Gojek Clone Features & Cost Estimation – Launch Your Super App In 7 Days

Gojek Clone App

A Gojek App Clone combines over 82+ providers together in one spot.

This All in One Super App ensures a customer-centric strategy for greater revenue generation and streamlines business administration.

It has all the potentials in terms of New Features, Components and improved Functionalities that you need for your company to flourish in today’s market as a full-fledged on-demand service provider.

The GoJek Clone Script allows your on-demand business to efficiently satisfy consumer expectations. In addition to offering exceptional services, it provides seamless integration, safe and quick authentication, improved user experience, total system control, and other consumer benefits.

Gojek Clone App – The Market Scope

If you’re thinking whether introducing a Gojek-like app in the market during the COVID19 situation is the best move, consider the following:

• This on-demand multi-service app has risen to the top in a short period of time, with the company’s overall net value estimated at $10 billion.

• Gojek offers three main services: taxi rides, on-demand deliveries (food, groceries, and so on), and on-demand services (Car-washing, babysitters, beauticians, etc.)

• Gojek is available in most Asian nations, including Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and others.

• Over 2 million drivers provide a variety of delivery and taxi services.

• The software processes over a hundred million transactions Every day, more than 25 million people use the app all across the world.

Gojek Clone KingX 2022 Features

The Multiservices Clone App is perfectly suited for all businesses. Get this new featured advanced technology app solution to develop for your business to run different businesses under one application.

Taxi Booking Features

Restricted fraud features

Taxi booking using iWatch App – Users may now hire a cab with their Apple Watch and enjoy the ride. This Apple Watch App makes it easier to book a taxi. Users may select the type of cab, as well as the pick-up and drop-off locations, and pay directly from their Apple Watch.

Restricted passenger limit – It allows the driver to restrict the passengers ensuring the “social distancing” is practiced.

Face mask verification – Every driver has to upload a selfie wearing a mask to practice COVID19 Safety.

Safety checklist – The safety checklist is shown to the users while booking the Taxi, to make sure they practice all the safety practices accordingly.

Ride cancellation – The driver and the user either of them can cancel the ride when either of them are not practicing the safety protocols.

Apply toll cost manually – The driver will add the toll cost manually to the invoice of the rider when the trip has ended.

On-demand Delivery & Other Services Features

Store-based commission

Depending on the volume of orders, the admin can set different commission rates for each store.

Separate time slots by day

Service providers, stores, and restaurants can set their time slots according to the work hours in their country or region. The facility is available on weekends and public holidays.

Item name searching

It works as a search filter, allowing your consumers to swiftly find stores/restaurants/items from the product catalogue/menu and add them to their cart.

18+ Age Verification

When purchasing items such as booze, the customer must present or upload proof of their 18+ age.

Voice instructions for delivery drivers

 If there is anything specific to advise the delivery drivers about the deliveries, users can send a voice note to them.

Restaurants can post kitchen selfies

Restaurant operators can post photos from their kitchens to inform their consumers about the best sanitation procedures.

Option for delivery drivers to cancel orders

If they are unable to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances, delivery drivers can cancel the order.

Before beginning the ride/task, the driver/service provider will ask for the OTP from the customer.

Graphical status of rides and orders

This feature provides consumers with in-app notifications that display a graphical icon that shows the status of their orders/ride in real time.

Video Call facility

The video call capability can be used by users, delivery executives, and service providers to resolve issues quickly.

Multiple credit card management

Users can save as many credit cards as they need using the different credit card management solutions available. As a result, having extra cards on hand at those times might provide peace of mind to your clients.

Location-wise push-notifications/ Promo-codes/Ad banners

It allows the admin to geo-tag the location to target specific user base. The feature enables the app owner to send the promo-codes, push-notifications, as well show Ads in particular location and users. This in turn guarantees in giving sure shot results.

Includes 25 languages and currencies

The programme allows you to use up to 25 different currencies and languages, including English and the US Dollar.

You don’t have to be concerned about using the app in a country where you don’t speak English or can’t trade in US dollars.

When it comes to Gojek Clone App 2022, the New Components detailed above are simply the tip of the iceberg. Users, service providers, deliverydrivers, business owners, and app developers will all profit from the new functionalities.

The Cost Of Developing Gojek Like Application

Which platform will your Gojek clone run on? Android is used by almost 73 percent of smartphone users, whereas iOS has a huge user base. As a result, the answer depends on your financial status.

If you design your app on a single platform, you can only reach a limited audience. If you want to expand your app’s reach while keeping your costs down, multi-platform development is the way to go.When estimating a budget for Gojek-like applications, there are a few aspects to consider. The factors listed below will help your Super App become a market-ready product with a high return on investment.

• Operating system

• Planning and development costs

• Maintenance and upgrade costs

In Conclusion

On-demand mega applications are becoming more prevalent, and there is no doubting that they are the economic breadwinners of today’s economy. In this Pandemic, running a business, let alone making a profit, has been a major task.

Create a Super App based on a readymade script solution if you’re looking for something that doesn’t take a lot of money and can be deployed in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, the software includes a powerful Admin panel. The administrator may monitor and regulate all company transactions in real time.

Launching a Gojek Clone under your company name is the most effective way to acquire consumers right away. Begin your app development conversation with the developer’s team and learn about their suggestions. Additionally, see the demo and read the client testimonials. This will offer you a better understanding of how the software works as well as the company’s professionalism.

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