An Ultimate Guide to Offshore Software Development in 2021

Offshore Software Development Companies

In 2021, it is not challenging to find a partner overcoming the geographical barriers for technological solutions. Outsourcing is a widespread option today to achieve key objectives rapidly. The global market size accounts for 92.5 billion USD for Outsourced Services. Offshore software development is a popular outsourcing model that helps you enjoy all advantages.

In the current scenario, there is tremendous scope for the growth of offshore outsourcing. Pandemic has increased our dependency on advanced technology. The market scope has widened too. This has widened the demand in the service industry. 

Are you interested in developing software? Do you lack resources? Are you unable to access unobtainable resources? Do you wish to reduce the cost when compared to local development firms? Offshore software development helps you get high-quality software products or development services at a competitive price. Access IT infrastructure and the talent pool easily with Offshore software development.

What is Outsourcing?

When you outsource software development, you hire an IT service provider. This external service provider renders development services along with maintaining the team and providing all the necessary tech resources.

Let us take a quick look at the outsourcing models.

Based on location, outsourcing services are divided as,

  • Offshore outsourcing is where a service provider is located in a different geographical location.
  • Onshore development hires a service provider in the same country.
  • Nearshore development is where the outsourcing company is located across country borders with or without difference in time zone.

What is Offshore Software Development?

In Offshore Software Development, a company outsources IT tasks to a third-party software development company. These services include software development, mobile application development, or web development and maintenance. The partner company is based in a foreign company.

The team of developers from the external agency is your extended part. They work for you as in-house staff. The team leverages your existing resources. With offshore development, you get access to technical expertise and qualitative work.

How to Outsource Offshore Software Development?

Are you wondering what are the steps to start offshore development? Here is the answer.

●    Make decisions

It is the responsibility of the company to decide on the requirements. Set your goal and target audience. Analyze your competitors. Understand their traffic, technologies in use, scalability, etc. Chalk out how would you wish to add more features.

●    Adhere to the regulations

Each industry has certain requirements. The product that you look forward to should follow existing standards and regulations. For example, when you use the personal data or financial data of the user, you need to adhere to the set regulations.

●    Set objectives

Before you set your priorities you need to define your goals right. Gain analytical insights and frame metrics of your goals. This leads you towards your goal step by step.

●    The need

You must know what resources you need. Be it technologies or the experts. Decide on the technology to build software. Also, know the requirements of a team- a designer, a programmer, a tester, etc).

When you have your plan ready, it is easy to look out for companies. You can select a partner who has expertise in the field.

What are the Benefits of Offshore Software Development?

●    Reduced costs

Remote programmers’ salaries are lower when compared to in-house staff. Cut all the insignificant investments. You can cut down the expenditure on equipment, facilities, and utilities.  Thus, reduce the cost of development.

●    Expertise

When you hire developers from the global market, you can access a wide range of professionals. The skilled talent pool delivers future-proof IT solutions. Exposure to conferences or competitions hones their skills too. Thus, get experts for your development and widen your efficiency.

●    Shared responsibility

When you think of software development you should also think of risk management. Risk management is often underestimated. When you outsource IT development, you share the risk management. Offshore software development companies are experienced since it forms the core of their business.

●    Faster development

When you outsource your project, the offshore development company helps you to shorten the development time. The experts are acquainted to work with tight schedules, without compromising on quality. Speed up your launch time thereby.

●    Easy onboarding

If you go in search of developers and recruit them, it is time-consuming. In the competitive world, it is challenging to launch your product soon. Outsourcing helps you to get the best professionals across the globe.

●    Project management

Get balanced project management with offshore software development. You can choose the team you require. Track the project and manage it according to your requirements.

How to choose an offshore software development company?

Some of the leading countries under offshore software development according to Statista are

The criteria to choose an offshore partner is as follows:

●    References:

Check out a company’s previous projects, testimonials, and case studies. The company’s workflow should match your needs. This helps you to understand the overall expertise of the company.

Review the references with rankings from Clutch or Good firms. These help you to get the best company within the region you choose. Compare the parameters and shortlist companies for your project.

●     Share your idea:

Discuss your project with the company. However, make sure yr partner signs a non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that your project idea is leak-proof. Outline your idea and mention your preferences. Make all your expectations clear to your partner.

●    Select the model:

There are different relation-based models for offshore software development. Staff Augmentation is when you have an in-house development team and outsource particular tasks. When you hire a dedicated offshore development team, they divide the work and develop a project for you. In project-based models, a team takes care of the entire development cycle from scratch to the end. Hence choose the right model depending on your needs.

●    Communication

Regular connection is very important. You should stay in touch with your partner company and supervise the development process. Fluent communication helps to complete the project successfully without any communication gaps.

Now that we have understood the criteria, let us take a look at on-demand services.

On-Demand Services under Offshore Software Development

The most outsourced services according to Statista in 2017 were,

●    IoT and AI

AI-powered human intelligence is gaining popularity. Machine learning is in high demand in industries such as health care, retail, finance, manufacturing, etc.

●    UI/UX

UI/UX gives the first impression to the user. It is necessary to have an attractive design. However, it should be highly functional and user-friendly. A good design covers SEO requirements and enhances the customer experience.

●    Cloud Computing

Data storage is a must for all sectors. Cloud computing helps to store data and access it anywhere, anytime. Many industries have opted for cloud storage including the government sector.

●    AR/VR

AR helps to get a real-life feel with the lens. VR stimulates surrounding environments artificially. Both are widely used in gaming, film industries, training sectors, etc.


Offshore Software Development helps you to get the best developers worldwide. Cut down your costs and speed up the process with talented experts. Get customized and end-to-end solutions with top offshore software development companies. Get high-quality software development services for startups, SMBs, and large enterprises. Switch to innovation right away.

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