Caribbean Hair Treatment: All You Need to Know

Afro Hair Transplant Specialist

Hair loss is now more common than ever as people of all ages whether youngsters or elders are facing this problem. There can be many reasons for hair loss varying from heredity and traction alopecia to lifestyle factors like stress or inappropriate eating habits. However, irrespective of the cause of hair loss, this problem can lead to baldness. Moreover, it can also cause problems like low confidence and low self-esteem.

Traction alopecia and male pattern baldness are one of the major reasons for hair loss for men. Especially the people with Afro-Caribbean hair face the problem of hair loss because of traction alopecia. In general, the hair fall problem that arises from tight hairstyles and hair pulling is called traction alopecia. However, this problem can be treated and you can easily find a Caribbean hair specialist in London.

Treating Afro-Caribbean hair is a task only experts can do as this hair type is different from other types. The hair is completely curled and this makes it even more difficult to treat the problem. The most common treatment men and women of the afro community use for hair loss are using wigs or hair extensions. However, this never gives a permanent solution as it is not comfortable to wear wigs or extensions while exercising or playing sports. Though, there is a permanent and more efficient way for hair loss treatment in London. Two efficient treatments:

Follicular Unit Extraction method:

There are two steps involved in this method of hair transplant. In the first step, the doctor extracts the hair follicles from the donor area and then these extracted hair follicles are planted where there is a need for hair growth. This method has been in use for a long time and has given effective results to people. This method is preferred by people as there is less discomfort and this is done by using advanced techniques. Moreover, in this method of hair transplantation, people can resume back to their normal life after one or two days maximum. Affordability also plays an important factor for people who select this method.

Direct hair transplantation method:

In this method, hair follicles are extracted from a donor area by using a tool with a sharp edge. After this these follicles are implanted in the area where hair growth is needed. This method is more effective than the FUE as the follicles are directly implanted at the bald area and the surgeon has better control and precision in this method. Results from this method seem more natural than any other method. Lastly, there are different methods for treating Caribbean hair, but you have to select the one that can fulfil your expectations. You also have to consider the other factors such as your age, your hair density, the health of your hair and many other things that can impact your decision. It is better to contemplate all these factors before getting the treatment so that you can get the best results.

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