How Two-Way Radios Or Walkie-Talkies Improve Business Communications

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Modern smartphones are known to be the epitome of communication, yet they have their shortcomings. Sometimes you don’t get a signal, the battery is low, the phone keeps hanging, or you experience some other kind of hardware/software failure. These inadequacies can be problematic and result in extensive loss, especially if they are the sole source of communication for running a business. An organization that depends on tens or hundreds of employees scattered around a region needs to keep everyone in the loop. Smartphones are useful, but not always reliable if you have workers employed in poor-network zones.

Two way radios and walkie-talkies are a lifesaver for several big industries, including two way construction, public security, retail, manufacturing, property management, healthcare, leisure and utilities. Present-day walkie-talkies have evolved, i.e. new technology has enhanced their overall functionality. They have a sleek and sophisticated design, as well as provide clearer and extended coverage.

Walkie-talkies or two-way radios can improve your business communications in the following ways:

1. Immediate, Uninterrupted, and Expansive Communication

Through walkie-talkies, you can remain in constant contact with your whole team. You don’t have to call them or send group emails, so the chances of losing or missing important information are very low. Phone calls often drop or don’t get through, whereas emails are frequently ignored, or go unnoticed. High-quality radio equipment can allow unhindered communication up to a 100-kilometre radius. You can speak with multiple persons at once, rather than providing individual attention and instructions. The immediate and uninterrupted interaction improves business productivity, reduces the frequency of day-to-day errors, and discourages white collar crime.

2. Economical

Buying a good quality smartphone for the entire staff can be unreasonably expensive. If your company employs fifty or more people, the expenditure may utilize a substantial portion of your business funds. Not to mention, paying for everyone’s cellular network packages and phone maintenance costs will add up to an even heftier amount. Switching to the two-way radio system is way cheaper, as it will not cost you more than one or two smartphones.

3. Long Battery Life

Smartphone batteries drain very fast, given all the applications running in the background. If the phone is more than a year old, you usually have to charge it at least two times a day to make sure that it doesn’t turn off while during critical circumstances. Good quality walkie-talkies can operate for days once fully charged, so your business won’t suffer during unexpected power outages or unavailability of charging facilities.

4. Tough and Durable

Surprisingly, the most future-forward smartphones are built to be so delicate. The average phone will work fine for about 2 years if used with utmost care. Smartphones break easily when dropped/hit by accident, or malfunction when exposed to moisture, heat, and other extreme conditions; not to mention, the repair/replacement charges are quite high. Walkie-talkies are quite resilient and hardwearing in comparison; they won’t even waiver under heavy hail, as they typically incorporate water-proof technology.

5. Free of Distractions

Everybody’s smartphones are loaded with a ton of applications that tend to distract them from work. Every time the phone buzzes with a notification, the user in inclined to forget about everything else and check it. Smartphones are simply the enemies of concentration, so they are in fact a hazard at work. Walkie-talkies mean business because the users cannot play with them or use them for personal entertainment.

6. Better Audio Reception in Noisy Areas

Talking on a mobile phone gets extremely tiresome if there’s too much noise in the background. Workers have to leave their working station for better reception or stronger signals. These issues are pretty much non-existent with two-way radios and walkie-talkies.

7. Works in Remote and Dead Zones

Smartphones don’t work in many under-developed and unpopulated areas because there are no network towers nearby. You cannot even get a proper signal if you are in the basement or underground. Walkie-talkies are perfect for communication while you’re off the grid.

8. Better Safety features

Modern walkie-talkies and radios are equipped with advanced safety features that detect danger or abnormal activity. These devices are capable of setting off alarms in case any of your staff needs to be rescued. It allows quick contact with business associates, so that help can react quickly in case of an emergency.

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