Top 5 Action Camera Body Mount

action camera body mount

Are you someone who likes to travel and indulge in different kinds of adventure activities? Do you also enjoy taking video clips or snapshots while indulging in such activities now and then?

With the help of a suitable action camera body mount, you can now easily take videos while keeping your hands free! Action cameras installed with a body mount allow users to take video footage of different adventurous activities in exciting new ways.

Even though you might only be aware of a helmet mount or a chest mount harness for loading your action camera, there are many other useful body mounts for you to try out.

In this article, let us look at some of the best action camera body mounts you need to check out before your next adventure begins!

1. Head and Helmet Mounts

Head and Helmet mounts are especially great for people who wish to capture an exciting first-person POV video clip. Such a mount allows you to record videos positioned at or near your line of sight. You can use a head or helmet mount to shoot videos that are immersive and thrilling to play.

Especially for activities like skiing, hiking, or rafting, using a head and helmet mount can be a great way to shoot your videos. However, it is better to consider a more stable mount for those adventurous activities where you are expected to be jostled around now and then.

Helmet mounts offer users the advantage of choosing from amongst different positions. You can select from front-facing or chin mounts to even a strap mount with your camera positioned on top!

Using an adhesive flat or curved mount can offer users immense versatility in selecting the position of their cameras. To reposition your adhesive flat mount, all you need to do, is heat the adhesive, detach it and then reposition it!

2. Chest Mount

For adventure hikers not looking for line-of-sight video footage, chest mounts can be a great option. Using such an action camera body mount, you can shoot videos at an angle lower than your eyesight. Based on your action camera and the type of adventurous activity you are participating in, chest mounts can be a top action camera body mount well suited for your purpose!

However, if you are indulging in activities that call for running, it is better to avoid chest mounts. It is because, in such a case, your video footage gets immensely disturbed by the pumping up and down of your arms.

On the other hand, wearing a chest mount harness is also more comfortable than using a head or helmet mount, for instance. Yet again, if you are indulging in water activities and need to wear a life jacket, it might become quite impossible or more difficult to put on your chest mount!

Thus, even though the chest mount offers greater stability than many other action camera body mounts, it does not offer the best angle of view.

3. Shoulder Mount

Shoulder mounts are also a popular action camera body mount that many adventure lovers often choose. In the case of a shoulder mount, your action camera remains positioned on your shoulder.

Using a shoulder mount, you can thus get a little higher and far more natural perspective than your previous chest mounts did. Even though shoulder mounts offer an angle that is lower than your eye line, it is still a much-preferred option for many travellers.

Shoulder action camera mounts are usually best suited for adventurous activities that do not require you to continuously move your body. This action camera mount also offers you a torso strapping harness, much like a chest mount does. Shoulder mounts are usually mostly opted for bikers to shoot incredible video footage of their adventurous activities. However, these mounts keep your body constricted much as chest mounts do.

4. Wrist Mount

Wrist mounts are yet another great action camera body mount that you can use for your next adventure. Even though using head, shoulder, or chest mounts is usually great for when you participate in different activities, none can offer you the immense flexibility that wrist mounts do!

From swiftly changing your angles, focus, and even the perspective of your action camera, there is much you can do using a wrist mount. What makes wrist mounts even more fascinating is that you do not even need to unmount your camera to make these changes!

Hand and wrist mounts are available in different varieties in the market today. You can choose from the floating ones, rotating ones, or even those with adjustable bands! Wrist mounts can be used by adventure lovers while they take part in varied sports activities like hiking, biking, skydiving, or even surfing.

5. Bite Mount

Bite mounts are used largely for a certain specific number of activities. Their usage is mostly limited to water sports that require both of your hands, like, swimming or surfing, for instance. Even though bite mounts have limited usage, they are known for the incredibly unique video footage they allow users to capture!

Your bite mount requires you to bite on it and thus hold on to your action camera! Thus, the only prime disadvantage of using a bite mount is that it obstacles your breathing, as you are needed to hold the mount on your mouth.

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However, the use of a bite mount is now no longer restricted to aquatic activities alone. Many travelers even use bite mounts when participating in activities like skydiving or parachuting! Even for people who like to keep their hands on their bicycles’ handlebars and shoot intriguing video footage, bite mounts can be the best choice.

So, with that, our article comes to an end. What you now have before you are the top 5 action body mounts that you need to try out for your next great adventure! Which top action camera body mount you can’t wait to try?

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