Blockchain For Tracking And Distribution Of Vaccines

The first step in defeating the covid 19 Virus is the development of the covid 19 vaccines. The government is facing difficulty in distributing vaccines to their population. The government implemented blockchain technology to handle the limited supply of vaccines and to maintain vaccines in refrigerated condition and succeed in it.
Over the next year, we are likely to see the development of blockchain technology being used to track vaccines from the point of manufacture to the patient. It is possible to create permanent and non-feasible records of patients’ data at any given time.
Currently, implementing blockchain technology is the solution to these problems. Pharmaceutical companies are implementing blockchain technology intending to launch a pilot project.

To track the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine and chemotherapy drugs, two UK hospitals are planning to expand the blockchain system. Shipping of vaccines is accompanied by internal sensors to ensure the temperature does not exceed the safe minimum limit.
If they do, the drugs can be safely removed from the supply chain and permanent, non-erasable entry is automatically added to the blockchain. Another potential use case of blockchain technology will be established if these projects are successful and can be expected to replicate on a large scale.

2. Blockchain

According to analysis carried out for the European Parliament, by creating “ledgers” that are secure and updated hundreds of times per day, blockchain applications can monitor disease outbreaks over time Additionally, its use can improve trace supply chains for drugs and medical supplies, streamline rapid isolation of case clusters, manage medical data, diagnostic accuracy, and treatment effectiveness, and identify disease symptom patterns.
“Beyond the value of blockchain as a health data tracking and monitoring tool, health authorities can make use of authoritative blockchain systems to address the healthcare interoperability challenge and help accelerate clinical trials by facilitating storing and sharing data between researchers, while ensuring the reliability of clinical trial data, “he adds.
Today there are numerous applications. The platform of mutual help online is a platform for the exchange of collective claims based on blockchain that processes insurance claims coronavirus that not only helps reduce paperwork (therefore mitigates the risk of infection by face-to-face contact, since the platform capable of processing transactions without human participation) but that all parties supervise the entire process. To help the government to track new covid cases and to help physicians to monitor patient’s data and their symptoms in real-time, the development of Blockchain technology has been playing a major role.

Blockchain in supply chain management:

UK hospitals use blockchain technology to supply covid vaccines:
Two UK hospitals use blockchain technology to supply Covid-19 vaccines from pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNtech.
The Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick health centers, located in central England, also use blockchain technology to control the storage of formulas and keep track of chemotherapy drugs.

Blockchain technology for vaccine supply gives positive results:

So far, the digital tool has delivered good results for the control of the refrigerators that store the anti covid formulas. Blockchain technology strengthens record keeping and data sharing across supply chains, said technology company Everyware, which monitors vaccines and other treatments for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). In a statement published by Reuters, the company said that logistical obstacles represent a significant risk for the rapid distribution of vaccines against Covid-19. However, these difficulties translate into opportunities for companies that develop technology, both to keep the doses in perfect condition and to monitor shipments, from the freezers of the pharmaceutical factories until the inoculations are made to the population. In the specific case of the Pfizer and BioNTech formula, which must be shipped and stored at extremely cold temperatures or on dry ice, and can only last up to five days at standard refrigerator temperatures, the challenge has fueled the emergence of technological innovations. around the world.

Review of shipments with blockchain technology

The data collected through the blockchain tools allow verifying that the shipments of anticovid vaccines have never been modified or tampered with.

Its application is also combined with devices equipped with the Internet of Things (IoT) and security labels. The set of these technologies guarantees that there are no sanitary violations when the doses arrive at the authorized sites for their use.

Although package tracking is also possible without the need for this technology, manual systems increase the risk of errors.

It is precisely its enormous precision that gives health centers confidence. Hence, it is expected that more and more hospitals will implement the use of this tool, or other similar ones, to guarantee the efficiency of vaccination campaigns. As important as their distribution, the control of rejected batches and the management of them also counts.

Use of blockchain in different sectors

Companies from all sectors, both raw materials and financial, invest millions of dollars every day to develop blockchain and a digital ledger, secure record and with real-time data.

These advantages often translate into radical cost cuts and higher profits for the companies that use them.

Undoubtedly, human efforts are the heart of the distribution of the vaccine around the world, but this conjunction between the digital world and the talent of those involved in the campaigns and distribution of the formulas gives a clear example of how they can profit from both universes.

Given the results obtained in a post-pandemic scenario, it is very likely that more and more companies that carry out transfers of sensitive materials will incorporate this and other tools in their logistics operations. The advantage is clear: to ensure the success of the distributions and distribution maneuvers.

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