How To Book A Hair Transplant In Turkey

hair transplant in Turkey

We all know that hair transplant in Turkey is gaining popularity among people. Maybe because of the comparatively low cost than other European Countries. Now, you may wonder How to book a hair transplant in Turkey. Thankfully, in the age of information and technology, no information is out of reach. We will try to provide some information about the procedure to book Hair transplants.

Hair Transplant Turkey (procedure to book)

1) Choose a Clinic: As discussed earlier, several clinics & hospitals carry out hair transplants. Search for some clinics & visit the sites. Please make a list & finally choose a particular clinic based on their ratings, customer reviews, packages they offer & ultimately, your affordability. Consider your date of arrival & if that clinic can allot you a slot in that time.

2) Enquire:  Try to have an online consultation & provide them with some photos or video clips to determine the level of hair loss you are facing. After preliminary diagnostics from their side, you will receive a detailed estimate of the treatment cost & the time required for the treatment.

3) Arrange for the Trip to The Clinic: There are several clinics throughout Turkey; get the address & contact number from the clinic & plan your trip accordingly. Since most clinics are in high demand, keep that in mind.

4) Manage the Time You Arrive & Days of Treatment: Most of the reputed & reliable clinics include the accommodation cost in the quotation, so there is nothing to worry about. Usually, they arrange accommodation in quality hotels & also arrange for the transfer from the airport. It would help if you also considered the required time for the face-to-face consultation with the doctor.

5) Post-op Treatments & Departure: You cannot leave immediately after the procedure; you must stay some more days to follow up. Most clinics take care of all the medications & follow-up treatments. Some experienced doctors will inspect the progress & advise you about the required post-op hair care & procedures. After they are satisfied with your progress, you can head back to the airport in the car clinic arranged for you.


It is not hard to get a Hair Transplant in Turkey. Just do some research about the clinic & familiarity with the procedure will help you get the thick hair back in your head hassle-free way.

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