Benefits Of SEO In 2022

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We have all stumbled upon the term SEO or search engine optimization at least once. The term is a buzzword, particularly among companies working towards establishing their digital presence. With the majority of netizens relying heavily on search engines to hunt for answers to their questions, it only implies that among these searches are potential clients looking for businesses to work with – but more on that later.

While this may seem quite practical to execute, given the hassle that implementing SEO takes, you may have also questioned its importance at some point. To assure you that your pain is not in vain, we are here with some of the benefits that SEO and blockchain pr companies offer to your business.

Let’s discover the benefits of SEO in 2022.

What is SEO?

To put it simply, search engine optimization (SEO) has to do with the process of acquiring visitors through different methods such as organic or paid search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO is a strategy for improving and increasing your website’s rankings on search engines.

Each time a search query is entered, the search engine returns the most relevant results by examining all the websites in the index. Once the index is analyzed, the results are shown on the results page.

The entire concept of optimizing content is to land on the first page in the results. The landing page holds great significance for businesses as the first page is where most clients discover companies. Not only is it essential for driving traffic to your website but also to build credibility, a strong customer base, and increase visibility.

If we take our daily queries as an example, we can notice how we tend to stick to the first three websites that show up on our results page. This shows how users trust and prefer content presented here and often look for answers specifically in these places.

Why is SEO important?

As we mentioned before, SEO marketing is becoming more vital than ever in increasingly competitive markets. The majority of individuals utilize search engines to find solutions to their queries and inquiries.

SEO is a great tool to give you an edge over your existing competitors. We can take an example; if two blockchain companies have a similar niche, then the one that has a search engine optimized website will not only rank higher but also have more customers and boost more sales and revenue. At the same time, this might be rather intricate to comprehend, so it’s always best to get in touch with a blockchain pr agency in such cases to handle the SEO part.

To put this in perspective, prospective clients cannot find you unless your content is optimized and ranks well. The goal of any company here would be to drive traffic towards their website and grab the client’s attention.

Benefits of SEO

Having explored the fundamentals of SEO, let’s move swiftly on to this article’s main purpose, which is to understand the benefits of SEO.

Improved User Experience

There are multiple strategies to optimize your website and boost user experience. This involves various facets such as presenting your audience with useful information, relevant images or videos, effortless navigation of web pages, and an overall mobile-friendly website.

Today, search engines, notably Google, are focused on user behavior when providing the best search results to their users. They examine how visitors engage with a website and if the users don’t appreciate the data provided to them, the rating of the website will suffer. In short, UX and SEO go together.

If a website does not optimize its SEO, has a slow website, and spam the users with pop-up advertisements, then it can be said that Google would rank them lower on the SERPs.

Brand Credibility

Your customers have the impression that your company is one of the industry’s top players when you rank among the first, second, or third in the search results. Additionally, it signifies that what you are offering is far better than that of your competitors, making you a thought-leader.

If your website is ranked very low in the search results, users might not find it. However, if they do come across your website, it might appear as less authoritative and credible. SEO plays a massive role in boosting brand credibility to ensure customers rely upon and trust your business.

Generation of Quality leads

Inbound marketing strategies are a highly effective source of generating Return on Investment (ROI) and leads. Content marketing, SEO, social media, and other forms of inbound marketing are used to raise brand recognition and attract new customers to a company. This strategy is effective in the long-term as it can promote lead generation, customer acquisition, and client retention.

Try devising a new approach if your existing SEO strategies are not giving you the results you want.

Increased Close Rates

The percentage of sales leads and outreach activities that result in customer conversions and sales is referred to as the close rate.

But how does SEO relate to closed rates?

Well, SEO leads have a 14.6 percent closure rate, compared to 1.7 percent for outbound leads, according to statistics.

The unsolicited interactions often lead to poorer conversation rates as they come through cold or outbound leads. Besides, SEO leads are termed as those leads generated through the client’s research and finding what their specific needs and goals are.

As a result, these leads become classified as either two kinds of leads such as MQL or SQL, which both come with greater conversion rates. The marketing-qualified leads are those reviewed by the marketing team and the sales-qualified leads moved through the sales team.

Better Cost Management

SEO can assist you in not just optimizing your cost management game but also aid in saving your precious resources in many ways. Below are some cost management benefits of SEO:

  1. Save on advertisement: Advertising costs are high. Even small businesses have to spend at least around $9000-$10,000 just on ads. However, with SEO, there is no need to spend to advertise your page when your website already ranks well and is greatly visible to customers.
  2. Low-cost activities: Compared to traditional marketing, inbound marketing costs at least 67 percent less for each lead, as per statistics. Here you save a lot of costs as the entire process is more customer-driven.


The list of ways to achieve your organizational goals is nearly endless in today’s digital world. One strategy that will help you outperform the competition is search engine optimization. Now that you have explored the benefits of SEO, you can now implement high-quality techniques to help drive your company. If your existing SEO strategies don’t seem to work out, it’s best to revise them, as it is not possible for anyone to keep up with the latest trends constantly.

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