Best Hand Grip Camera Strap

Hand Grip Camera Strap

The natural things that we are seeing through our eyes may get stored in our brain and it gets vanished after sometimes. But when we speak about our second eye, it clicks the most memorable moment of everyone’s life and also the pictures that we see open time in our life. Camera is a second eye, but for many it becomes their real eye. They may have a good camera but they would be struggling with the accessories they need to buy. Especially when it comes to camera, taking up a quick decision is a time-consuming affair. Along with expensive cameras it is always advisable to have a perfect strap for that to get an ultimate protection for your camera. It might even take a few days with a vigorous research to get an affordable grip camera strap. In this blog we will discuss about few hand camera strip that gives you the best grip.

Camera Strap Tips

Before choosing up a perfect camera strip for you, it is important to follow-up few tips that are listed below:

Option for fashion

We use cameras on a public occasion or when we travel, it might be a stylist statement for many. A fashionable strap may be good to look, but you have to cross check on the materials used. It might be slippery or have a hindrance stitch on the wrong place. Or else it will damage the camera, fashion should be a priority but the design should be safe also.

Know your Camera

To choose the right strap that you want to buy for the camera first know about the camera. Where you want to have a grip either on your neck or your hand. This might becomes easy for you to know about the choice of strap that you need for a camera.

Keep your old straps

Always having a backup option is really good, even if you have a very new strap. Usually photographers will have multiple straps for various occasions, they might use a strap for backyard shoot and other one for a mountain hike.

Think about breathability

You should be choosy about the fabric choice. The material of the strap shouldn’t leave you sweaty and uncomfortable, especially strap is hanging around your neck.

Give a try, Get some suggestion

Some straps might be so comfortable but getting the same replica might be tough for you. When you visit a store you might get a model that is very close to the one you were comfortable with. Try those models and see your experience. Even you can get help or suggestion from your friend on choosing up a strap.

Wrist Straps

Photographers usually carry the camera in their hand. These straps are best for them and they can takes the clicks very easily. Taking up a quick snap might become risky without a strap. Wearing a wrist strap will help the photographers to cut down on this risk without hampering their freedom. When you choose a strap it should be on a comfort level thickness, because a thin strap may have a chance to easily break or causes some damage to your skin. You should try using the strap or tie once before you make a purchase.

A strap should be more comfortable than how it looks. For a sleek option you can use the polyester ones. Straps with polyester materials will be strong, well-crafted, and comfortable on the wrist. There are even you can avail floating wrist straps to use on the waterproof cameras. It comes with bright colors so that it can be visible on the water and can be easily plotted. Many people will leave their reviews on the website or on the common review platform you should go through that once before you make a decision on purchase.

Hand Straps

Like wrist straps, a hand strap also gives you a perfect security and a grip. When you want to handle camera on a single hand then having a perfect hand grip camera strap is a must. You can have straps for both your hands if you need to do something like texting or adjusting props, you’ll need to put down your camera first.

Nevertheless, a hand strap can be a good choice for photographers they might even need wrist straps to have a perfect grip when they are handling multiple tasks. These hand straps provide the photographer a high-level of comfort, durable, and easiness. It is advisable for a photographer to always carry an extra pair of straps that wraps around your wrist or hand, so if it happens that your camera accidentally slips from your grip, it will not hit the ground. The strap on your wrist or your backup strap will hold it back with causing a severe damage.

Finger Straps

Finger straps, yes you have heard it correctly, but how they really help a photographer to keep their cameras on a safer hand. It is a good option for those who make use of a heavy DSLR, of course, but for lightweight point-and-shoot cameras. A finger strap will keep the camera in your hand without slipping or falling from your hand. A finger strap when compared to the hand strap can help you to do simple tasks like texting. A grip on the finger might sound doubtful for many, but when you make use of them you will feel the kind of comfortness on your hand. These finger straps are really very affordable and can be a choice of many as it starts from $5. Even if one is damaged it can be easily replaceable.

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Bottom Line:

Straps that are available in the market comes with a different price tags, but be choosy on the one which gives you an utmost comfort and also a level of flexibility to safe guard your instrument. Some cameras will commonly have a slippery surface, when it is handled in a slightly careless manner the damage it causes will be more. So it is good to get perfect strap for your camera model.

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