10 Characteristics Of A Good Programming Language Courses

Good Programming Language Courses

Computer Programming is required in mostly all fields nowadays which is why people are encouraged to pursue careers in computer programming and Information Technology for career growth.

Individuals who are already professionals as well as people taking a start in their careers are taking online programming courses to get a hold of this field. There are uncountable programming courses available for you to choose from but it may be hard to decide which one is the best one.

This article sheds light on the ten characteristics of a good programming course but first let us discuss what programming is and why you want to learn it.

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming or coding is the procedure in which coders or programmers give codes or digital instructions to computer devices to perform several tasks. Different programming languages are used by programmers to write a script.

These scripts are written to create a web page, an image, a piece of function or software. Computer programmers are needed by various industries and fields as they are capable of creating programs and functions of various complexities.

Why should you study Computer Programming?

Many of you are told to become computer programmers to earn a living for yourself but you are not sure if this is the right field for you. Before leading you towards choosing the right computer programming language for you, let’s discuss why you should learn computer programming.

Computer programming is a vast field and you can choose to direct your career path into various directions. If you are interested in creating web applications and websites then you can choose to master web programming whereas if you are interested in software such as graphics editor, Microsoft Office and Adobe Ps then you can become a desktop application developer. You can also choose to become a games developer if that is what you are interested in.

If you are interested in computer programming and want a successful as well as a high-paying career path, then you must study and learn computer programming and thank us later.

Ten Characteristics of a Good Programming Language Course

Once you have made the decision of becoming a programmer and decided which type of programming language you want to learn, it is time to enroll yourself in a good programming language course.

The various online courses available out there can make you confused about which course to select. To make the decision easier for you, here are ten characteristics of a good programming language course:

1. Intuitive and User-friendly learner interface

An online programming language course should have a user-friendly and intuitive learner interface so that the learner has a comfortable learning experience. The best programming language course for you is the one which you can easily sign into and navigate yourself around the institute’s or course website within just a few clicks.

If you find the institute’s online platform engaging and user-friendly then it is one of the signs that it is a good programming language course and you should go for it.

2. Responsive Design

When you are studying online, it is not always feasible for everyone to log into the classroom at a particular given time which is why a responsive design is suitable so that you can log in at any time and take the class from any device.

Not only for classes but also make sure all the learning resources are available to students at any time so that you can take your class when it is convenient for you. Most of the online programming courses do not offer this feasibility which makes it quite difficult for professionals to take classes on time and they often fail to complete the course.

3. Learning Resources Variety

While searching for online programming language courses make sure the institute provides a variety of learning resources and not just one or two types because that would limit your learning.

A good programming language course would let you upload as well as have access to PDFs, audio files, word documents, video files, online courses, images etc.

4. Balance Between Practice and Theory

Once you notice the above three things in a programming language course, it is time to see if there is a balance between theory and practice. The theory is an important part of any course and you can not complete a course without it. But without practice, you cannot master coding.

You must ensure that the course includes both theory and practical which means it includes listening to podcasts, reading books, watching videos as well as spending time practicing coding. Your 20% time must be spent on the theory while 80% time you should spend on practice.

Practice will polish your problem-solving skills and you will be able to effectively analyze and solve problems related to cause and effect, hierarchy etc.

5. Course Structure

A very important aspect which will help you determine whether a course is good or not is the structure. A good course will be properly structured which means it would be logically designed, would have sections and would have a curriculum map.

A well-structured programming language course will help you keep track of your learning progress which would keep you motivated to complete the course. When you are selecting a course, make sure the course structure is in the public domain so that you can access it.

6. Reputable Creators

The sixth thing which is also an important trait of a good programming course is that the course is built by a reputable creator. If one of the best practitioners has created the course then surely you will learn a lot from them.

If the creator themselves are not the master of programming then how will they help you become one? A programming practitioner would not only give you knowledge but he or she would help you understand what would work better for you.

So when you are selecting a course, make sure it is created by a professional developer.

7. Code Validation

A good programming language course will involve code validation which means that every time you will write a code, it will be checked if there is any mistake in it or not. Code validation helps you learn from your mistakes and make your programming better.

Some institutes have a robotic machine to check the code whereas the others have a mentor assigned to you.

8. Mobile Application

Another characteristic that is important for a good programming language course is that it is available through a mobile application as well. Not everyone can always have a computer to access the course. Some people are professionals and are traveling or are on the move while they can spare time to take a class, for which mobile application is very important.

9. Development Environment Integration

Look for a course that has development environment integration which means it combines activities like debugging, building executable code and editing source code into one application. This improves the programmers or coders productivity.

So if your programming language course has development environment integration enroll in it right away.

10. Authentic Certification

Last but not the least, an authentic certification is very important. Some courses may charge you less but do not give you a certificate at the end of the course which is not beneficial for you.  You must always opt for a course which gives you an authentic certificate once you complete the course.


A good programming language course is important in order to learn coding properly. The above ten characteristics should be present in a programming language course. Also Know it Get it can also help you in finding related programming courses.

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