Top 5 Animation Apps for Android and iOS of 2022

top 5 animation apps

Animation is the best creation that brings cheers to audience faces. Animation into graphics, 2D/3D characters, and objects makes us imagine to live and relate with thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Animations play an interpretations role in business, marketing, education, advertisements, gaming, funding projects, etc. With the rising demand for 3D animation and pixel streaming, there are the best animation apps and tools introduced in the market.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Animation Apps for Android and iOS users.

1. Bot3D:

It is a 3D animation-making app exclusive for iPhone users. You can import your photos, audios to build animations of your own. Models or avatars can be customized and animated with inverse kinematics. Bot3D enables you to create poses, movements, facial expressions all that you need in one package. Additional features of zoom-in, zoom-out, frames rotation, user-friendly interface, live recording, lip-syncing option, and so on make it more useful. Bot3D is available free on App Store.

2. Animoto:

This is iOS friendly app and specific for iOS devices users. This app is good for making explainer videos for businesses, you can pick existing templates from the library and alter effects of color, format, text, and other aspects in the chosen template. Animoto includes a library of licensed songs, free making animation video on saving a file, single-click sharing, etc. It is available free with in-app buying options for users.

3. Animation Desk:

This app allows users to draw overlay animation on videos or images with multiple brushes. Animation sequences, sketches, animated cartoons, and stories can be made using different tools. Stroke size, opacity, drawing tools like Apple pencil or pencil rubber lets you create impactful animation. Animation Desk Community and Built-in messenger are impressive features of this app. It is built for both Android and iOS smartphone users with free and in-app purchasing.

4. PicsArt Animator:

This app helps users in creating the most out of no time with frame-by-frame and 3D cam app animation. Unique features include frame duplication, adding effects and audio, animated stickers with multiple layers and scenes. You can animate your own photos using brush strokes and other tools. It has an Emoji Me feature that creates your own animated emoji. It is a user-friendly and compatible app for Android and iOS users. It is free to use and also has in-app buying options.

5. MotionBook:

This app allows users to draw and animate in a flipbook format with a variety of tools like pen, pencils, brush, eraser, onion skinning, duplicating objects, etc. It has unique features like copy and paste from other apps, import options, and supports Apple pencil. It is available free with in-app buying and is compatible with iOS users.

These are the top 5 animation-making apps with a free trial or paid versions that you can choose to make your projects look outstanding and build brand reputation in the market. The best decision is in selecting an app that suits your business needs such as tools, pricing, animation type, detailing factor with user-friendliness.

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