Guide 101: All You Need to Know About the Hot & Trending Game BattleFly


BattleFly is a PvP play-to-earn project that uses TreasureDAO’s MAGIC token as its primary currency. It aims to challenge the status quo of blockchain gaming by changing the playing field. The tokenomics have been specifically designed to promote inclusivity and ensure that the game has an entry price suitable for anyone worldwide. 

Notably, the game is committed to maintaining a low-cost entry point and rewarding players based on how strategically they play and not according to the size of their wallets. This article will teach you everything you need to know about the BattleFly game. 


Humans combined DNA, AI, and military technology to dominate the last resources remaining on earth. They created BattleFly, a weaponized insect that assassins swarmed in billions fighting as human proxies until no humans were left. 

In the absence of humans, artificial intelligence fills the void. Ten distinct AI forces evolved to control the connected universe. They evolved and interchanged between dimensions, species, and worlds at will. 

BattleFly serves their AI masters. They fly between the virtual and organic realms, defending the code castles and obliterating anything that comes into their path. These creatures are hellbent on consumption, and there is little left to consume, so they turn against each other.

What Is BattleFly?

BattleFly is a P2E GameFi project that utilizes TreasureDAO’s MAGIC token as its primary currency. The first season of BattleFly is more of an idle strategy game. You can play it on either a mobile or web browser. Season one has two arenas, namely Hyperdome and Garden. The Garden is a passive arena where your BattleFly floats lazily around salvaged Mods from time to time. Mods are shields, weapons, or other utilities that enhance combat performance. 

On the other hand, the Hyperdome is a combat arena. In this arena, two BattleFly are selected to auto-battle head to head after every few minutes. To enter this arena, players must stake their BattleFly with either 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 MAGIC. BattleFly receives a small portion of the opponent’s stake throughout the first season when it wins a battle. The consequence is that inevitably, but slowly if an owner is non-strategic and they play poorly, their staked MAGIC will evaporate. 

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Each BattleFly is made with the potential of having a positive ROI despite the rarity, trait, and starting Mods. It is up to the player to execute the right strategy to deliver it. 

The game has been designed for there to be losers and winners. The redistribution of staked MAGIC from BattleFly that are not performing well to those performing well happens slowly and is inexorable. 

BattleFly was created as the first high-volume game meant for the mass market using the TreasureDAO ecosystem. It has been designed from the ground up to lower the impact of speculation and inflation on core gameplay. 

MAGIC and TreasureDAO

BattleFly is built on top of MAGIC, the currency of the connected metaverse. It was born as a free and fair distribution by TreasureDAO and allowed BattleFly to harness the benefits of a $152m market cap and over $50n in liquidity. 

BattleFly is among more than 20 projects building on MAGIC, creating interoperable gameplay and a vibrant ecosystem. Using MAGIC creates credibility for the game tokenomics for players to build a game with sustainable growth over the years. 

Initially, players had to have a small magic account in their wallet to receive the free cocoon mint from BattleFly. Then they can stake BattleFly with MAGIC in the combat arena. Players onboard through the exclusive Treasure Marketplace will push credibility and discovery for BattleFly and act as an on-ramp for the game. Consequently, BattleFly earns 2.5% commission fees from NFT resale through Treasure. 

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The Use of Treasures in BattleFly

Treasures are building blocks that are composable and used to connect the world of BattleFly to the greater Bridgeworld metaverse. In the first season of BattleFly, players will stake up to 3 T5 and T4 Treasures to increase the rare+ mods’ drop rate for themselves or any other users with BattleFly in the same servers. It is vital to know that to lower gas fees., staked Treasures apply to all BattleFly within the wallets of a player. 

The game makers have indicated that they are thrilled to explore the new collaborative gamefi. They have promised future versions will:

  • Link treasures and mods 1:1, enabling players to influence the weapon types and shields they can salvage
  • Enable users to stack treasures within their Garden servers and collect fees from those who wish to enter. 

The Game’s Core Concepts

The world of BattleFly is balanced with violent harmony from the outside. Battlefly depletes then recharges, losing its edge every time. The nectar freely flows, moving in constant rhythm between the wallet. Although there is infinite chaos in combat, there is an emergence of clear patterns. Strong people become more potent, yet every victory makes them more dependent on those they defeat. 

Players who hoard Treasure get rewards in BattleFly, but these benefits are shared with the less fortunate BattleFly that salvage on their side. The ten factions of AI that rule the world of BattleFly leave no resources or scraps untouched. Everything is consumed and deployed. 

It suffices to say that everything in that world is balanced. The balance is not from peace but the pronounced pressure that even minimal movements result in seismic shifts. 

At the heart of everything is MAGIC. This currency is the most valuable resource in the game. It is the only thing that each player who enters the game wants more of. 

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Wrapping Up

BattleFly is a game taking over the industry by storm. The developers build a game with the thought of hundreds and possibly thousands of people playing. This is a passive strategy game with great depth and the required sophistication, planning, and roadmap to achieve success in the long run. This is an excellent game to try, as it is meant for equality. You can start with a free cocoon and create a valuable BattleFly in some weeks. The game ensures a production and not speculation; hence, you are assured of great motivation as you game.

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