9 Less Common Techniques to Increase Engagement in Your Store

Increase Engagement in Your Store

The success of ecommerce and online retail industry heavily depends on effective customer’s engagement techniques. If, for any foreseeable reason, your store is unable to hold and retain visitors, you will not be able to convert them into buying customers.

Unlike a brick and mortar retail outlet where a store manager welcomes visitors with courteous communication, and using various other gimmicks to ensure a visitor does not go empty handed. Mostly, online outlets use various common strategies that tend to provoke visitors to take action, and buy what your store is selling.

Let explore some less common techniques to increase engagement in your online store.  

Interact with Store Visitors Personally

Intend to increase user’s engagement; you may not want to skip the usage of various tools that help you interact with visitors coming into your store. Many ecommerce businesses today make use of chat plugins such as WhatsApp chat button, Chabot and Facebook messenger application where store managers can directly assist every visitor. 

Integrating chat plugins into your store not only increases the end-user engagement but also aids in building trust and brand loyalty among customers. With mentioned tools, users can now directly place orders and communicate their queries directly to the sales team of your store.

Unlike many ecommerce web development technologies, if your store is built on Magento platform, install Magento 2 Hide Price plugin that enables you to hide product price and allows your customers to engage in a phone call with your sales personals to know the price of a product or service.

Invest in Design

As the saying goes, first impression makes the last impression. Your store design is vital for making the visitors tick.  Therefore, the effective usage of colors, aesthetics and elements is very essential to increase customer’s engagement and their dwell time on your store websites.

Usually, substandard designs and site’s layouts often lead to an increased bounce rate and poor user experience. Just like maintaining ambiance in the physical store, great design with easy navigation, and easy checkout process boost user’s interactivity and the rate of conversions.

Include High Quality Media Files

Media files, such as videos, images and infographics come in very handy in increasing engagements and enticing users to click. While including media files make sure each image is custom made, optimized and is of high resolutions. Visual content tends to have a high click through rate and make the end users fully immersed into your site’s content.

Ask for Quick Surveys and Quizzes 

In order to engage your customer’s base well, asking them to complete short surveys is another less common technique that increases user’s attention and engagement. Many online businesses use such tools and other methods like asking customers to solve quizzes help them in boosting engagement.

While conducting surveys and quizzes ensure that they are useful and provide users with knowledge and some sort of awareness, propagating data specific to your business or anything in general.

Add Featured Videos in Products Gallery

Adding small videos clips as featured videos in the products gallery of your ecommerce store in another technique that boosts user’s engagement. With WooCommerce video in product gallery plugin, you can embed product reviews videos, how to guides and product description videos to your stores that are powered by WordPress. End users usually like consuming videos more than textual contents on a site.

  • Word of Mouth

Asking your buyers to pass on a quick review of products after they make a purchase is another great way to capitalize on. Usually new visitors go to the reviews section of each item and read about people’s experiences with a product. Doing so not only boosts engagement but also increases brand image and potential customers’ trust in buying your customers.

  • Simple Checkout Process

Complex checkout in ecommerce stores typically hurts online business and user’s experience. Thus, to avoid excessive cart abandonments, make sure that your store order placements and checkout process is as simple as humanly possible.

  • Remember Your Customers on Festivities

To make your customers engaged and provoking them to come by again on your site, remember them on their birthdays and other festivities. Reach out to your existing customer base with custom designed emails, newsletters and other promotional content for new arrivals, sales and discounts. 

  • Capitalize on Social Media 

Make a community on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets where you share engaging content about your ecommerce business, products and services. With millions of people using social media networks, it offers a great opportunity to remain engaged with your audience.

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