Augmented Reality for Studying: Why Is It Profitable

Augmented Reality Technology

AR stands for the abbreviation of Augmented Reality, which is an on-demand modern technology applied in a wide range of industries. The process of learning and obtaining new knowledge becomes simpler and more efficient with AR solutions. This fact conditions the following positive insights– the educational Augmented Reality market value amounted to $300 million two years ago and is forecasted to reach $700 million within the following three years.

This post will reveal the key advantages of Augmented Reality for the studying process and deliver some recommendations on how to implement the described technology while avoiding the main pitfalls.

AR Potential for Studying

The education domain keeps its digitalization within the influence of the post-pandemic world. E learning app development, as well as a wide range of platforms for studying, are just a few practical illustrations of how this market sector has modified. Integration of AR brings valuable profit for both parties- learners and professors:

Decreased investments

AR serves as a potent way to reduce outgoings spent on facilities of educational establishments. The need to purchase and set such essential elements for classrooms and the educational process as a whole is liquidated.

Enhanced interactions

The accessibility and connection of students and instructors allow both parties to keep in touch via a handy mobile solution. It’s a simple way to ask all the arising questions or consult the student on certain task fulfillment within two clicks.

The convenience of material storing

AR-powered software enables receiving and keeping of all the fundamental material in mobile devices, so both students and professors are able to receive, process, and possess integral information in the full-fledged platform. Thus, the need to bring heavy bags daily is eliminated.

Practical course conduction

Studying flow optimization is a vital benefit delivered by this technology, as it allows to provide the practical part of the course as well as obtain all the basic skills with the help of the practical exploration.

Demonstrative model exploration

It’s no secret that visual perception is highly significant for the learning process. Augmented Reality’s main aim is to represent the illustration of the course and observe the voluminous model as it would happen in real life.

Raised user involvement and higher satisfaction

The traditional learning approaches (e.g., writing abstracts, reading, etc.) seem less engaging in contrast with the AR solutions. The more the audience is interested in the studying process and methodology, the more enhanced the learning outcomes are.

No danger and risks within courses taking

Depending on the educational field, the practice may be essential yet dangerous. To illustrate, when it comes to healthcare and medicine, Augmented Reality technology may be used to demonstrate the specific type of surgeries.

Streamlined work in groups on united assignments

The process of working as partners is much simpler with such a solution. Conventional seats changing is a pretty obsolete way to accomplish assignments in groups. Therefore, learners are able to fulfill the task in groups, add questions for the professors, and transfigure elements of Augmented Reality.

Implementation Complexity of the Augmented Reality

It is also worth mentioning that such a solution comprises a row of peculiarities that may make you face specific challenges within its implementation:

Increased expenses

The amount of investments you will need to contribute to the AR implementation is quite long due to the required gadgets’ prices. Besides, such technology will operate smoothly in case the mobile device’s battery capacity is sufficient. Otherwise, the user experience will be spoiled.

Solid Internet necessity for cloud-based platforms

The most efficient way to share the essential studying data is to complete this process via cloud software. However, its main peculiarity is that students need a potent Internet access to complete the learning process effectively and productively.

Practical Application of AR in Studying

The discussed technology can be beneficial for numerous fields of study. Let’s get acquainted with how Augmented Reality solutions can be integrated into the process of education. The following list reveals that the spheres of learning can be drastically different:


A great method to explore the internal organs and parts of the body, the skeleton, and the whole body- examine them with an AR solution on a three-dimensional model.


There are already successful examples on the market of integrating this technology into the astronomy sector. Many of them allow to consider the location of celestial bodies, as well as learn a lot of interesting data about them.

Practice for pilots

Learning flight techniques and processes in real-life conditions can be elementarily life-threatening. Because of this fact, with AR, there is now an opportunity to conduct this course, eliminating such risk.

Augmented Reality for Learning: Integral Phases

It’s high time to get familiar with the detailed process of AR solution architecture stages to provide for all the potential challenges beforehand:

  1. Drawing up a perfect customer. The beginning of the development process is understanding the requirements of your clients. For this, you should analyze the demands of the users your solution is aimed at and implement the corresponding product.
  2. Concept uniqueness. Conduct market research of AR in the studying sector and assess whether your project is original enough to become sought-after.
  • Minimum Viable Product building. During this stage, the chosen software development company architects a solution comprising only key features. The functionality may be expanded with advanced tools, so this product is only aimed at providing integral capabilities.

Wrapping Up

AR solution is progressive and on-demand for the studying process. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that Augmented Reality is a pretty complex solution requiring a high competence level. Consequently, you should make the decision concerning the software architecture vendor wisely and responsibly.

In case your project idea is unique, and you cooperate with truly expertised tech partners, there are no obstacles for you to become prosperous and successful in the education market.

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Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It is a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.

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