Busting The Myths Of Hiring Remote Developers

hiring remote developers

Summary: With the increase in the number of people opting for a remote team or workforce, many myths are arising. This blog is about to bust all those myths and tell you why hiring dedicated remote developers can actually bring prosperity to your business.


The remote employment stereotypes are flashing all over the IT industry. Although it can be hard to believe that all the myths about offshore remote developers aren’t completely unfolded, trust me, that’s the truth. That’s why this is a ‘must read’ blog for you!

In recent years, especially during and post-pandemic, the economy observed a steep increase in hiring overseas remote developers. The businesses that got in touch with the top IT service provider’s benefitted as they got the best opportunity to hire remote developers from through a streamlined process.

On the contrary as the requirement for the remote developers peaked there were many looking to take advantage of this demand and starting posing as expert developers. These ‘so-called’ dedicated developers promised inexpensive development of high-quality products at the quickest turnaround time. A quick reality check here! Most of these developers holding those promises failed big time to deliver what they said.

So many negative outturns eventually lead to the birth of the ‘growing stigma’ that offshore remote development teams offer low-quality work, they are unreliable, and potentially ‘fraudsters’! To be honest, when you outsource development work you need to make sure that those whom you are looking to hire are the real experienced professionals.

Jaw-Dropping Statics About Remote Work Around The Globe

Here are a few statistics that’ll leave you stunned for a minute! Before you begin, I’d like to tell you that about 16% of companies in the world are working completely remote, says Owl Labs!

  • The growth of remote work has grown by 44% over the last 5 years and comparing the data back to 12 years, this percentage has increased to 159%.
  • The information sector consists of 10% remote workers associated with roles like design and development.

All these statistics are directly derived from Owl Labs’ “2021 State of Remote Work” report!

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Development Team

Mentioned here are the various benefits that will help to understand why it is important to hire remote development team for your business:

1. Expand talent and other capabilities

When hiring remote developers, you are not confined to looking for talent only in one area. You have the opportunity and the power to screen talents from across the world. This wide search will give you access to highly skilled and proficient employees.

2. Stretch your market reach

When you collaborate with different remote developers from around the world, you get to know their markets and culture. For instance, businesses hire unpaid ambassadors who very well advocate your product in new regions creating new consumers.

3. Positive workplace habits

In a remote team, people are also open about their individuality which makes them look for new ways to add value and benefits to the business. Their approach toward the team and the work is more effective and mindful.

4. Productivity

67% of those who worked from home during the pandemic, including the dedicated remote developers, said that they felt more productive at home (Owl Labs). Whereas, 24% of the surveyed employees said that their productivity was the same!

5. Reduces your operating cost

Hiring a fully-fledged team of remote developers is the best way to avoid extra expenses such as paying rent, managing office work, paying electricity bills, etc. In other words, hiring a remote development team is a legit money-saving technique!

What Should You Consider While Hiring A Remote Team?

Coming to hiring remote developers, there are a few considerations to note. Enlisted below are a few things you must pay attention to while hiring dedicated remote development team.

Outline your requirements

First, identify what your needs and requirements are. This will help you find the perfect talent pool.

Meticulous profile screening

Meticulous screening includes conducting technical interview sessions. This is important because you have to share some sensitive business information with the hired team. And so, you need people who are wholly credible, competent, and hold the caliber to keep things confidential.

Establishing an efficient communication channel

Communication is the utmost important thing to consider when hiring remote developers. Well, working with remote developers will always bring hassles like time differences, language barriers, or personal task scheduling! Thus, with a perfect communication system, you can eliminate all these hassles and ensure efficiency.

Now, It’s Time to Bust Myths about Hiring Remote Developers

Many times businesses get carried away with the myths surrounding the concept of hiring offshore developers. Well, let’s uncover them right here!

Myth #1: Remote working affects productivity

This isn’t entirely true. It is up to the managers or the leaders to curate a perfectly detailed day-to-day task sheet for the employees. This can be done by using modern tools and conveyed well through communication channels. Make sure that everyone is on the same page!

Myth #2: Remote developers lack the teamwork spirit

The remote workforce is more adaptive to the organization’s culture. Building a transparent environment across the entire team will definitely establish and instill trust!

Myth #3: Working with a remote team is a threat to a business’s data security

Before engaging with any employee whether remote or in-house, signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is mandatory! This will protect all your sensitive data. To maintain the security, you can establish a private virtual network or maybe a two-factor authentication system.

Myth #4: The communication gap is the biggest hurdle and it’ll stay forever!

Hiring a team of remote developers means that the business is required to develop a roadmap confirming the working hours, meetings, conferences, etc. Everything can now be scheduled with collaboration tools like Slack, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and so on.

Myth #5: Remote teams fail to deliver quality products

The quality of the code that the dedicated remote developer writes has nothing to do with the location they are working at. A remote workplace doesn’t affect communication capabilities, writing a quality code, mentoring others, or even holding a worldwide conference! A professional, hard-working, and talented employee will always give their 200% to the job they’re doing even if they’re sitting at a cafe in Disneyland!


You may ask yourself when to hire remote developers? Well, I’ll say that today is the right time to invest your efforts into finding the best remote developers team.

In this blog, we uncovered some of the most ‘dangerous’ myths that have been surrounding the IT industry regarding hiring remote teams for development. As soon as we pulled out the rug from under all these disbeliefs, don’t you think that all this time, you were in the dark place? So, now that you have the correct knowledge about hiring offshore developers start searching for the best one out there and establish your own multi-billion dollar business in no time!

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