What Is Instastalker And How Does It Work?


What is Instastalker?

Stalking on social media is not a new thing. Stalkers come up when social media become popular. Are you feeling the urge to know who stalks your profile? You must be thinking about definite ways to find them online. In this article, you will get to know all the details.

Stalking is a bad practice. It is a crime if stalking becomes an obsession. You may like someone, and you can check their updates on life. But, using their photos and videos and blackmailing them or making provocative comments is cyberbullying. Hence, if you are someone whose profile is under the radar of the stalkers, then beware. In this article, you will get all the details about instastalker and how you will deal with them.

Who is Instastalker?

Without the knowledge of another person, if any other person in the world of the Internet watches your profile, then that person is an instastalker. The stalker may not know the shapes they stalk can know who stalks them. If the stalking leads to harmful and suspicious activities and comments, the person can take action against the stalkers under cybercrime. 

Why do you need to know who stalks you?

For safety reasons, you are interested to know who stalks you. Some instastalker are dangerous and harmful. At times, it is out of curiosity to know who stalks you, like your ex-crush or ex-friend. Keeping an eye on the rival business is also essential if you run a commercial account. Instagram itself is a very secure platform, and it does not allow you to check directly who visited your profile. For this, you need a 3rd-party application to help you find who stalks you.

Know from Instagram Stories

It is a copycat feature like Snapchat. It operates almost the same way. You have to create a post; then, the story will stay there for 24 hours and then goes automatically. If you want to see others’ stories, you have to select the app and then go to that person’s profile, click on the profile picture, and the story section will open where you view the stories. Similarly, if anyone saw your stories, you will get the list of viewers below. The only way to know who visited your story is through the Instagram app. 

Compared to Snapchat, it does not reveal too much. To know more, you need a third-party app to help you find out more about the stalkers or viewers. Mostly the viewers are the ones who both of you follow. If you find an unknown profile you do not track, or the other person does not follow you, it is a stalker profile.

Comments and likes

You will get hundreds of comments and likes if you are a public figure. But to know about your Instastalker, you will see that they always comment on each post. If the comments are excellent and inspiring, then are done one who loves your online content. But, if the words on every post are negative, bullying, or threatening, they are harmful, dangerous, and bad stalkers. 

Steps to take to get rid of these Instastalker

Shift to a private account- If your profile is not that professional and you love to share your personal life on social media, it is good to change your setting profile to a private account. Hence, your profile will only become accessible to the people who you allow to follow your profile. It gives you the power to have control of the follower list. Go to setting, select the privacy option and then change into account privacy into private.

Third-party instastalker app– there are different types of 3rd party apps that you can download and use to check the stalkers. But these 3rd party apps are also risky; therefore, you must rely on the 2-factor authentication process to save your account from any hacker. 

Block the followers- If you view that your comment, like action, is filling up with spam comments and threats comments from random profiles, then Instastalker is better to block these followers and change account privacy from public to private. Go to the person’s profile; on the right top; there are three vertical dots; click on that and select block to confirm the profile. If you want, you can even unblock the team as per your wish. You can do it for that nosy neighbor, relative or jealous friend who is not happy and constantly criticize you for putting you down.

Warn the stalkers- If you view these types of comments, you can warm them personally through comments or DMs. They do it for attention, and once you reply, they stop all the creepy activities. So take a chance, but if it continues, it is time for you to take other actions and avoid them entirely without giving any leverage. 

Report to authorities- you can directly file a report with Instagram if you do not want to encourage these stalkers. You can also visit the local police station where the cyber cell will take prior action. You will get the help that you need.

Different 3rd-party apps to block instastalker

Followers Plus-

It is an app for social media management which will gather all the Instagram accounts and even include those accounts which you love the most. You can even track all the followers and post likes and comments. Also, you will get updates every hour and every day. You can use the app with the help of your account. To monitor the premium accounts, you can pay for them to check for better support and reference. 


It is a web app that is user-friendly. You need to put the username and then wait for the moment it will scan the Instagram account. It is free, and they will not ask for any account registration. The app will not know that you are using this app to track them down. 

Follower Analyzer-

Many users are checking your profiles. Instastalker app is incredible if you want to have reports from your Instagram account. It uses and makes you comfortable to know all about the notifications. You will get the information on the phone where you will get to know the people’s engagement, and if there are any stalkers with bad motives, you can take action against the stalker. 

Are these 3rd party apps great to use?

Now it is a big question, and there is no such proof that these apps are incredible and help you find the real stalkers. Then cybercrime uses these apps to track the stalkers. It is a money-making app; in most cases, they hack your profile and take away all the personal stuff from it. 

Hence using these apps without any verification can be risky. Therefore, you need to verify these apps, research them, study them, read the reviews and join a forum where you will learn more about them. They will give you all the details, and you can decide whether you want to use the 3rd party apps or not. 

How does Instagram help you with stalking or stalkers?

The user can’t handle every reported case. Still, the Instastalker app works great to manage every user in a proper line. Recently, they removed the following tab. Previously with the help of this tab, the stalkers find a way to stalk random profiles and irritate them. But for Instagram, it is not the case because they remove it. After all, as per their analysis, the users are using explore tab more than the following tab. 

Instagram does have a team who takes reports on cyberbullying, but the applications are so many that it takes weeks and months to reach those appeals. Therefore, you should consider the fact that stalkers on Instagram will be there, and you have to deal with them tactfully.

Let the world say what it has to say

These stalkers are not harmful if they do not send you death threats or provocative messages. But if they do, then take immediate action. Cybercrime is a big crime, and one has to understand that no social media lives are safe. Yet, it would help if you did not miss out on the fun because of these stalkers. You will enjoy Instastalker to the fullest but also have a limit. Do not speak with strangers on Instagram. Some obsessed stranger can do anything which can cause a real impact on your real life. 


Instastalker is an excellent app for content creators. It started as a photo-sharing app but now has so many features that the audience finds relevant to use. It makes the best good-to-go app for users. People love the app because of these features. One can interact with fans and followers so many people online. It is the best app that keeps you connected with the world. You can follow the above methods, keep the instastalker away from your profile and lead a safe social media life.

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