How Much Does a Total Invisalign Treatment Cost in Bangkok?

Invisalign Treatment Cost in Bangkok

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Bangkok?

Invisalign is quickly becoming the preferred method of straightening teeth. But before we get to the cost of having a complete Invisalign treatment performed in Bangkok, let’s point out why so many people in the city are singing the praises of this revolutionary breakthrough in teeth straightening for adults and children. 

Reasons Everyone Prefers Invisalign

Unlike the old style of braces that couldn’t be removed by the patient until the treatment was complete, Invisalign aligners are easily removed. This is important, particularly for adults who may be required to give presentations, appear on camera, or otherwise need to preserve a flawless smile. That’s why Invisalign is one of the most requested services in the clinic of this experienced dentist in Henderson.

The easily removed aspect of the aligners also plays a major role in making them a more hygienic option than old-style braces that are cemented to the teeth. 

The cemented braces were connected to each other with wires. And the wires were secured to the bands with more wires or rubber bands. This arrangement meant that little nooks and crannies under the wires and rubber bands were hard to reach and difficult to clean effectively. 

Invisalign retainers can be easily removed. Your daily dental hygiene practices can be exactly the same as before you started the teeth straightening treatment. 

How it Works

Invisalign relies on 3D computerised technology. The treatment starts by taking a 3D scan of your mouth to use in planning your treatment. Once your dentist has decided on the proper alignment of your teeth, the scan is used to fashion the first aligner in your treatment. 

Depending on how much your teeth need to be aligned, you may have up to 20 or more retainers, and the treatment can take up to a year. You’ll need to visit your dentist every few weeks to receive the new retainer. And the cost of the Invisalign treatment is typically around THB 140,000.

The new aligner picks up where the old one left off and slowly push your teeth into the correct position. There should be no discomfort with retainers. If you feel any discomfort when being fitted with the next retainer, simply remove it and let your dentist know about the problem.  

Streamlined Teeth Alignment

Many people have a slight misalignment to the point that they don’t see the point in enduring braces on their teeth for up to a year or more. They’re used to the dental inconvenience of having less than perfect teeth and are willing to suffer rather than face the trial of having braces. 

With Invisalign, the issue of having straighter teeth doesn’t mean any sacrifice, so people are much more likely to have the treatment. This can improve their bite alignment, reduce muscle aches in the neck and jaw, and make it easier for them to eat.  

If you live in Bangkok and think that Invisalign would give you or your child a better quality of life as well as a brighter smile, make an appointment with the About Tooth Dental Clinic today.

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