Build A Telemedicine App: A Simple Step To Step Guide To Understand Its Powerful Impact In 2021

Telemedicine App

Technology has been evolving with time.

It always provides multiple industries with unique solutions that can enhance their growth.

Technology has also worked its charm on the healthcare industry. With the COVID-19 being present for more than a year, the healthcare industry has changed the way they provide their healthcare services.

Today medical professionals use telemedicine apps to engage with their patients. Telemedicine is an efficient communication channel where doctors and patients can engage with each other in real-time. In simple terms, both the parties listed above use telemedicine apps to consult, follow up and conduct other related health actions. If you’re new to the topic of telemedicine apps or are looking to explore the field of telemedicine, then this blog is for you.

From helping you understand the benefits of a telemedicine app to help you get started with the best telemedicine apps, this blog will guide you through everything you need to know.

Let’s get started.

How Can Patients And Doctors Engage Efficiently Via The Telemedicine App?

The below use cases will easily help you answer these questions:

1. Patients can easily make use of the telemedicine app to solve or find solutions to their health-related queries instantly.

2. With constant engagement, doctors will be able to understand whether the patient needs to visit a hospital or not.

3. Patients can enquire about their medications whether they need to be prescribed new medicines or can continue on the same.

4. Doctors can easily conduct follow-ups to ensure their patient’s health is stable and keep a closer watch to avoid any mishaps.

5. Doctors and patients can easily engage in one-to-one engagements such as counselling, therapy, and more. 

Perks Of Using A Telemedicine App                            

The huge benefit telemedicine app provides the industry is saving lives.

With the telemedicine apps, doctors can engage better with their patients. 

From following up with them to learning about their condition, doctors can easily analyse how the patient needs to be managed.

The result?

Lower death rates, fewer hospital visits, and better health in check. 

What Benefits Do Telemedicine Apps Provide To Patients?

1. Reduced travel costs

Since doctors can be easily consulted via the telemedicine app, patients do not need to drive long hours to visit a hospital. Whether it is booking a consultation or solving queries, the telemedicine app conducts it all. 

2. Better healthcare services received

In the case of elderly persons or critical patients, telemedicine apps work wonders. With the app, doctors can easily monitor the progress of their patients and the focus would be on helping them recover better. Such patients don’t have to undergo the hassle of travelling to a hospital for routine checkups. 

3. Convenience to procure healthcare services

The pandemic has led to a huge scare in the minds of all of us. Visiting a hospital has become unsure but we all know health also matters. With a telemedicine app, patients can easily engage with their doctors with a single click without having to step out. 

Perks Healthcare Providers Receive With The Use Of Telemedicine Apps

1. Increase in income

As the number of patients increases with the use of telemedicine apps, doctors can achieve a good stream of income from the same. Today telemedicine apps charge either on a subscription basis, one-to-one consultation, and more. 

2. Reduces additional expenses

With the patients being catered by the doctors via a telemedicine app, doctors don’t have to spend more on additional expenses such as hiring a front desk, ordering more phone sets, and more. 

3. Provide high-end satisfaction healthcare delivery

Since telemedicine is providing an instant way for patients and doctors to increase engagements, the former would continue to render these services. Thus this is a sign that the patient’s satisfaction rate is high. 

Top 5 Telemedicine Apps You Need To Consider In 2021

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly helps you build an efficient telecommunication app development process. It also helps you create a hipaa chat api telemedicine app catered to suit your needs. It provides tons of features that help you empower your healthcare communications such as encrypted messaging, file sharing, telemedicine, and more. 

If you’re looking for a telemedicine app development provider, this is the API solution you need to look out for. 

2. Doctor On Demand

Doctor On Demand is another great telemedicine app. It provides 24/7 total virtual care. You just need to sign up on the app and get started. Doctor on Demand caters to multiple issues such as urgent care, chronic care, and more. With a rating of 4.9/5, this app provides you with completely trustworthy and secure healthcare care services. 

3. TelaDOC

TelaDoc is another great telemedicine app to try out. It provides complete virtual care for all types of patients. The app looks to form a futuristic relationship with patients and not limit to engagements only to resolve their healthcare needs. They use advanced technologies and cater to patients globally. 

4. HealthTap

HealthTap is another example of telemedicine apps. Whether it is women’s health or children’s health or more, this app caters to all kinds of patients. They also provide a section where patients can ask questions to doctors anonymously. Their easy engagement platform makes it a well admired and most used tool in the US. 

5. MDLive

The app caters to hassle-free healthcare for over 800 conditions. It is super easy to get started with MDLive, you register, request a visit, or meet a doctor right away and get yourself treated. The conditions are treated based on the patient’s insurance and based on this the prices also vary. 

How Is COVID-19 Impacting The Telemedicine Industry?

The pandemic led the healthcare industry to change the way they deliver their healthcare services.

With everyone staying indoors, hospitals are the least visited places at the moment due to the scare of COVID-19 and the huge crowd at the hospital.

Medical help was required but people started to be hesitant.

In order to cater to multiple such patients and to reduce the crowds in hospitals, telemedicine apps came into the picture.

The presence of this app enhanced the way healthcare services were being catered to.

From consultations to medical information, the telemedicine app became a prime source for patients and doctors to engage during the pandemic. 


Whether it is telemedicine apps for providers or a telemedicine app for doctors, in both cases, the app helps to extend healthcare services whenever it is needed or required.

Telemedicine apps will grow popular with time due to the convenience and ease it brings to seek healthcare services. This is also one of the reasons why telemedicine app development is growing rapidly as well. 

Today patients are more open to exploring healthcare-related services as it proves to be beneficial for them.  Now that you have all the related details about telemedicine, when do you plan to get started with one?

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