Boost Your Brand with Google Reviews Widget and Its Benefits

Google Reviews Widget

Reviews and feedback are the backbones of a business. They have helped businesses to grow in so many ways. This is why more and more brands are opting to embed Google Reviews on websites. Google Reviews helps them to establish credibility and trust before their target audience. This happens because people like to get recommendations for products or services from people like them – and not from a celebrity or influencers.

Bright Local has revealed that in 2021, 81% of consumers said they read Google reviews which a significant increase is. This implies that opting to embed Google reviews on website is not merely a trend but a smart move to push your business forward.

In case you are still on the fence about creating a Google Review Widget on the website, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss the efficient ways to create Google reviews widget for your brand.

How Can You Create A Google Reviews Widget For Your Brand?

You can create a Google reviews widget for your brand in many ways. We are providing you with the easiest methods to ease the entire process. Check out the list.

A). Google Self Embed Feature

Google also offers an embed feature. To embed Google Reviews on website, you can use a short code from Google My Business page. In case you are not aware, a short code is a shortcut to add features to your website that would have required a lot of coding and technical ability. A short code is written in square brackets. You can use Google embed feature in the following way.

  • Login to your Google business account. Visit your Google My Business page.
  • On the left corner of the review, you will see a Share icon
  • Select the Embed option.
  • Copy the code and open the review page on website
  • Paste the code at the backend of your website, and you are done.

B). Google Review Widget

Google Review Widget is truly amazing. It is a 24X7 brand ambassador for your business. This means even if your target customers are scrolling the website, Google Review widget can represent your business in the best way possible. Your past and happy customers can do the selling for you.

In case you are not aware, Google Review Widget is a functional block that allows you to showcase your Google reviews on website in a fully customizable way. This will contain a title, the review content, and the associated star ratings. We recommend you design the Google Review Widget to align with your brand image. This will help you to enhance the overall look of the widget.

C). Tagembed

Tagembed is an amazing social media aggregator tool that helps users display the google reviews widget in a customizable way. This tool has a moderation panel that helps you hide reviews that do not align with your brand image. This eventually helps you to stand as the perfect business in front of your target audience. Apart from that, you also get so many customization features, such as customizing the themes and layouts of the widget or changing the color of the fonts and their size. Moreover, you also get access to custom CSS.

Tagembed also provides its users with a responsive widget; no matter what device your visitor uses, your widget will adjust its size accordingly. What we love most about this tool is that this tool is code free. This means that even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily manage this tool. Moreover, this tool is compatible with 10+ CMS platforms.

And while you are using the tool, you do not have to worry about updating the widget to show new reviews on website. Tagembed will update the review widget once you have a new review.

C). WordPress Plugin

Plugins are the tools that enhance the overall functionality of your website. If you are a WordPress website owner, you must have used Plugins. 

Most website owners rely on Tagembed – Social Media Feeds WP plugin to display the Google review widget on the website. Using the Tagembed WordPress Plugin, you can extract your customers’ feedback and showcase them on the WordPress website. With the help of this tool, you can customize the overall look of your widget.

Benefits of Google Reviews Widget for Your Business

No matter what business nich you belong, Google Reviews can work wonders for your business. Below are some of the advantages that you can leverage with Google Reviews. Look around.

1. Remember the last time, when you needed a freelance web developer for your business, you went on and checked the feedback shared by their previous clients? This is what Google Review does to your business. It becomes the 24X7 social proofs for your business.

2. People buy from the businesses they trust. If they are new to your business what reason they have to trust your business? This is where Google Reviews help you to establish trust for your potential customers.

3. Platforms love it when you use their products. When you use Google Reviews, it also has an impact on Google local search results. This is because, the reviews contain relevant keywords related to your business. This helps Google to understand your business in a better manner.

4. One of the greatest benefits of using Google Reviews for business is that it creates a feedback loop for your business. It encourages other users to share their opinion about your business.

Wrapping Up

People now heavily rely on Google Reviews as this helps them to make informed decisions. It is indeed a powerful way to build trust with your customers. Thus we recommend opting to embed Google Reviews on the website. However, embedding Google Reviews do not have to be difficult and limiting. It should give you the scope of customization and the preference of how your Google Reviews are organized and displayed on the website.

So don’t wait anymore. Use the ways mentioned above and let the happy customers do the selling for you.

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