The Biggest Mistakes Made By New Vapers

Vaping is an excellent method for quitting smoking. It’s healthier and far less expensive, but without assistance, it’s simple for new users to run into some typical issues. Let’s go over some of the most common errors that beginning vapers make and the best solutions to the problems.

Using the wrong kit:

New vapers may purchase the incorrect kit for their needs. This is a serious issue since it makes it less likely that you will continue vaping if you have a negative first-vape experience.

You must first choose what you require from an e-cig before making your first vape purchase. Considerations for size, vapour output, and battery capacity are all crucial. For a better vaping experience, pick an elf bar.

Sub-ohm devices

To produce massive clouds, sub-ohm vaping uses coils with a high power output and low resistance. Known as direct to lung (DL), this is probably too much for first-time users. First off, because they make the liquid feel stronger, these kits are designed to be used with lower nicotine doses. Since low strength nicotine would only be adequate for very light smokers, this is frequently insufficient for the majority of novice vapers. Additionally, when using a DL kit, you pull the vapour into your lungs directly as opposed to first putting it in your mouth like you would when smoking a cigarette.


All coils have resistances, which are typically expressed as ohms or. In general, the harder it is to draw from the pool the greater this number. However, the minimum and maximum watts that each coil resistance can handle are often listed underneath the resistance. Using a coil below its minimum or above its maximum could result in leaking or a coil that burns and tastes bad.

Mouth to lung (MTL) coils typically range in resistance from 0.8 ohm to 1.8 ohm and are most effective with 50/50 or high PG drinks. They may burn if you use a high VG juice with them.


Nicotine, flavourings, vegetable glycerine (VG), and propylene glycol (PG) are the four major ingredients of e-liquid. Thick and producing more vapour are heavy VG liquids. Juice with a higher PG content will be thinner and more throat-burning. In order to balance both equally, 50/50 is a suggested starting position for beginning vapers.Elf Bar Dubai offers a variety of flavours to ensure that vapers may fully enjoy their downtime.

The nicotine intensity is a crucial factor as well; you should choose it based on how much you smoked previously. Light users should try 0.6% or even 0.3%, medium to heavy smokers should try 1%, and heavy smokers should aim for roughly 2%. Try increasing your nicotine strength if you vape yet still get cravings.

Another factor to consider while selecting your e-liquid is throat hit. Choose a high PG liquid like elfbar if you want to experience the power of the nicotine you’re taking, similar to smoking. Nic salts or bar salts can be a better option if you require a high nicotine intensity but don’t want any throat hit

Vaping like a smoker

E-cigarettes don’t work the same way as traditional cigarettes in that if you inhale more forcefully, you get more smoke and a harsher sensation in the back of your throat. However, if you inhale too forcefully when using your kit, you risk flooding your coil, which results in leaks. Turning up the voltage or swapping to a coil with reduced resistance are the best options when you want more vapour.

Not keeping your tank filled

When vaping, it’s crucial to keep your tank topped off because if there isn’t any liquid, your coil will burn. Try to keep your juice level above the coil’s wicking holes as a general rule of thumb. The liquid must pass through these openings in order to reach the heating element.

And those are the main errors that beginning vapers make! You can always get in touch with us if you’re still having issues, and a member of our helpful and amiable customer support staff will assist you.

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