Spark AR: Essence, Core Functionality, Knowledge to Use, and More

Spark AR App

Spark AR offers new opportunities beyond the created borders

Annual Conference F8 in 2017 showed Mark Zuckerberg’s innovation to all the developers’ community worldwide. This innovation obtained the name of Facebook Camera Effects Platform (later — Spark AR) to allow people to edit their images and make them beautiful beyond reality borders.

The current post will tell you about the significant benefits of such a solution for you and your company, the capabilities this digital product provides, and other essentials.

Spark AR: Essence to Users

We will focus on the subject and establish the Spark AR vital functionality before moving on. This solution allows both the developers and the customers to use the smartphone’s camera as an AR platform. Earlier, people thought it was possible only with Google glasses; however, Mark Zuckerberg proved the opposite.

The platform is run by an augmented reality engine and offers tools to use the most basic interactive effects and frames. Moreover, it’s equipped with a 3D rendering for free and facial tracking capabilities.

The UI of the app is quite easy: you can use Spark AR without any coding knowledge or access permissions, making original pic frames to share with everybody. The created solution is unique, and its tools can simplify the life of designers and artists. Additionally, based on this studio, the platform enables developers to produce fantastic AR effects.

The Core Functionality of Spark AR and Knowledge to Work With It

Facebook made free access to AR possible, allowing people to create not only frames and photo effects but also masks, which is quite perspective these days. After Spark AR’s release from the beta version, most people started saying that everybody could create an AR mask. However, it’s not entirely true: without knowledge, you can only prepare a simple tattoo mask.

Time passes quickly, and basic AR mask concepts are not enough for consumers. They require more original and unique ideas, which are impossible to bring into life without specific knowledge.

What knowledge, in particular, should you get to create masks via the Spark AR app? To begin with, you can make three types of masks through this FB app: 2D, 3D, and game masks. Then, we’ll describe the basics that you have to know to create each kind of masks:

  • 2D — Photoshop for static masks, software to create 2D animation (e.g., After Effect)
  • 3D — Photoshop for static masks, any 3D software with modeling or texturing features
  • Game masks — JavaScript knowledge is required

The Spark AR functionality you can use with the obtained knowledge includes the following points to be enlightened:

  • A diversity of interactive effects
  • Different tools to use (such as effects, stickers, and others)
  • Real objects rebuilding, which is adding new things to one that already exists
  • Virtual text and objects to include in visual materials (including customized prints or fonts in case of a text implementation)
  • Comment feature to obtain reviews and opinions while streaming video, etc.

There is also an opportunity to interact with implemented objects, animation, and other functionality from the smartphone, tapping or swiping it.

The Augmented Reality Opportunities For Companies Opened By Spark AR from Facebook

Spark AR is a real gift for those who want to benefit from AR technologies and visual effects. First off, it’s easy to start working with, and last (but not least) — it doesn’t require any additional hardware equipment to be installed into. The app can work even from a smartphone, which lets you use it from any place you require to work.

Businesses can also benefit of the app the following way:

The main benefits of Spark AR use

They engage users. The customers can create the image or photo collage, and be rewarded for the best image created.

They improve brand awareness. While creating an image, the users can choose frames created in your company design or fonts in your company colors to further post it in social media. You can reward them for such a thing and boost your brand this way.

What else can be created with the help of Spark AR? Thus, the app makes possible the following opportunities:

  • Advanced gaming experience — games earlier available only with Virtual Reality equipment, will be accessible on smartphones.
  • Virtual makeup or tours — thanks to 3D masks, you can try makeup matters as if you sit in the shop. Moreover, travel agencies can also show all the different views of the destination the client wants to go to.
  • Cutting-edge educational simulators — such kinds of apps give additional educational experience helpful for students on a future job.
  • Interactive maps and manuals — helping to come to the point of destination via the camera use, additional comments, and so on. Manuals will assist you in finding out how to use the specific appliance as soon as possible utilizing the interactive hints and other functionality provided.

What else can be done with Spark AR

This way, you can see that the business opportunities are enlarged enough with the help of an innovative Augmented Reality platform from Facebook. We gave only the common examples of use cases where Spark AR can also be used.

Summing Up

Augmented Reality is the very thing that can significantly upgrade a lot of applications from different business domains and offer them perfect UX attracting more and more users. You can also implement AR into your everyday projects to enhance them and make them more qualitative. Spark AR platform from Facebook will be your reliable assistant in this matter.

However, as we said before, Spark AR use requires digital experience to create modern and technologically perfect AR-based solutions. In case you need to learn more about the said Facebook platform and the enhancements it can offer to your business, you can apply to skilled AR specialists.

They will give you an in-depth consultation as to all the disturbing technological questions, give proper assistance in solving the issues connected to AR implementation, and help you build a sufficient product which will be cutting-edge, profitable for your company and attractive for your future and current users.

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