Why Your Garage Should Have Flake Flooring?

flake flooring

The effective flake flooring must be a great option for the garages if you want a durable, appealing, and versatile building material. It is a multi-layered coating that delivers a flawless appearance and wear-resistant finish to the floors.

These flexible floors are available in a wide variety of patterns, decorative colors, and flake sizes which you can customize according to your preferences. Adding flake flooring to your garages not only provides an aesthetic beauty but also expands the durability of the floor. Moreover, it promises safety to you and your workers as well.

However, if you are still confused about considering the flake flooring for your garage areas, do not worry. We are here to help you out with some advantages that such an appealing floor gives. Read the article to know all in detail.

Benefits Of Epoxy Flake Flooring Everyone Should Know

Provides Great Durability

The garage floors handle a daily and a lot of wear and tear due to the everyday activities. So, it is necessary to ensure that the surface can withstand everything that is put against it. Here, the durable flake flooring comes to the rescue.

The garage flake floor is highly durable and protects the surface from the damages that happen daily due to harsh activities. Such as chemical spilling, scratches from moving heavy machines here and there, etc. Moreover, this flooring does not easily break or crack. Hence, no need to concern about the fall incidents of heavy tools.

In addition, flake flooring provides great resistance to rough product spills like greases, hard lubricants, etc. Besides this, if you want to make use of the garage as the workshop area, these floors are very essential. These materials do not scratch fast when moving the heavy tool around.

Enhances Safety

The chances of fall and slip incidents are high while working in garages. Particularly, on rainy days, the wetness leads to more slipperiness to the floors which can cause injuries. It becomes difficult to walk or move any machine to another space as someone can slip.

Besides this, if it is a home garage, there can be fear of kids running all around, causing slip accidents. So, it is best to install epoxy flake flooring which not only prevents wetness but also protects your workers and family from severe injuries. 

During its installation, anti-slip additives are mixed into the mixture of epoxy coating that forms a firm grip on the floor surface. You can even add polymer grit additives, aluminum oxide, sand, and gravel stones for more friction.

On the other hand, the flake flooring prevents bacterial growth that can accumulate in holes and crevices. Thus, it makes the garage areas hygienic and allergen-free, providing an anti-slip place for the workers to do the daily activities.

Requires Easy Maintenance

The garage areas take the rough work on a daily basis due to which there is a high accumulation of dust. The dirt can be chemicals, paints, etc. When there are plain concrete floors and paint coatings, the chances of huge damage or mess can occur.

In most cases, even if you instantly clean the spills from surfaces, still there remains some dirt that can accumulate permanently. So, to prevent struggling with such problems, install the epoxy flake flooring and make your garage last for many years.

The addition of this kind of versatile flooring in your space eases the cleaning process and maintains the floor’s shine. If any spills happen, a simple mopping, brooming, and vacuum cleaning are enough to get rid of them. Make sure to use pH-neutral cleaning products and water to remove the dirt from the surface.

Keep in mind, do not use acidic cleaners as there are possibilities of floor corrosion and extreme dullness.

Adds Aesthetic Appearance

Want to enhance the look of your garage floors? The best idea is the addition of decorative flake flooring which can effortlessly change your space into an outstanding and elegant area. Being available in a wide variety of designs and colors, you can match the style of the interior look of your place.

From neutral brownish-yellow to green colors, you can choose as per your preferences. To enhance the lighting in your garages, you can blend quartz and mica pieces in the epoxy mixture. For a glossy appearance, the metallic coating will work wonders.

Greatly Compatible With Vehicles

The roughness of the bare concrete can cause damage to the vehicles. Installing the epoxy flake flooring in the garages fixes every need by keeping the tires in good quality and shape. The consequences of this will be fewer damages to your vehicles, causing less trouble.

Moreover, if you park the vehicles on the bare concrete for too long, there are chances of corrosion. Your garage might require renovation again. Installing the flake flooring increases the tensile strength of the floors, helping to withstand heavy weights and allowing the parking of cars for many days.

Besides this, the effectiveness of the flake flooring also coordinates well with the maintenance requirements. The harsh chemicals or products used for maintaining the vehicles do not cause wear and tear to the floors. In addition, you do not have to worry about any stains or mess while changing the oil of the cars. If any spills occur, a soapy solution and water are enough for simple cleaning.

Acts As An Eco-Friendly Material

For the installation of the flake flooring, environmentally friendly chemicals are used which assures no danger to the surrounding. The resin utilized for the formation of the epoxy mixture is solvent-free, which contains less content of volatile organic compounds. Thus, causing no negative effects and providing a safe environment for the workers to work effectively.

Summing Up

Altogether, the epoxy flake flooring in your garages will do wonders and ensure durability for many years. Whether you’re going to use the space for storage or to do handiwork, this floor can manage it all, while maintaining cleanliness for long period. Do remember that, whenever you are planning to renovate your existing garage floors or add new ones, do contact the professionals. Installation by the experts promises the long-lasting effectiveness of the flooring.

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