Vietnam Is A Treasure Of Traditional Martial Arts

Vietnam martial arts

If you are into martial arts, this article is for you! Vietnam is a country that has more than 100 types of different martial arts.

The Vietnamese have been practicing martial arts since ancient times and still practice them today. The most popular martial art in Vietnam is Muay Thai or “Thai boxing.” The Thais developed it in southern China and Thailand.

Muay Thai is one of the oldest combat sports in the world. It has been practiced in Southeast Asia for over 500 years. Muay Thai is older than Kung Fu (Chinese) and Karate (Japanese).

Muay Thai is a full-contact sport with no rules except to protect yourself at all times. You can hit back as hard as you want if you get hit. You can use any body part, including elbows, knees, head, etc.

Many other martial types are known around the world. These include Binh Dinh, Nhat Nam, Tan Khanh-Ba Tra, Bach Ho, Binh Dinh Sa Long Cuong, Vovinam, etc.

Binh Dinh

It is an old style of fighting that is very similar to Muay Thai. It is also called “Boxing without gloves” because there is no protective gear like gloves. Also, it is a compelling martial art that uses punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, locks, throws, takedowns, chokes, joint locks, etc.

Nhat Nam

It is another traditional martial art that originated in northern Vietnam. It is also called “Northern Boxing.” It is a combination of boxing and kicking techniques.

Tan Khanh-Ba Tra

It is a form of kickboxing that combines Muay Thai and Taekwondo. It is also called “Korean Kickboxing.”

Bach Ho

It is a martial art that originated from the Chinese martial art Tai Chi Chuan. It is also known as “Tai Chi Quan.”

Binh Dinhe Sa Long Cuong

It is a modern version of Muay Thai. It was created by Master Phan Van Anh, now living in the USA. He is famous for his excellent skills in Muay Thai.


It is a martial art that originates from the Indian martial art Kalarippayattu. It is also called Krav Maga

There are many other martial arts in Vietnam, such as:

  • *     Tae Kwon Do
  • *      Wing Chun
  • *      Silat
  • *      Capoeira
  • *      Judo
  • *      Aikido
  • *      Jiu Jitsu
  • *      Hapkido
  • *      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • *      Sambo

The traditional martial arts of Vietnam’s cultural heritage are styles of martial arts created by themselves or influenced by other Asian countries but evolved by Vietnamese to suit their physical fitness, culture, and philosophy. These martial arts have been alive from generation to generation.

For thousands of years, the Vietnamese have developed traditional martial arts in integral aspects. These include the principles, formalities and behaviors, ethics, fighting techniques, music, and martial arts robes. Even martial arts have also been incorporated into medical treatments for physical well-being.

In addition to being passed from generation to generation among the Vietnamese, it has achieved great popularity worldwide. As a result, more people are interested in martial arts as a form of mental escape, discipline, and sport that provides health and well-being.

Traditional martial arts of Vietnam are not only used for self-defense but they can be practiced in various forms, including:

  • *      Self Defense
  • *      Sports
  • *      Health & Wellness
  • *      Fitness
  • *      Meditation
  • *      Spiritual Development
  • *      Physical Therapy
  • *      Yoga
  • *      Dance
  • *      Music
  • *      Artistic Expression
  • *      Social Awareness
  • *      Communication Skills
  • *      Leadership Training
  • *      Personal Growth
  • *      Stress Management
  • *      Body Control
  • *      Mindfulness

We are passionate about martial arts, so we hope this article will help you understand more about the meaning of martial arts, specifically for the Vietnamese people.

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