5 Ways How Integrating Chatbots into Mobile Apps Can Generate More Leads

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Today, many businesses are integrating chatbots into their websites to provide an enjoyable experience to their customers. More than 58% of businesses use a chatbot on their website to improve the efficiency of their website and convert more leads. But do you know many mobile app development companies are implementing chatbots in mobile apps? Chatbots have become a cutting-edge mobile app development trend that many businesses are using to stand out from the crowd.

For many tech companies, chatbots technology is an important feature of a mobile app that can offer a seamless and great user experience. It increases the operational efficiency of your business by using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It quickly resolves a complaint and provides a detailed answer to customers.

It is surprising to know that more than 1.4 billion people are willing to talk to chatbots to get instant replies to their queries. This is why it has become a must-have tool for businesses that want to optimize their customer support services. Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning and provide a memorable user experience to your customers.

From offering a pleasurable customer experience to addressing the problems of your customers’ problems, automating tasks and promoting your brand, chatbots have now become an integral component of mobile apps. If you are developing a mobile app, or want to improve the functionality of your existing app, consider integrating chatbots into your mobile app.  

Let’s discover how chatbots can improve the mobile app experience and increase customer satisfaction.

1.  Maximize User Engagement

There is no denying the fact that mobile apps are an effective tool to attract a wider audience present on mobile devices. If you develop a mobile app to promote your product or service to a mobile audience, you need to guide customers on how to use your app. With the help of chatbots, app developers can provide instant support to users and help them make the most out of the app’s features.

According to Mobile Marketer, 40% of millennials want to engage with chatbots on a daily basis. When users know how to use your app and get instant replies to their queries, it encourages them to explore your app and engage with your mobile app over and over.

2.  Personalized User Experience

Since chatbots are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it makes it much easier for them to understand customers’ preferences and interests. These smart technologies enable chatbots to act as a real-life store assistants and provide the most accurate, personalized and relevant product recommendations to app users.

When customers interact with chatbots, ask for the desired size, search for a particular product or category page, the chatbot stores this information and uses it for future use. By integrating chatbots into your mobile app, you can turn your app into a personalized shopping assistant that recommends products and guides customers to complete the purchase process quickly.  

3.  Interact with Customers in Real-Time

It is one of the major reasons why more and more businesses are adding chatbots to their mobile apps. By providing quick replies to your customers and instant support, chatbots develop an interest in your app and encourage users to stick to your app for long. Chatbots intelligently answer the questions of customers and guide them on how to complete a purchase. If the question is tricky and chatbots don’t know the accurate answer, in that case, it quickly forwards the request to a human sales representative to rectify the matter.   

Many eCommerce, fashion and cosmetic brands are using smart AI chatbots in their mobile apps that interact with app users in real-time. They offer a conversational user interface, allowing users to ask questions and get instant replies from the chatbot. It simply takes customer service to a whole new level by allowing customers to interact with chatbots before making a purchase decision.

4.  More Reach, More Leads

With the help of chatbots, your brand can reach a wider audience. Whether you are developing an Android app, iOS app or Windows app, the best part about chatbots is that they can function anywhere. No matter if it is a website, mobile app or third-party service, the flexible integration of chatbots can make it a better option to reach a wide range of audiences. Furthermore, by sending prompt and accurate responses, chatbots can cultivate meaningful relationships with potential customers and guide them on how to obtain the service or product. This process will eventually help brands to generate more leads and turn potential customers into loyal customers.   

5.  A Great Onboarding Experience

Offering an awesome onboarding experience to app users matters most. According to several studies, if users don’t get a seamless onboarding experience, and find it difficult to use your app, chances are they will never come back. Thanks to intelligent AI chatbots, they play a key role during the onboarding and help users to properly understand how to fully use the features of the mobile app. It enables users to completely understand how your app works, this way they can offer a great onboarding experience to users.

Bringing It All Together

All in all, chatbot integration to your mobile app is a sensible approach to take your business towards new heights of success. From offering a personalized user experience to sending timely notifications, providing exceptional customer support to generating more leads and closing more sales, chatbots can provide a number of amazing benefits. If you have not integrated a chatbot into your mobile app, now is the time to hire a mobile app development company and start taking maximum advantage of AI-based technology.

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