How to Safely Store CBD Supplies Away From Pets and Kids


Keeping your CBD supplies out of the hands of your little ones and out of the mouths of your pets is critical to their safety. Disposable containers that formerly held CBD supplies may smell good to your children, and your pet will smell you on these materials. New containers will likely be bright and attractive to curious children.

Avoid Storing Items on the Counter

Don’t store CBD supplies anywhere that you wouldn’t store a toxic cleaning product. If your children see you opening your CDB products, they’re going to be curious. If the CBD tools or products are stored within sight of your children, they may put themselves at risk out of simple curiosity.

Make Sure the Trashcan Lid is Secure

Once you’ve opened the cartridges or packaging of your CBD, the remaining trash may still be toxic to small dogs that like to dig in the garbage. If your trash can can’t be secured, make sure that it has a tight lid that your pet can’t open.

When possible, try to unload and organize your CBD products behind a closed door. Put the trash from your supplies in a sealed container, or back in the original box, and discard it immediately.

Never Leave Supplies Unattended

Try to use your CBD products when you can both start and finish the job. You may need to wait until your children are in bed or until they’ve gone to school. You may need to shut your pets out of the space where you use your CBD supplies.

Talk With Kids About Not Touching the Items

It’s never too early to help children understand that some activities and products are specific to grown-ups. If you drink alcohol in their presence and never share it with them, you’ve already established that separation.

Your children may also already know that some flavors and tastes suit adults that children may not enjoy. You can let your children know that CBD products have a “grown-up taste” or are toxic by labeling them with a poison sticker. If they’ve seen you with CBD products before, you may need to talk to them about how CBD products are different from eating candy.

Store Items Out of a Child or Pet’s Reach

Hopefully, you can lessen risks to your children and pets by putting your CBD supplies out of reach and out of sight. For a time, it may work to simply store them on a high shelf where children and pets can’t get to them.

Do take care to leave your CBD supplies in their original packaging. You may want to put the whole container into another box for privacy, but if your child or pet gets into your CBD products, you will need the information on the packaging as you may need to contact Poison Control.

Purchase Child-Proof Containers

Keeping your supplies out of sight and out of reach may work for small children, but older children may need more protection. A locking box or child-proof container may be necessary.

You may choose to use CBD in front of your children, or you may choose to wait until you are alone. If your children see you with a CBD product, they will likely be curious and you will need to provide them with information as well as restrictions. Locking away your supplies is simply another restriction to protect them.

Giving your children boundaries around activities that are acceptable for grown-ups but not for kids is both logical and necessary. Your choice to use CBD responsibly can serve as a healthy example of how to handle such products. Pets won’t listen to logic, so you’ll have to put up barriers to keep them safe.

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