Practical Tips To Improve SEO of Your Ecommerce Store

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With the increasing competition, SEO for eCommerce has become more important than ever. If you want to improve the traffic of your website, you can do it by optimising your site for SEO. By doing so, you can rank higher in the search engines and may probably be in the top 3 on page one. Another benefit of SEO is you can rank for different keywords such as specific products names or categories. However, it can take some effort to optimise your site for the search engines but it’s worth it.

Check out the below tips of how you can do SEO of your eCommerce site:

  • Reduce load time- There are many factors that influence the SEO rankings of your website. And one such important factor is the load time of your website. If your website takes a long time to load, Google will not rank it in the SERPs. There are chances that the visitor will leave the site page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Thus, it’s necessary to reduce the load time of your site.
  • Mobile friendly site- Google has started mobile-first indexing. This makes it important to make your site mobile friendly. Also, according to various stats, nearly half of the search queries on Google are from mobile devices. And when you optimise your site for mobile devices, you increase your chances of ranking higher in the search engines. It is suggested that you keep your site mobile friendly at the time of development. If you have missed that opportunity, you can take help from the best SEO company London.
  • Optimise your content- One great way to improve your SEO strategy is to upload quality content. From quality content, we mean informational and useful content related to your niche. Upload detailed product descriptions for all products and add content in the category pages. This will allow Google algorithms to understand what your page is all about. Don’t hesitate to include keywords you want to rank for in the content.
  • Add customer reviews- This is so helpful for the growth of your eCommerce business for many different reasons. Firstly, Google treats reviews as new content on the website. And when more and more people add reviews to your products it improves your chances of ranking. Further, reviews are one important factor that influences the buying decision of the customers. If you have positive reviews on your website, there are chances that visitors will buy your product.
  • Canonical tag- If you have the same page with more than one URL, a canonical tag can be very beneficial for your website. By using a canonical tag on a page, you can signal Google algorithms that this is your main page and has to be prioritised. This way Google will transfer the SEO credits to the original page rather than other duplicate pages.

Lastly, SEO for eCommerce sites is important for many different reasons. There are other important technical SEO factors that you can take advantage of to rank higher. If you are looking for an SEO agency, RVS Media can be your best bet. It is the best SEO agency London and has certified digital marketers and SEO professionals, who can help you improve your ranking and drive more customers to your website.

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