Things to know before joining the Drug Rehab Austin TX program

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Drug detoxification is the very first step to starting your recovery. People addicted to drugs/alcohol are not sure what to expect when taking this first step to recovery. While there are certain common things in programs for drug detox Austin TX, the process varies from person to person.

There is a difference in each person’s treatment because of varied withdrawal symptoms. Even people who use the same substance are likely to experience different things. In this article, we share some important things that patients need to know before their detoxification treatment.

Withdrawal Symptoms Vary As Per Substance

When you get into a drug detox program, the very first thing a professional will ask is what substance a person was using. It is because the withdrawal symptoms vary for different substances, such as:


The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detox start around eight hours after a person’s last drink. They get intense between 24 to 72 hours and can last for several days. Some common symptoms are sweating, headache, nausea, insomnia, enlarged pupils, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.


The withdrawal symptoms of cocaine begin after an individual’s last use. Some common symptoms are depression, hunger, fatigue, restlessness, and nightmares.


The withdrawal symptoms depend on the type of opioid an individual uses. For heroin, the symptoms start around 12 hours after the last use. For methadone, it takes about 30 hours. The type of opiate or opioid a person uses will affect their withdrawal symptoms. For heroin, symptoms start. Some common symptoms are runny nose, nausea, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, sweating, agitation, and flu-like symptoms.

Things to know before joining the Drug Rehab Austin TX program

Other Factors Affecting Withdrawal Symptoms

A person’s individual and family history may even play a vital role in how they stop substance abuse. Two people with the same substance use history can experience various withdrawal or severity lengths.

How long you misused a substance, the amount of substance used, and genetic makeup can impact your detox process. In case you have any medical condition or taking specific medications, the withdrawal symptoms depend on certain factors.

Alcohol/Drug Detox Depends on Individual Needs

Drug and alcohol rehab Austin TX works on specialized care as per the individual needs. The professionals handling your drug addiction treatment must conduct a proper medical and clinical evaluation before the detox starts. Even a client’s medical history and substance use pattern are other factors to consider before the detox.

Things to Expect During Alcohol/Drug Detox

Generally, the detox period for an individual is around three to five days. But it may vary as per your individual needs. At Briarwood Detox, the professional medical staff manages your recovery progress. They also monitor your mental and physical well-being. During the detox period, you are motivated for drug rehab treatment and prepared for the next steps.

Begin Drug Detox With  Detoxification

Want to begin a sober life in Austin? Get in touch with Detox experts who work with clients, as well as their families, to figure out appropriate healing programs for medical detox. Hence, the professionals offer you intensive healing programs to gain the tools they need for recovery. Contact them today for comprehensive drug detox treatment and aftercare.

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