Google Play Store App Will Be Pre-Installed On Honor Smartphone Next Year!

Downloading green Apps on Android smartphones, Google Play Store App must be the best way for us. So, pre-installing Google Play Store App on Android smartphones is very normal thing. Till now, not only Google Play Store App is considered platform warranty for downloading green Apps, and also, Google Play App Store is becoming platform warranty for commerce at Apps in purchase and withdraws the cash.

In view of this, Google Play Store App is very important for every Android Smartphone holder. However, since around 10 months ago, Google Company has started banning Huawei Technologize Company from using GMS (Google Mobile Services) with regard to non-preinstalling Google Play Store App and other Apps under GMS flag.

Honor as known as Huawei’s sub-brand, also suffered this issue of non-preinstalling Google Play Store App, which lasted for around 10 months with Huawei. Surprisingly, several days ago, Huawei Company decided to sell Honor, which means Honor will get separate from Huawei, and will take GMS back.

To learn more about trilateral relationship between Google, Huawei, and Honor, we will talk about it in this article later.

What are GMS and HMS?

GMS as known as Google Mobile Services, is a kit of mobile services in different fields including navigation, App uploading license, video channel, and so on, provided to Android and iOS smartphone holders (Google Play Store App only can be used on Android smartphone). Today, GMS is becoming most famous mobile services platform all over the world, but it will now work in China and several countries where the network is restricted on.

Speaking of HMS as known as Huawei Mobile Services, it is just such as GMS to provide a kit of mobile services in the fields mentioned at last paragraph. HMS has been developed in China too many years, and there is no competitor to HMS. Maybe, because of restriction of network targeted at GMS.

In recent years, Huawei has started developing HMS at the broad markets out of China gradually. Once Google Company banned Huawei from using GMS, Huawei has accelerated developing HMS to protect their broad markets.

The reason Why Huawei and Honor HMS Phone does not support a Series of Apps on GMS

1. Actual Reason

Even though the GMS Apps are not pre-installed on Huawei and Honor smartphones with new models (Later we will call these smartphones HMS Set Phone), but you still can install these Apps yourself by APK. Actually, the issue is not reflected on Apps installation, it is exactly about Google framework which is a core of GMS.

2. What is Google Framework?

Google Framework as known as Google Play Services Framework is used to update GMS Apps such as Google Play Store App, Google Maps, YouTube, and so on. Without Google Framework, GMS Apps will not work, even though they are successfully installed.

3. How to install Google Framework?

Google Framework is not set on HMS Set Phone operating system, so we must restore the old operating system what Google Framework was set on. I will share with you the step-by-step tutorial for installing Google Framework right here.


Regarding importance of GMS in its influence all over the world, surely, Honor will take GMS back concerning about its smartphone business, of course, Google Company should give permission to Honor first. As for the old smartphone models, if users want to install Google Play Store App, it is requested to follow the tutorial above mentioned.

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