5 Common Sense Of Life That You Need To Know When Studying In Singapore

Studying In Singapore

Studying in Singapore is the choice of many international students, especially Asian students. Studying abroad in Singapore means that international students need to live there for a period of time. Therefore, it is necessary for international students to understand the 5 common sense of life in Singapore.

1. When you find a wallet, you can put it directly into the mailbox

When you find an item lost by the owner, if you cannot contact the owner, you can choose to put it in the nearest mailbox, and the staff will help you. If the lost is an important document, Singpost staff will forward the document to the relevant department. If the lost is a wallet (with the owner’s address in it), it will be mailed over. If not, the wallet will be kept for one month. If no one claims it, the money will be transferred to the fund of Singpost.

2. Yellow taxis are safer

It is best to choose the yellow one when taking a local taxi. Don’t think this is just a joke. For every 1,000 local taxis, yellow taxis have 6.1 fewer accidents than blue taxis. In fact, the reason is very simple. Yellow taxis have higher visibility than blue taxis. It is not easy to collide with them. The reason why school buses in many countries are set in yellow is because they are more eye-catching and safer.

3. Automatic library machine

The National Library of Singapore promotes the use of e-books to borrow cards. You can borrow books directly on the machine or use the mobile app. Just scan once more, you can directly renew the borrowed books, which can be extended for 6 weeks, and the most convenient thing is that you can return the books to all Singapore libraries without going to the place where you borrowed books to return them, which is super convenient~

4. POSB and DBS users can directly withdraw cash at 711 for emergency

I often hear many students studying abroad complain that there are often crowds of people in front of DBS and ATM machines, and even a small amount of cash has to go through a century-long wait…Here is a small trick for everyone – generally, students who use DBS or POSB debit cards, credit cards or ATM cards can ask the clerk to withdraw cash when shopping at 711. The maximum cash amount is not more than 80 SGD, and no handling fee is charged!

5. Can I study in Singapore after work?

After work, you can go to Singapore to study abroad, but the majors and courses you study are limited. Generally speaking, such students are suitable for studying master’s programs related to the work industry, such as MBA, CPA, finance, management and other majors, and usually only need one to two years to complete their studies.

Those who have work experience and then go abroad to study must set a clear career plan and study abroad plan before going abroad, which can fully reflect the individual’s education background, foreign language level, personality characteristics, professional background, economic ability and career orientation, And take into account the quality of the school you choose to match your actual ability.

Be more targeted when choosing schools and majors. Students with weak academic backgrounds can take advantage of their work experience to apply to better schools and improve their competitiveness. Those with work experience are more likely to be favored by employers whether they stay in Singapore or return to their home countries to find a job after graduation.

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