How Ecommerce Marketers Can Successfully Compete With Amazon?

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In today’s e-commerce world, everyone is aware of the eCommerce giant Amazon, the most dominant marketplace giant. By the year 2021, more than 50% of the searches regarding any product put together on Amazon. Amazon almost has potential customers in every country, state, or region. If you are someone who is having a tough time establishing their marketplace or generating traffic. 

Then you might hire a Digital marketing company in Delhi to help you get ahead of your competitors. Most of the established eCommerce places similar to Amazon find it difficult to beat this huge giant. But do you think why can’t we coexist with such an immense network of Amazon, what if you don’t have to compete with them?

Try Not To Wrestle With Amazon Ecommerce Marketers

It is the hard truth whether you accept it or not you can compete with Amazon in any case such as their strategies, money investment, marketing, customer expansion, infrastructure, or many more. If you take a close look at the statistics of Amazon you might be surprised that you don’t stand a chance.

Some marketing companies suggest you offer a great discount or sale offer in order to get more traffic as compared to them. But even after huge discounts, you won’t be able to offer great prices. Even sometimes you can’t withstand their best offers in shipping. Because in the beginning, it will be difficult for you to provide something better than amazon deals.

Shipping speed can be a huge add-on as compared to others but as you can see that you can’t exist or compete with Amazon. There are many realms that you can even handle if you are thinking of beating Amazon because it can burn a hole in your pockets. So in this article we are going to explain how you can offer some great customer experience to get relevant traffic.

Ways Ecommerce Marketers Can Achieve Traffic Leads Like Amazon

  1. Relevant Customer Data Put To Your Use

Amazon used to keep a close look at their customer buying accounts to provide their customers a great experience. They used to collect their order history, wish lists, latest search products & customer reviews. Valuable data tracking can help you in finding the current interest of your buyers. You can easily retarget those customers to generate better ROI.

There are many features that keep track of what people are looking for, buy, or not able to find on your platform. Doubtlessly you are well aware in the beginning you can’t provide all the user oriented features. But still you can also use various ad campaigns to find what your customers want and you plan to target them.

Use this competitive data in creating more engaging ads or campaigns to offer something that matches the same standards as Amazon. You can use whatever resources you have to improve your brand that people can rely on without wasting extra money.

  • Try To Make Your Customer Service Commendable

Is customer service a competitive factor? Yes of course how do you think that Amazon is a reliable option chosen by people for shopping online. It’s just because of the trust they gain by indulging more and more people. More than 67% of people all around the world are in favor of their customer service. 

So what if you start focusing on your customer services and people start using your website because of outstanding services.

Nobody likes it when you are facing an issue with your order and the person on the other side who does care can be pathetic. So if you are offering customer interaction with email, phone calls, or chatbots then your customers will be happier. A digital marketing company in Delhi provides you various methods that you can use for customer support.

The more active customer support the more you will attract the customers. You never know when your outstanding customer service becomes your unique selling point.

  • Focus On Shipping Speed & Services

We all know that competing with Amazon on the basis of offering lower shipping costs on your products or services can turn out to be a disaster for you. Because even after having a loss in the shipping revenue, they can recover that easily but it can be difficult for any other business which is not as popular or big as Amazon.

But how come if you use the best shipping offers according to your ground rules. Find out your products on which you can offer great shipping deals without hurting your budgets. You can use other parcel options which are cost-effective so that you can attract more customers. Choose retail prices after comparison on various other eCommerce websites.

  • Encourage Customers To Sign Up For Subscription Services

Amazon is known for its convenient subscription services. According to the research, the revenue generates much faster if your business is offering subscription services. Encourage more and more people to subscribe to your newsletter to get more information on the latest offers.

You can see by yourself that amazon payments or prime membership add more benefits to your revenue as well as keep the customer satisfied with your services. There are many platforms that are making good money out of these monthly subscription box ideas.

So in case you are new to this, you can create various plans so that people buy these shipping, brands, or discount-based plans to generate more traffic.

  • Choose Your Niche Regarding Selling Products

Now you can sell thousands of products as Amazon does. They are able to achieve this because of their vast selling network. But as an eCommerce business might be you are not able to get the support of such a huge network. At these times you need to select a niche & products that relate to that niche. 

If you target one niche you might be able to get more reach or wide audience support. Find out different products on the Amazon website to decide which looks better for your business plan.


There is no point in competition when you are along with such a large competitor Amazon. But who says you can’t use the same strategy as they do. Best customer services, reliable shipping costs, choosing niche or subscription services can make your business famous.  You need to focus to be in a game not kicking someone out of the game. Consult with a digital marketing company in Delhi to get a better approach. 

Do let us know in the comment section which is your favorite strategy?

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