Looking to enhance your current B2B engagement?: Video Call App can be the powerful solution you need

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Are you satisfied with the way your current B2B engagement takes place?

With the pandemic present, how well are your engagement stats?

In a matter of days, businesses were forced to conduct their businesses online in order to sustain their brand in the market. The one process which was the key role of capturing clients, ‘in-person engagements’ immediately declined to a zero. The new way of communication became video calls.

Multiple video call app providers started to float in the market. Even these providers realized the demand of using an online video call app at the moment. But did you know while all these video calling apps are great, for the long term you require a highly scalable and customizable live video chat app and its solution?

Here is when a video call APIs and SDKs come into the picture. 

These are third-party providers that make the process of building an efficient video call app simpler for B2B businesses. The features they provide all dedicate to help improve B2B engagements for the better. We have captured more insightful details in this blog to help you have a better understanding of this topic.

What do you mean by ‘Video call API and SDK’?

Video calling API and SDK allows developers to build any communication platform in a simplified manner via any device or platform.

Previously in order to create a communication platform, developers would have to conduct the action from scratch.

This took up multiple times and efforts as well as added expenses. 

In today’s fast-paced business environment, you cannot afford to slow down or work slowly to enhance your business.

Hence with solutions such as video call API/SDK, they help developers build an efficient video call app within minutes and also offer multiple features that can enhance their communication platform experience which in this case is video. 

Top 5 ways to boost B2B engagements with videos

1. Consider the LinkedIn platform

The Linkedin platform is the prime place for B2B professionals.

When everyone is sharing content, blog posts, or creating social media posts, be on top of all their games by creating great video content.

Your video content can contain anything such as product demos, social proofs, an overview of your brand, CEO message, the process of your work and so much more.

Video is a great way to capture the attention of your potential clients and with Linkedin’s retargeting feature this process becomes better.

With this feature, you can easily retarget your videos to those clients that have shown interest in your page, for instance, if they have viewed your page and more. This can convince them to become hot leads instantly. 

2. Place insightful videos on your websites and landing page

Do you know another great way to increase your sales conversions?

Tap the client at the right time.

When your clients visit your website which means they are drawing their attention away from your competitors and into you, you cannot lose out on such an opportunity.

Hence to tap them better, start placing insightful videos on your website and landing pages.

This will work well because even if the clients have a pinch of doubt, the videos will be able to convince them to confidently invest in your solution which will then lead to valuable B2B engagements. 

3. Create and post insightful video content only

Another great way to increase B2B engagements is to create valuable video content.

Always remember that the purpose of creating this video is to get clients to engage with you on the same hence creating content that matters to them is the priority.

For instance, you can create comparison videos, a new feature launch video, and much more. 

This will spar better engagement and capturing potential clients will be a success. 

4. Reuse your video content on multiple platforms

When you create multiple video content, never limit them to just one platform.

You can reshare the same video on your social media handles, blog posts, and more.

This draws better attention that leads to clients visiting your website to learn on the same. 

5. Start creating video proposals

You heard this right.

Move away from written sales pitches and instead engage in the new way with clients.

As you’re aware that video is great for capturing attention, use this as a benefit to tapping them better.

Create video proposals and you will see a great increase in the engagement count. 

Video Should Be Included In Your Next B2B Marketing Strategy: Here are 5 Reasons Why

1. Increase retention rates

The great reason to include videos in your next B2B marketing strategy is it can help to increase retention rates. 

The main reason why clients tend to walk away from websites sooner is that they fail to stay focused for a long time. 

With video this issue is eliminated as video can capture the attention of clients for a long thus increasing retention rates. 

2. Affordable investment

Investing in videos is no longer a costly process.

Today with the availability of video API/SDKs, B2B businesses can receive high value for money as they can find a reasonable video API/SDK provider that makes the process of building a video call app easy as well as receive multiple benefits in the form of efficient features.

3. Engages with clients at all sales funnel stages

Whether your client stands at the awareness stage or consideration stage and even purchasing stage of the sales funnel, they require to make a confident decision.

Using video can boost this process quicker.

With video creations, it becomes easy to retain the attention of the clients and compel them to mandatory conduct an action after viewing the video. 

4. Enhances outreach and SEO actions

Social media outreach helps you extend your video outreach to a wider audience.

SEO on the other hand ensures that your website ranks better on Google. 

Hence when you create video content that is being viewed for longer times, chances are your social media handle or website will be considered as the hub for quality content. 

Thus the next time any client searches for a keyword used in those videos, the latter will pop up for them to view. 

5. Enhances the process of targeting and retargeting

It is easy to target and retarget your client via video.

With the data available, you can understand what type of videos are garnering more views, how many clients have seen your videos, what keywords were types to find your video, and more.

This helps you improve the outreach of your videos better and cater to better B2B engagements with them. 

How can customer engagement be improved with the presence of video solutions?

Video will continue to be an integral part of B2B engagements even when the pandemic disappears years later.

The best way to unleash the full potential of video is to make it personal.

You can increase B2B engagements with video when you offer something new to your clients.

Your clients are aware of the content available, which is why when you create video content it needs to be new and insightful.

Use video as a direct way to engage with your clients.

Don’t just place content, create real videos exhibiting your brand, the values you’ll offer, the insights of your team, and more.

All of this will automatically boost your B2B engagements simultaneously.

Top 3 Ways To Build An Efficient B2B Video Marketing Strategy In 2021

1. Choose where you wish to exhibit your video content

For any B2B video content to be successful, you need to choose which are the places you wish to distribute them in the first place.

To name a few are emails, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, social media handles, and more. 

2. Use the help of smart technology

Creating a video from scratch can be a tedious process. 

Hence it is better to make use of technology that can help you create the same. There are drag and drop editors and much more features to simplify this process. 

3. Create valuable content

Lastly, create video content that matters.

Use this platform to create content that makes your clients curious about your brand.

The content should make them initiate valuable B2B engagements that benefit your brand conversions. 

Final Thoughts

Video API/ SDKs are the ultimate solutions you need to improve B2B engagements using the video platform.

You’re well aware of the perks the presence of video provides and imagine how well it would be if you use a reliable video call app that will boost better engagements.

While there are multiple Video API/ SDK providers available in the market, only select the ones that meet all your requirements. 

So tell us what did you think of this topic? When do you plan to build an efficient video call app to boost your B2B engagements in 2021?

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