a little too skeptical about stepping outdoors. And it has made it very challenging for us to meet our close ones and spend quality time bonding with them. Luckily, we now have several virtual happy hour games, ideas, and activities that all of us can enjoy from the comfort of our homes. 

Some of these events, like a virtual escape room game or several social events hosted over online video conferencing platforms can be a great way to spend time with others while trying something fun-filled and entertaining. And since these social events aim to let you have a fun and memorable time with everyone, you can also build healthy relationships with fellow attendees and inculcate team spirit during these virtual happy Zoom hours.

This article will look at 8 fun virtual happy hour games you can play on the Zoom video conferencing platform.  

1. MTV Cribs: Fridge Edition 


MTV Cribs is a TV show in which you can find a camera inquisitively following a celebrity all around their house. In the process, they show some of the features and cool areas in their home. 

Now, in this virtual happy hour game inspired by the same MTV Cribs,

Challenge three of your attendees to do a complete virtual tour of their kitchen. Let them start with their counters and then move on to the cupboards. Finally, they can move on to showing the inside of their fridge. 

Ensure that the rest of the audience members also remain active in cheering and asking a few questions. You can even record a few such sessions and keep them in your archives as memories.  

2. Something in Common 


Something in Common is a typical icebreaker game you can play during virtual happy hours and have fun! For this game, you first need to divide your entire team into two breakout rooms, each comprising four to five people.

Give the teams approximately three to five minutes each to find out three things they all have in common. Ensure they understand that they focus on uniqueness, for no one wants to hear answers like “we all work in the same company” or “we all go to the market.” 

3. Virtual Happy Hour Bingo 

For people looking for engaging virtual happy hour activities that they can take part in, then this is a great game! Playing bingo is probably the perfect way for your team to remain active and enjoy the virtual happy hours together! In this game, you need to share a game board or prompt with your team members and then offer them clues one by one while they listen for it attentively and check it off from their board.

It can be a terrific way to keep your team members occupied during the remote happy hours. Furthermore, it can also be an effective team-building activity for your team members to participate together. 

4. Virtual Happy Hour Trivia

Playing a quick trivia session can provide your team with something familiar and refreshing while encouraging them to interact with each other. Here is what you need to play this game:

• An engaging and interactive host

• Good and worthwhile questions

• Proper game formats. 

You can ask for volunteers who would like to act as a host in your virtual happy hour trivia. Anyone from your team can be a manager, event planner, and not only your host! 

Incorporating a few action-based questions in your trivia can be an excellent way to make it more exciting and maximize the interaction. You can even take help from Google to form your trivia questions.  

5. I’ll drink to that 

As the name suggests, this is a drinking game you can play during virtual happy hours, though you can enjoy this game with or without alcohol based on your choice. To start the game, first, you need to decide on a phrase that will act as a cue for the players to start drinking. 

Make sure that the phrase you choose is both common as well as a little obscure at the same time. You can choose phrases, like “can everyone hear me?”, “what do you think?” or anything else. The moment players hear it, they all say, “I’ll drink to that,” and take a sip of their chosen drink. 

6. The Question Game

It is a simple and easy game you can play during virtual happy hours. To play this game, you need:

• A player who will ask another a question

• That player will respond in a way that a question gets directed at another player

• That player needs to answer the question with yet another one leading to the next.

So, you played the Question Game now. Was it any fun? 

7. The Statement Game 

This game might seem quite the opposite of the Question Game. In this game, one player starts with a random statement and then passes it on to the next player. That player responds to the message and continues the conversation by adding their message. 

The prime objective of the game is to keep the chain of logic unbroken and continue the statements for as long as you can. The game ends the moment one of the players asks a question or fails to come up with a meaningful idea within five seconds.  

8. Virtual Werewolf

It is a popular game where you have some players who become wolves, while the others enact the role of villagers. The latter operates a show where Survivor votes people off the island.

It is an exciting and fun virtual happy hour game that requires players to remain quick with their thinking abilities. It is a pretty easy-to-play game and does not require any equipment or tool of any kind for you to play it. With a little strategy, a stable internet connection, and practical communication skills, you will be good to go and play this game! 


With these happy hour games, no physical boundaries or the limitation of staying at home can hamper your recreation and stop you from enjoying a fun-filled hour with your loved ones! And the list doesn’t end here, for you can mix your creativity and wits to create your idea of a fun time on Zoom to enjoy with your family and friends.

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