Tips to Enhance the Mobile App Development Process in 2023

Mobile App Development Process in 2023

From Java proprietary applications to sophisticated apps of today, the usability, design structure, technology, etc backing the apps have crossed barriers beyond imagination.

Even less than a decade ago, no one could have imagined that mobile apps would be this much of an intrinsic part of our daily lives. From groceries to booking flight tickets, we rely on apps on a daily basis. However, the app market of today is as open to new entrants as it is saturated. There is not an iota of doubt that in order to make space in today’s app market, one needs to meticulously create an app that provides a complete experience.

If you are someone who is dabbling with the same idea, here we have mentioned 10 tips to enhance the mobile app development process. Therefore, here we go…

1. Take the Research Seriously

The app development process is an expensive one, especially from a competitive standpoint. The app market of today is mature enough that it is not possible to crack it without giving it all. However, during the ideation phase of an application, it is essential that the app development process takes research into consideration.

For instance identifying the target market, the age group of the audience, pain points, etc is essential. It helps in creating a full-proof mobile application that stands tall in front of the competition. Research during the ideation phase is essential because it lets you assess the competition and understand their weakness. It helps you integrate features and creates USPs that are combat-ready for the competition.

2. Define the goal and the strategy for monetization

Before starting the journey of the app development process, it is essential to define your goals. One should be clear about what the end goal of creating the application should be. This is essential because it sets the flow of the development process of apps. It makes the app development team align with the requirements of the client.

Understanding this can help one identify the technology stack, the size of the team, the expertise, etc. Adding to it, the monetization strategy is another facet that needs to be kept under the vision. 

In today’s time, the apps have the comfort of multiple monetization strategies such as:

  • Paid app model
  • In-app purchases
  • Subscription model
  • Partnership model
  • Ad-revenue model

This is an important aspect because the app idea and the monetization strategy should resonate with each other. For instance, if PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground) would be a paid app then it won’t end up being such a huge hit. There are certain applications that can be sold from the ground up. However, with some apps, it is better to let the user try and then charge for the additional features.

3. Consider the type of team

There are primarily three types of teams to choose from which are:

  • In-house team: This team comprises all the internal resources of the company with the app idea.
  • Outsourcing team: It is a dedicated team that is hired outside the office for developing the app idea.
  • Team of freelancers: These are individuals that work on a freelance basis. It can be the entire project or a certain requirement.

Each type of team has its own advantage. For instance, an in-house team offers better control over the development process. An outsourcing team doesn’t utilize the internal resources of the company and is responsible for everything. Adding to it, a team of freelancers can be cheaper and provide the extended support required.

On the other hand, each has its own fallbacks too. For instance, an in-house team may not have the necessary expertise required. The outsourcing team won’t be easy to control especially if the communication isn’t sorted. Also, the team of freelancers may not be equipped with the required expertise and tools for development.

Overall, it is important for anyone to choose wisely so that the flow of the app development process is not disrupted.

4. Consider the security and privacy concerns

Data security and privacy are one of the biggest concerns of the world today. Here are some of the stats that indicate the same:

  • Between 2021 to 2022, there have been an estimated number of 42 million record breaches. 
  • About 45% of the data breaches that occurred were cloud-based. 
  • As per a Verizon 2022 report about 36% of the data breaches happened due to phishing attacks.
  • The cost of data breaches per breach was between $158 to $164 from the year 2016 to 2022.

As the worlds get more connected and the general population relies on more apps, the chances of data breaches are higher. Also, user privacy and security are big issues often debated today. This is the reason apps are required to ask for permissions for accessing smartphone hardware & other utilities such as camera, GPS, file manager, etc.

There are also compliances such as GDPR (general data protection regulation) too that need to be taken into consideration. To create an effective app, the mobile app development company needs to keep this and more in hindsight.

5. Avoid using bad UI/UX

UI/UX has the potential to make or break an application in terms of experience. UI stands for user interface while UX stands for user experience. Both of these terms are tightly knitted and need to be taken seriously. A compelling UI/UX is what makes an application stand out and create resonance with the brand image that has a direct yet indirect impact on the user.

Let me explain! A well-made app with a great UI/UX means great design elements, interesting color, easy navigation, etc. This makes the app more immersive and intuitive for the user. It creates ease of usage and sorts the transaction journey of the user which is paramount to the success of the app.

6. Keep the number of features to optimum

Having as many features for the application is great. However, it is important not to flood the app with it. The idea of creating an app is to provide everything in a single place. Yet, it should resonate with the app idea and what it really does. Bloating the app with too many features is never a great idea. However, not integrating enough features is definitely dangerous in this competitive environment.

7. Select the right technology stack

A common mistake often app developers make is to select the wrong technology stack. The problem is not just associated with the capability of the stack there are other factors too. For instance, let’s take the long-discussed debate of choosing between React Native and Flutter as frontend frameworks. React Native is popular and it is easy to find developers for the tech.

On the other hand, Flutter is based on C/C++ and DART, therefore, it makes the framework amicable for developing high-performance apps. List out the factors that can create problems and problems that can be dealt with. The tech stack shouldn’t only be selected from a feature & capability perspective but also from the possibility of finding experienced developers too.

8. Embrace Agile Methodology

For the type of app market that has been created today, there isn’t a better methodology than Agile. Agile methodology allows developers to constantly integrate code into the build. It is beneficial considering apps are constantly updated to beat the competition. Only having a final product is not enough. App entrepreneurs now need to constantly reinvent the app and build more features into it for higher adoption and retention of a loyal customer base.

9. Test Early, Fix Early

An app full of bugs is never an answer to the competition. Many entrepreneurs often lag in fixing the most crucial bugs that disrupt the user experience. This is for the same reason testing the app early on, and fixing the bugs is always a great idea.

10. Keep the client in the loop, and seek feedback

During the time of development, communication between the client and the app development company is of utmost importance. The client should be kept in the loop at each and every step. It is necessary to provide results that are closest to the max as it was anticipated when the app idea was conceived. To achieve this, gaining constant feedback from the client and involving them in the process is of the highest importance.

Wrapping Up!

There are multiple mobile app development companies and top web development companies that are adopting similar methodologies for enhanced user experience. As of now, simply creating an app is not enough. The people behind the development process should think through and try to provide a novel experience with each of their ventures. Sorting the development process and involving creativity & a sorted development cycle is the only way to win, win the attention and loyalty of the customers.

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Marco Jones is a content marketer and Internet marketer who has been in the industry for over 7 years. He has a vast amount of experience in both industries and has helped many businesses achieve their marketing goals. Marco is also a published author and has been featured in many online and print publications.

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