5 Ways To Improve Your Remote Work Experience.

improve remote work

In the last year, our lives have changed drastically. We have been adapting to the new way of doing things during the pandemic. From meeting people to go to the cinema or even doing simple daily chores like buying grocery, have been different. However, the biggest change has been working from somewhere that we weren’t used to, our own home.

Data never lies, in the previous 12 months, remote work increased by over 50% as the study from greatplacetowork.com on over 800 thousand employees from Fortune 500 shows.

This new way might be better for most people, especially with kids or complicated family situations. Working from your kitchen table is not as comfortable as it seems, distractions everywhere and totally not the right environment to thrive professionally. That’s why we have 5 suggestions that can help you find the balance between duty and pleasure, to improve how you achieve things on the daily basis.

1) Manage your time

It might be obvious for most readers, but if you do generic office work where you perform different monotonous tasks every day can be simplified. Thinking in advance when and how to do each step of the workload will surely get you closer and faster to end the day in a better mood and less overwhelmed.

For example, do you feel sharper at the beginning of your shift after a good cup of coffee? Perfect, set your schedule to do complex tasks in the morning and leave more basic but mechanical problems by the evening. It will help you increase the productivity and quality of your efforts.

2) Be smart in how you do things.

With very simple changes you will work faster and preserve precious minutes between your duties. For instance, if you have to write a lot of similar emails, keep a file somewhere with different flairs of the same message so you can always copy it and edit it, instead of writing it from scratch. You can apply this expedient for many common repetitive nuisances. Do you require doing a lot of reading during the day? Remember now that you are at home and most of the simple assignments can also be executed on your phone or tablet. Organising time and location has never been easier.

3) Use the right apps

Not everyone knows the existence of thousands of apps and tools with different uses to help you optimise your job. If you need to do a lot of repetitive identical clicks, you will surely get benefits from software that can record inputs from your mouse and keyboard. You can even assign hotkeys to compose a string of texts! Your phone is a goldmine of unique applications that can improve also your free time. Download a scheduler or a personal analytics app, where you can track the time you spent in each part of the day, and find gaps to optimise everything you do.

4) Flexibility

If you followed step 3, now you are able to manage your workload. This means being flexible in how you pick up breaks during the shift is crucial. Let’s say you prefer shorter, but more frequent rests. If you are conscious of how long you take to complete an assignment, you will be able to fit as many pauses as your saved time allows. The management of our routine in a smarter way directly affects the quality of time we spend for ourselves, family and friends.

 5) Constantly improve yourself

Did you get 15 minutes before the next Zoom meeting? The perfect occasion for a cup of tea and read something useful: a guide, a blog, some news related to your job or your personal interests. Fill the gaps in your schedule with as much as fruitful little notions as possible, and at the end of the day, you will be a better version of yourself than you woke up in the morning. Little by little is possible to build a new set of skills with sustained dedication.


Sometimes you hear from co-workers or friends that “The struggle is real” and might be true for a lot of us. Occasionally taking a deep breath and reflect on the day ahead can be beneficial, simply because many of the little things in the daily “struggle” can be overcome to increase value in our lives. To know more visit here.

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