The Cannasseur’s Guide: Elevate Your Cannabis Experience To The Next Level 

The debate on cannabis is slowly switching from whether you should have some to how you should have some. As the years go by, many researchers and scientists are reaching a consensus on the health benefits of consuming cannabis and its products.  

Cannabis use is associated with chronic pain relief, treatment for depression, anxiety, and cancer, and helping people who have a problem eating get some appetite. Cannabis is not just an excellent drug for treating medical conditions. Even perfectly healthy people can use cannabis recreationally to take the edge off and relax.  

Whether you are just starting cannabis use or have an experience with the plant, how you consume it determines your entire experience. If you are interested in taking your cannabis experience to the next level, then read on for the best cannabis tips from the cannabis expert! 

Know Your Cannabis Consumption Basics 

Before you start using cannabis and its products with Cannasseur, you should first take time to understand the basics of the cannabis plant. The first thing you want to know about cannabis is the distinction between THC and CBD: the main components of the cannabis plant. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of the plant. This compound produces the euphoria or “high” many associate with cannabis and its products. On the other hand, Cannabidiol, or CBD, is another active ingredient in the plant with numerous medicinal effects. 

Different Cannabis Strains And Effects 

Cannabis has numerous strains, all of which have different effects when consumed. The different strains all stem from the biological composition of the plant. You can think of the cannabis strains as being categorized into indica, sativa, and hybrid options. 

Generally, indica strains have a relaxing and soothing effect. Such strains are commonly used in pain relief, treatment for insomnia and nausea, and helping people relax.  

On the other hand, sativa strains are more energy-inducing and are likely to cause alertness, bouts of creativity, and general euphoria. Hybrid strains have the best of both worlds, depending on how the strain is made. 

To have the best cannabis experience, consume sativa strains during the day and indica strains in the evening. Hybrid strains are good for all times of the day. 

Cannabis Consumption Methods 

The way you consume your cannabis affects your entire experience. The most common way of consuming cannabis and its products is through inhalation. This includes bongs, joints, and vapes. Inhaling cannabis is a fast-acting way of experiencing the effects of the drug. You get high almost instantly when you use these methods. 

However, if you want a slow and gradual high, try edible products such as cookies, cakes, gummies, and cannabis-infused drinks. You should note that edible highs last longer than smoking highs, even though the onset is slower. 

Basics About Cannabis Dosages 

It is hard to determine what the best dose for consuming cannabis can be for you since everyone reacts differently to the drug. The general rule regarding cannabis is to start with as little as possible and evaluate your body’s response over time.  

One mistake many people make when taking edibles is taking some more once than they should before the effects of the drug kick in. If you want to elevate your cannabis experience on edibles, take a little and wait for at least an hour before taking more. 

The Best Environment For Consuming Cannabis 

You can have an amazing experience taking cannabis in any environment. However, to have the best time, always take your cannabis products in a comfortable space free from external interference.  

Cannabis consumption is best in a home setting where people are least likely to interrupt or disturb you. You can improve the experience by trying scented candles, your favorite music, or a TV show to entertain you. 

Cannabis is a great social experience if you enjoy hanging out with fellow cannabis enthusiasts. However, you should only consume cannabis with people who you are comfortable with. 

Being Present And Mindful 

Mindfulness is important when it comes to cannabis consumption. Since cannabis is a psychoactive drug, your general mental state can determine how you feel when taking the product. You will have the best cannabis experience if you’re relaxed and settled in a stress-free state.  

When taking cannabis, try to be focused and present during the whole experience. Avoid thinking about external factors and allow yourself to be at ease. You can also think about doing some breathing exercises to keep yourself calm at this point and allow your mind to wander. 

What Pairs Well With Cannabis? 

Cannabis consumption goes well with many activities which can enhance the experience. People often consume cannabis when attending music concerts, movies, and other activities that engage the senses.  

You will also enjoy a better cannabis experience when consuming cannabis during meditations and yoga. However, you should try to be responsible when taking cannabis in public gatherings by being mindful and sensitive to your surroundings. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it – the expert guide to taking your cannabis experience to the next level. Cannabis is an excellent drug that can have exciting effects when consumed. You can experiment with the different ideas above to see what works for you. As with all good things, you should always take your cannabis in moderation to enjoy the effects of the plant

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