What Is Skin Color Code?

skin color code

When we speak of skin color, why it is important to very specifically know about that. Previously we have only 2 shades one is White and the Other one is black. But now do to the advancement in technology and manufacturing sector people can get the exact shade of products. Getting the accurate skin color code is an extremely important aspect to consider in photography. When it comes to film making or color grading or even taking model shoots the graphic design is needed to some extent.

When you mismatch with wrong skin color it can make or break your creative work. When you use the standard skin color code based on the type of skin then your problem gets solved. All these combination of skin codes are available in a  palette known as skin color palette. Another suggestion will be that you can also use skin color hex code or RGB or CMYK skin color code. When you want to make your creative highlighted or to have a proper shade for your skin you can use these code, but it is strictly condemned when you use then for anykind of discrimination or other violation. We in this blog will see an overview of the skin color codes.

Why skin color code is important?

Colors makes us to be peaceful or violent, each color has the capacity to play with emotions. When we observe the nature 3 colors persist one is the color of teh sky and the color of a forest and the third one is skin tone color. These 3 have variations accordingly, but it will be challenging when a creative worker wnat to match with teh eaxcat scenario. The color speaks teh quality of a work and even takes people to teh time back.

On the man-made objects you can play with colors an actually you can even give better color saturation on the screen. But when it comes to the environment or the skin color you can actually tweak them in such a way that it doesnt create any mess on teh skin color code. When you make the picture quality less and it changes the skin color then the total picture looks bad. For getting a perfect picture we will still know about these color codes.

Color code matters:

Code code comes in 3 different format RGB, CMYK and Hex. These codes basically represent a series of color shades that comes with the number pattern. Each of the color system is used on different segments. When you take the RGB color system it uses 3 color combination to create all other color spectrum,most commonly it is used in omputers, televisions, LEDs, smartphones etc. Hex codes which normally means  Hexadecimal makes use of six-digit numbers with the combination of letters from A through F. Each digit in the bit resprents some kind of information. Spaces between the digits are not allowed, you can make use of both caps and small letters.

CMYK the letter itself stands for 4 colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This is basically used to print colors on the paper, it has four channels of colors where it takes the complete control of teh final color output.

What is a skin color code?

All the above discussed 3 comes under this RGB , CMYK or Hex code of the exact skin color. Combination of hues basically represents the exact human skin color, which lies between yellow and red and the saturation varies depending on type of skin.

RGB Color Code

A typical natural skin color codes will come under 232, 190 and 172 RGB values. These skin color codes can be used for general purposes, more specifically on the dark or light skin color tones.


CMYK skin tone color codes will be represented as of the same above and it comes in the percentage (0%, 18%, 26%,  9%). The 3 values in the first represents Cyan, Magenta, Yellow colors and the last value represents the amount of black in the combination.

Skin color hex code

As we discussed already in the blog the hex code comes with the combination of letters anf numbers and they usually will be 6 in number. On this hex code the natural skin color will come under this particular code #E8BEAC. Compared to other code formats the hex color code is very easily understandable and you can choose things exactly.

Skin Color Tones and its Types

Everyone in this world has different skin colors and it is mostly distinguished into 4 skin tones

  • White Skin Color Code : #fde7d6
  • Light / fair
  • Medium
  • Deep (Dark)

According to science these skin color variations are there because of the melanin segregation. Each of the color shades in the palatte may look similar with slight variations but when it is applied to the actual picture you can see a whole lot of difference.

Fair Skin Color Palette

When you want to work on the Fair skin color tone it becomes little easier to handle in terms of photo editing or color grading. Skin tone color code in photoshop can perfectly help you to get an appropriate photo editing application.

Alot more adjustments and re-touching or saturation need for the fair skin tone colors when compared to dark skin color. These are also known as light skin color code or the first color in the palette is also known as white skin color code.

Dark skin color palette

Dark skin is very tricky to handle when it comes to the photo editing and color grading. Re-touching and color correction for dark skin images should be limited as it will spoil the image clarity quickly.

Caucasian skin color palette

Caucasian skin color code has more of orange and has a yellow feel to it.

Indian skin color code

Indian skin color code is typical has different shades of brown in place. These brown color codes comes with the mixing blue and orange.

Bottom Line:

Skin tone corrections and the appropriate skin color code can give a natural touch to the images. A perfect skin tone combination can actually help the images to give a life. Sometimes you need to have a combination of colors to have a perfect tone combination.

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