Massage Guns Are Affordable And Effective In Relieving Pain

Massage Guns

After a long day, how about a soothing massage with a body massager? You must be aware that the back, shoulders, and legs cannot provide an effective massage on their own. Therefore, if you live alone, using an Electric Massager becomes necessary.

From the comfort of your own home, handheld massagers can help you loosen up tight muscles in your legs, shoulders, neck, and back. These clever gadgets can be utilized whenever you choose, even between your regular massage appointments.

Handheld massagers come in the following types:

  • Single-head handheld massager
  • Dual-head handheld massager
  • Massage guns and deep-tissue massagers
  • Compact handheld massagers
  • Electric massagers with varying massage heads.

How do massage guns work?

They employ a type of vibratory or percussion therapy. It helps provide silent vibration bursts to the muscle with an oscillating head. The muscle tissues warm these vibration pulses. The repeated impact on the soft tissue causes the blood flow in that area to rise. These light-pressure pulses help lengthen the muscle fibers by reducing tight muscle tissue.

The handheld massagers, shaped like a gun, are battery-powered and easy to hold and can be used to reach different areas of the body with both hands.

Benefits of a Portable Massager:

The portability of massagers provides ease of use which is safe and effective relief to areas of the body that carry a lot of stress. Mostly the regions of focus are the shoulders, neck and lower back. To avoid injury, you can use massagers to warm up muscles before activity and when you cool down.

Post-workout, you can use a massage gun to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness; that’s a familiar experience for the elite or novice athlete. But a massage gun gives you a get-go with a very likely-to-happen situation.

A massage gun wins hand down over other myofascial fitness recovery tools as this can hyper- target a specific problem area during warm-up or cool-down. It makes it a good choice for people with nagging or recurring injuries.

Who can benefit from a massage gun?

Everyone, from professional athletes to normal people, benefit from using the massage gun. It provides a quick way to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after a day’s hard work. It lets you use it anytime and anywhere at your own will.

While choosing a massage gun, here are four things you need to consider: Speed

A massager is versatile as it has several speeds but pays close attention to the low-speed settings. It is the setting one will use the most. Larger persons and muscle groups should go for higher speed settings.


The weight is directly proportional to the grip design. With the massage gun on, you need to hold it for 5-10 minutes. It should be around 1 – 2 kgs.


Owing to their pulsating nature, all the massage guns make some noise. The low pulsating noise tends to be soothing and relaxing.


The body massager machine price is reasonable

Ideas for making the most of a massage gun

Start with a low setting on your massager and increase it gradually over time. Use higher settings with caution. It could result in unneeded discomfort and aches.

It’s vital to remember that a massage gun’s effects could fade over time, primarily if you use it frequently. Make sure to alternate your massage regimen with lots of downtime. Anything can be hazardous in excess. That also holds for massage weapons. Keep the muscle from being overstimulated. Your muscle tissue turning red quickly indicates a lot of blood flow in the region. It’s advisable to focus on something else at that point.

Hold the gun before moving it lightly in a circle over a designated location. Your skin may get tight and irritated if the massage gun is left in one area for an extended period. Also, remember that muscles—not nerves, bones, joints, or tendons—are what massage guns are intended to be used on.


Thus, to go about with our everyday busy schedule we should try to take out some time for ourselves you can keep using Mievida UltraFit Pro Body Massager Gun Black as it’s easily portable to massage effectively.

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