Using These 7 Tech Hacks To Improve Lifestyle

Evolution in technology has made it possible that machines and robotics will fulfill and assist human needs in the near future. In other words, the near future can be predicted as supported by technology. Due to the current wave of technology, human life: home and work are getting savvy in accordance with the needs of people. With what is at hand, its utilization can make your life more accessible than ever before.  

We often use tricks and techniques to speed up our work, increase productivity, and minimize efforts to make our life easier.

Like it or not, these hacks are so deep-rooted in our lives that we can’t escape without getting the benefit. 

  1. StudyStream: a place for students to study live with thousands of others

Do you get motivation from others who are studying at the time? If yes, then here is one where you can learn with others online by watching one another. 

A whole community of productive students is here on the internet aims to get motivation and study better. 

StudyStream is a platform and online community that the students can access for studying with others from all over the world- bringing productivity and motivation. So far, it has enriched the productivity and motivation of more or less 3 million students. Its motto is based on the idea of peer motivation.   

‘Study With Me’ stream is part of all this which the very name reveals, a live stream of someone studying while watching and being watched by others looking. 

  1. Flow Headset 

Are you in search of better medication-free treatment for depression? Here is a device ‘Flow Neuroscience headset’ for those suffering from depression. It looks like another usual headset, but you can’t buy them from a mobile accessory shop. The technique of painless Direct Current Stimulation (DCS)-uses low direct current brought by electrodes in the brain. Greek and Roman doctors realized that the electric fish could help cure pain; ancient techniques have been used. 

Since its utilizations and effectiveness in clinics for many years have made it possible that you can access the Flow Headset at home at any time you want. Its use for each session lasts for 30 minutes and needs to be used five times per week initially and once or twice a week. Beware of using it consistently; if used, the device would turn out to be negatively influencing your depression.   

  1. The structure you Qualitative Data Smartly. 

Irritated in terms of putting corpus of qualitative data in order? Here is a tool that can help you arrange your data. 

ATLAS.ti, a tool basically used for arranging qualitative data where the researcher codes unstructured text. It helps to structure data by identifying content for further fundamental analysis. 

Besides accepting a wide variety of data from interviews, surveys to filed notes, correspondence between different types of material is also encouraged. 

It helps to maintain codes and annotations of the data of the same research project. Furthermore, others feature like exporting reports, visualizing data are also helpful to get the file in multiple formats.  

  1. Get Near-real Experience of Learning 

This extremely interactive tool makes it possible for the learners to experience learning in a way that was never possible before. Virtual Reality Technologies make it easier for students to clearly understand complex notions, resulting in more accessible and efficient internalizing of information.     

Being framed inside the headset, the learner gets less chance to get distracted by what is going on in the surroundings. This means students are within the experience and can see 3D what they possibly have seen in mere pictures or illustrations. For example, a 3D tour of the human body, place, or any country is possible. It is where students can feel and think about what they are learning. 

  1. Kami, a Digital Classroom Tool 

Kami has proved to be a helpful tool for academics and learners for making their learning experience more interactive and engaging. By installing or accessing via the web, students can highlight and annotate pdf text through various tools.  

For encouraging students to interact with different texts critically, Kami is an effective tool.   

  1. Becomes an Objective Examiner 

Being objective and consistent at the same time is a bit hectic, yet one needs to be. It is easy to be objective while grading tests with short answers. But when it comes to long explanations, maintaining objectivity without being influenced by one’s own opinions and biases is challenging.  

By using tools, your assessment can go objectively without excluding you as an examiner. Above all, it is worth recommending agency to your students to improve their attempts before submission. 

Robot Don is an effective and simple tool for spotting the punctuation mistakes which our eyes might miss.  

  1. Manage Your Time Efficiently 

Do you find it hard to manage your time? Todoist helps you in managing your time and organizing tasks and activities. Easy to be accessed via app and web, too, it allows you to schedule your tasks accordingly. Tasks on priority can be flagged along with respective due dates. Options to add notes are also there

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