A Detailed Comparison Of The Top 5 Twilio Competitors


Twilio has been the market leader in virtual communication for a few years now. There are several features of Twilio that have been beneficial for businesses, but with more companies launching virtual communication platforms in the market, there are better-performing Twilio alternatives. In this article, we will be discussing Twilio and its competitors in detail – Sendbird, Novocall, RingCentral, Avaya, and CONTUS MirrorFly.

Advantages of using Twilio

Range of features

Twilio has a wide array of features that aid in virtual communication. Some of the most important features of Twilio that inspired Twilio alternatives to come up as a result of the top performance of 

Twilio are:

Voice API – Users can record voice messages which can be used as IVR messages for their audience or notifications.

Live chat – Real-time live chat at lightning speed with end-to-end encryption for maximum security.  

Compatibility with popular software

Twilio SDK is compatible with Salesforce and Hubspot. Several businesses use these SaaS solutions to run their business process smoothly. This means when Twilio is integrated into either of these software, the customers of Twilio users will not experience any change from their end and can continue using the services without any disruption.

Cross-channel platform:

Twilio SDK can be used across different platforms such as text messages, live chat, and phone calls. This allows Twilio users to use different mediums of communication to reach out to their audience in their preferred mode of communication thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Drawbacks of Twilio

Costly pricing:

Since Twilio is one of the first players in the market, its pricing is on the higher end. A simple example of pricing is $0.02 for sending one picture message. Though this may look nominal, it will add up to a huge amount if a business has a few hundred customers and messages are sent to the customers every day. For any company that has budget constraints, Twilio SDK is not an ideal option.

Not ideal for novices in programming:

Twilio webrtc has a plethora of functions for its users but Twilio SDK users need to have programming knowledge for optimum utilization of Twilio functions. This will make it difficult for novices to use Twilio Webrtc and it is best for this segment of the audience to opt for Twilio alternatives.

Top 5 Twilio alternatives – Comparisons, Features, Cost 

1. Sendbird Vs Twilio 

Sendbird is a strong alternative for Twilio programmable voice as voice API and video API is Sendbird’s strongpoint. It can hold millions of monthly users in using its outbound call software. This is the reason delivery services, healthcare, and ride-sharing platforms are loyal users of Sendbird. Users can switch between calls and chat within the same interface making it even easier to use.

Special feature: Switching between calls and chat at once

Standard features: end-to-end encryption, multi-channel and multi-device support available, custom metadata

Price: $0.0010-$0.0015 per minute

2. Novocall Vs Twilio 

Novocall is another strong contender for Twilio programmable voice. Novocall’s USP is call-related features – inbound call, call tracking, outbound call, call schedule. Users can upload a contact list on Novocall and use its autodialer feature to automatically dial the numbers in the list. This saves the time and energy of the user at hand. It is a great Twilio alternative for businesses relying strongly on their sales team.  

Novocall’s click-to-call software can be embedded onto the user’s website for enabling website visitors to schedule or place a request for a callback. This captures leads through the organic website visitors funnel. Its dashboard is all comprehensive providing real-time data to monitor performance virtually using any device. This is not possible in Twilio programmable voice ios SDK.

Special feature: Inbound and outbound call management features

Standard features: Contact list management, call blast, detailed reporting metrics

Price: $20 per month per user, $40 per month per user

3. RingCentral Vs Twilio 

RingCentral is a virtual communication solution that provides cloud telephony, video conferencing, team messaging, and outbound calls. Twilio SDK does not provide some of these features which makes RingCentral a great Twilio alternative. RingCentral can be set up on any device globally for a single business. This makes it easy for businesses to have multiple offices across the globe and those who have teams working virtually.

Its features include skill-based routing and agent management which pairs customer support agents with the right customers to reduce wait time. This feature is not available in Twilio Webrtc.

Special feature: Can be used on any device from anywhere in the world

Standard features: call recording, virtual hold where the customers of users call back when their wait time in queue is complete, dual listening, and detailed analytics of multiple channels.

4. Avaya Vs Twilio 

Avaya is a virtual communication solution that provides SMS, live chat, inbound and outbound phone calls, social media, and e-mail communication. Its cloud contact center solution utilizes artificial intelligence to provide suggestions on the enhancement of user processes. It is highly beneficial for outbound calls as feedback is provided instantly and can be implemented in the forthcoming customer calls. Twilio programmable voice does not boast of this feature.

Avaya is a step ahead of Twilio Webrtc’s capabilities as Avaya can utilize workforce engagement to streamline the business processes of its users. In-depth analytics helps identify improvement areas.

Special feature: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning feedback and suggestion

Standard features: screen recording, coaching, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Price: $0.015 per minute for local outbound calls

5. CONTUS MirrorFly Vs Twilio 

CONTUS MirrorFly is a great Twilio chat alternative as it is the best live chat API globally. If you are thinking of MirrorFly vs Twilio, MirrorFly has all the features that are fully customizable to suit the requirements of the business. High-end technology is utilized to provide data security to its users which detects malicious activities dynamically. Multiple integrations can be made within the app to use advanced features.

Special features: self-hosted VoIP and SIP calls

Standard features: easy to use interface, high-end data security, high backend infrastructure

Price: One-time license cost

How to choose the best Twilio alternative that suits your business?

Now that you have an overview of the best virtual communication solutions in the market, it’s time to pick one. Each software comes with its set of features and specialities. Choose the alternative that caters to all your business needs based on the features it offers.

Some of the software solutions come with a free trial period. Why not pick the solution that you deem best, sign up for a trial period, and decide what’s best for you?

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