How do I switch my HP printer from offline to online?

HP printer error

It would be best if you experienced exceptional quality printouts and effective functioning with the HP printers without any trouble. They have been trustworthy and productive since their establishment. The HP printers are leading the printer market but howsoever face specific issues that are common in others too. The HP printer says offline error and other similar ones could get in the middle of your work and hamper the same within a few minutes.

You might be working upon something extremely urgent and important while your printer screen suddenly notifies you with the HP printer saying offline error. However, errors of such kinds exist in all the printers and have various solutions. But according to the experts, before moving on with the solutions, you must understand the basic reason that might have caused the same. It will make the solution process more specific and effective if carried out in the right manner.

Why does my hp printer says offline often?

  • The internet connection might not be stable and strong to allow the HP printer’s proper functioning.
  • The outdated printer drivers might have caused the HP Printer Saying offline error.
  • You might not set the printer to function by default with the device.
  • The device setup with the printer might not be supporting the normal functioning or processing of commands.
  • The cartridges might have run out of ink or been displaced.
  • The printer might be manually set up to work offline, causing issues.

Each of these issues has distinct solutions that must be worked out in the right manner to avoid any further damage. Be specific with the instructions, and do not mess with the same.

How should I solve the HP Printer Saying offline error?

Solution 1: Setting up the hp printer to work as default with the device.

  • Search for the Control Panel window through the search bar of your computer screen.
  • Locate the ‘devices and printers’ alternative displayed on the screen.
  • Right-click on the HP printer model name and select the ‘set as default’ option.
  • Now give a sample print command to confirm the proper functioning.
  • If the solution does not work, move ahead with the other one.

Solution 2: The basic connectivity issues

  • Look for any existing connectivity issues.
  • Ensure that no wires are loose at any ends, obstructing the setup.
  • You should disconnect the already setup network and re-establish it to get rid of any network issue that might exist.
  • Ensure that the WPS pin that you use is correct and is entered within 10 seconds of generation.

Solution 3: Checking and updating the hp compatible printer drivers

  • Look out for the existing printer drivers in your device and see if they are updated.
  • On the off chance that the printer drivers are not updated or do not exist within your system, it is extremely important to download and install the same.
  • You can either use the driver CD with the printer or carry out the same procedure through the HP official website.
  • Make sure you download the latest and updated version of the compatible printer driver, or else it might lead to further problems with your printer and functioning. 
  • Once you finally install the printer drivers, confirm that the HP printer offline issue does not exist. If it does, move ahead with the other methods and solutions.

Solution 4: Manually setting the printer to function online

  • Press the Ctrl+I keys on your system keyboard together, or directly search setting in the start menu of your device.
  • The Control Panel or settings window is opened on your device screen.
  • Select the option ‘Devices and printers’ amongst the others present on the screen.
  • Press the enter key on the HP printer name.
  • Open the printer menu present at the top left corner of your screen and deselect the ‘Use printer offline’ alternative.
  • It will help you get your printer back to the online mode and get rid of the ‘HP printer says offline’ error.


It is important to have stable internet and network connection to go with the normal functioning of any printer. We have earlier in the article mentioned a few methods to avoid HP printer saying offline error and keep up with the amazing quality printouts that HP has always offered. However, if you feel all the methods prove to be fruitless, you must immediately contact the HP experts. You will easily be able to find the contact details of the same through the HP official website. The executives provide you with 24/7 online assistants helping you to immediately solve your basic queries and questions relating to the HP brand and products.

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