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Converse Chuck 70

Converse shoes are a staple in any closet. These classic sneakers have been around since 1917, making them one of the most iconic shoe brands in America.

In 2013, Converse revived the Chuck Taylor sneaker when they released the Converse Chuck 70. Chuck 70s offer a few features the other Converse sneakers lack. They also came with a price jump.

So are Chuck 70’s worth the purchase? In this article, we will talk about the wide variety of looks you can create with Converse Chuck 70 shoes. Then you can decide if it’s worth the investment.

Features of the Converse Chuck 70

Let’s begin by learning more about Chuck 70s and what sets the Converse Chuck 70 apart from other Converse sneakers. 

Chuck 70 sneakers are a throwback to Chuck Taylor shoes which were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. The shoe is chunkier and has higher sides.

Chuck 70’s have thicker soles than other Converse shoes. This is most noticeable at the balls of the feet, which feel more cushioned than with other Converse shoes.

The shoes also have a thicker canvas; offering added support to those wearing them. 

Perhaps the biggest difference is in the rubber finish, which is made from a glossy off-white color.

How to Style the Converse Chuck 70

Although Converse Chuck 70’s cost a bit more than other Converse sneakers, they are even more versatile. Styling Converse Chuck 70 sneakers is fun and easy because they go with almost any outfit.

Here’s how to wear the Converse Chuck 70 with various looks. 

With a Mini Skirt

Reaching for chunky high-top sneakers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re accessorizing a miniskirt, but don’t let that discourage you. Converse Chuck 70 sneakers provide a fun, edgy look when paired with a miniskirt. 

After all, miniskirts have been paired with almost every style of shoe, from heels to knee-high boots. Why not opt for comfort and sport your Chuck Taylor’s? 

Alongside Tights

While they may not offer as much traction as winter boots, Converse Chuck 70’s will provide more support than most flats. If you are reaching for a pair of tights to keep your legs warm, consider pairing them with Chuck 70s. 

Tights look great with a pair of classic white or black Chucks or a bold color. You can wear fancier sneakers with formal wear or pair them with torn tights for a look that’s a bit more rebellious.

Paired with a Blazer

Pairing your beloved shoes with a blazer is one of the best Converse Chuck 70 styling tips going. The smart casual look has been worn by several celebrities, from Charlize Theron to Vice-President Kamala Harris.

It is a business-casual look that leans a little further no the casual side. Wearing Converse with a blazer looks best when you rock a graphic t-shirt underneath and a pair of torn jeans. 

With a Leather Jacket

It’s no secret that Converse Chuck 70 sneakers also look great with a leather or faux leather jacket. It’s one of the most classic looks for the Converse sneaker. 

This look is best suited to a rocker-chic style with a bit of an edge. If you’re wearing a leather jacket, it’s best paired with a pair of torn jeans and mixed metal jewelry.

Over Leggings

The next time you think of reaching for a pair of flats to pair with your leggings, consider donning a pair of Converse Chuck 70s instead. 

High-top Converse sneakers create a dynamic look when pulled up over leggings. This is especially true of leggings with a bold print or faux leather leggings. 

Converse sneakers look best when paired with leggings and a chunky tunic, turtle neck or sweater.

They are also a lot more supportive than flats. 

Worn with Tulle

Next up on the Converse Chuck 70 style guide is the tulle skirt. 

The tulle skirt made a comeback during the days of Sex and the City when Sarah Jessica Parker wore it in the opening theme. If you browse the internet for Converse tutu ideas, you will see the opportunities here are endless.

Pairing comfy Chuck 70s with a tulle skirt creates a cute look that is both ultra-feminine and edgy. It’s unexpected but adorable.

To create this look, pair a cute pair of sequenced Converse sneakers with a pastel tulle, or wear white sneakers with black tulle.

Paired with a Slip-Dress

If you’re looking for a comfortable and trendy summer look, consider pairing your favorite slip-dress with a pair of Converse Chuck 70s. 

Wearing sneakers with a slip-dress is far more practical and comfortable than flip-flops or flats, especially if you are walking a far distance.

This combination allows you to look and feel beautiful while ensuring your feet don’t suffer the consequences.

With an Athleisure Suit

Before athleisure suits made a comeback during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were popular in the 1970s. What better way to create a retro look than to wear your athleisure suit with comfy Converse Chuck 70 sneakers?

If you’re wearing black Converse, opt for a bold athleisure suit. But if your tracksuit is neutral, consider wearing Converse with a colorful print.

Accessorize a Gown

Wearing Converse sneakers with a beautiful ball gown might feel unnatural at first, but how many times have you kicked your shoes off on the dance floor and gone barefoot?

Converse Chuck 70s are a great accessory to any romantic ballgown or formal wear. Actress Blake Lively was even spotted wearing a pair of white high-tops under her pink sequined gown from Prabal Gurung at a movie premiere for ‘Free Guy’. A lot of brides have also opted for Converse under their gowns in recent years as well. 

Wearing Converse Chuck 70s with your gown is flirty and fashion-forward. 

Converse Chuck 70 Styling is Easy

If you’re considering buying a pair of Converse Chuck 70 sneakers but aren’t sure if they are worth the price, you likely won’t be disappointed.

Chuck 70s can be styled in several ways, making them a versatile addition to any closet.

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