9 Hidden Benefits of Marketing with Whiteboard Animation Video

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Video content has become a must-have for marketers in the last decade. Brands are regularly using different types of videos to boost brand visibility, reach, and conversions.

One of the most commonly used video types is whiteboard animation videos. These videos are perfect for creating educational content related to products and services.

But whiteboard videos are not restricted to being purely educational. There are many hidden benefits of whiteboard videos that make them a top choice of brands. 

Let’s see why whiteboard animation videos are among the most popular.

Benefits of whiteboard animated videos

1. Reduces bounce rate

A high bounce rate is one of the biggest hurdles for businesses globally. And if you’re facing the same hurdle, too, then we’ve got an infallible solution for you —whiteboard animation videos.

Research has shown that whiteboard animation videos are perfect for grabbing the attention of website visitors. They are ultimately leading to reduced bounce rates.

Visitors spend 2.6X more time on websites containing whiteboard videos.

2. Reduces churn rate

Like bounce rate, reducing churn rate is a constant battle for businesses. As a result, brands often come up with multiple strategies and campaigns to reduce churn.

But what if I told you there was a more straightforward way to reduce the churn rate? Using whiteboard animation videos in emails can effectively reduce churn by 78%.


Whiteboard videos can easily attract and hold the attention of your viewers. In addition, whiteboard videos example  help convey the message effectively and keep viewers interested in the brand.

3.  Boosts click-through rates for emails

Many brands use email marketing as one of the primary tools of customer engagement. But promotional emails can often be boring, long, or bland. This is where using whiteboard animated videos can change the game.


Because whiteboard videos add a touch of uniqueness to your email campaign, this uniqueness encourages the audience to check out the video.

Brands can also pack up a long email into a 1-minute video, leading to more clicks and views.

4. It makes an impact in a quick time

Conveying a message and the impact of that message are two completely different things. Often brands can convey their message through videos, images, or texts. But, that message takes a while to make the required impact on the audience.

Why? Because our brain needs to gather the chunks of information collected and form a clear picture to understand it.

But whiteboard animated videos combine story-telling, visuals, ideas, thoughts, and audio. Through whiteboard videos, brands can explain even the tiniest detail of the brand message.

This makes it easier for the audience to process the information while watching the video.

5. Whiteboard animated videos are useable for every niche

Whiteboard animation videos are not just restricted to marketing purposes. This video type is so versatile that it can be used by a single business for multiple objectives, from employee onboarding to marketing.

In addition, whiteboard videos can be used across every industry and deliver outstanding results. For example, many IT businesses use whiteboard animation videos for employee onboarding. While SaaS businesses often rely on whiteboard animated videos to explain their products.

At the same time, B2B businesses can use whiteboard videos for sales pitches.

6. Attracts even busy customers

In such a hectic world, customers don’t have time to watch long videos or read thousands of words to know more about a brand. This is where whiteboard videos can help marketers.

Whiteboard animation videos are short and simple. These videos can deliver more complex information within minutes. That is why even busy customers prefer watching whiteboard animation videos.

7. Attracts a more extensive customer base

The compelling and engaging nature of whiteboard videos makes them appealing to a broader range of audiences. From corporate executives to younger customers, whiteboard videos are preferred by everyone.

For example, a brand can create whiteboard videos about a product for client meetings. Then later, the same videos can be uploaded to Youtube or brand websites as educational videos. 

8. Simplifies complex data

Whiteboard videos use storytelling to convey ideas, thoughts, facts, and data. Being uncluttered and straightforward, whiteboard animation videos can make understanding complex data easy. They efficiently break down every piece of information into smaller digestible parts for the audience.

9. It stays longer in users’ minds.

The biggest objective of creating a video is to be remembered by the customers. Whiteboard animated videos are great for triggering brand recall in customers.

Why? Because whiteboard videos are simple, minimalistic, and highly engaging. Furthermore, the incredible visuals also make whiteboard videos memorable.

Videos are the go-to hack for today’s marketing strategy. Every successful marketing strategy has videos at its core. And whiteboard animated videos are quickly becoming one of the valued forms of videos for brands. Whiteboard videos have become an essential asset to attract, engage and nurture target audiences and build meaningful relationships.

Author bio:

Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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