5 Ways CBD Oil Can Make Your Relationship Better


For decades, mainstream media and Hollywood have pedaled the notion that romantic relationships equal soulmates and “happily-ever-after.” However, the contrary is true because circumstances and people change due to life pressures, evolving family structures, work, health matters, financial obligations, and social pressure. Therefore, couples must constantly seek healthy ways to refresh their relationships to weather life’s tidal changes.

Although famous as an elixir for physical and emotional wellbeing, CBD oil is emerging as a crucial remedy for healthy relationships. So, how can CBD spice up your relationship? Keep reading to discover CBD oil’s power in fostering sexual wellness and deepening intimacy.

1. It Can Lower Stress/Anxiety

Stress is a natural human response to high-pressure situations and manifests as emotional and physical tension. According to one expert review, exposure to a limited amount of acute stress is good because it excites the brain cells, improving response to situations, motivation, cognitive performance, and overall health.

However, stress morphs into unhealthy anxiety when the stressing factor outweighs the resources at your disposal to tackle the stressful situation. Anxiety can trigger negative thoughts about self and the romantic relationship, leading to negative emotions like the fear of rejection and insecurity. Also, people with anxiety require constant reassurance and may develop overdependence on their partner, straining the relationship.

Besides social insecurity, anxiety affects intimacy in the bedroom when a partner experiences sexual performance anxiety or is overly conscious of their physical appearance. Additionally, one study where researchers measured cortisol levels before and after exposing participants to erotic films showed that participants with high cortisol levels experienced lower arousal. Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone produced during stress responses, and the above study shows that stress impedes sexual drive.

Fortunately, CBD oil alleviates stress, helping to tackle stress-related strain in relationships. CBD is the primary non-psychoactive compound in cannabis plants and interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a signal transmitting channel, to modulate anxiety levels.

The cannabinoid indirectly stimulates the ECS’s CB1 receptors in the amygdala or the portion of the brain that detects and processes stress responses. Activated CB1 receptors lower activity in the highly responsive amygdala regions, inducing relaxation. Therefore, CBD quells running thoughts of insecurity, negative body image, and performance anxiety, facilitating relaxed, intimate moments inside and outside bedroom confines. 

2. It May Enhance Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal refers to your body’s emotional and physiological responses to sexual stimuli. Although the primary indicator of sexual arousal is physiological changes in male and female genitalia, one study shows that women also experience subjective arousal or mental, sexual engagement.

However, multiple factors, including some prescription medications, illicit substance consumption, and elevated stress levels, can lower sexual drive in men and women. Such factors impede blood flow to the genitalia impeding sustained physical arousal for both genders. 

Low sexual arousal negatively impacts relationships by straining intimacy and other relationship pillars like communication. However, CBD can help bolster sexual arousal. Regardless, it is not a primary treatment for long-term arousal-related sexual dysfunctions.

As earlier stated, CBD interacts with the ECS’s receptors to trigger various physiological and psychological effects, and one study shows a correlation between cannabinoid concentration and female sexual function. Human genitalia has a high ECS receptor concentration, and CBD’s capacity to stimulate these receptors increases blood flow to the sexual organs. 

The increased blood flow to the genitalia increases nerve sensation in the region, leading to longer, more intense orgasms. Additionally, CBD’s anxiolytic (anxiety relief) effect enhances subjective arousal in women.

3. CBD Can Alleviate Pain During Sex For Women

According to one sexual health survey, 75% of women experience pain during sexual intercourse at some point in their life. Sexual pain occurs from inadequate vaginal lubrication, leading to excessive vaginal friction during intercourse. Vaginal dryness may result from certain health conditions, menopause, and lack of subjective arousal.

However, CBD oil-themed sexual products like lubes can help improve the sexual experience for women with vaginal pain during sex. CBD tackles vaginal dryness from multiple angles.

First, it relaxes the vaginal wall, impeding muscle spasms that could cause excessive friction. Second, one study showed that transdermal CBD oil application reduces the pain sensation by blocking pain signal transmission to the brain.

4. CBD IS A Mood Enhancer

A negative mood resulting from daily stressors or hormonal imbalance can dampen the atmosphere inside and outside the bedroom. For instance, negative emotions, like anger and sadness, resulting from a bad mood impede communication and erode trust. Moreover, negative moods cause sexual disinterest in one or both parties. 

Communication, trust, and sexual satisfaction are key relation pillars; without them, your romantic relationship will stagnate or dwindle altogether. However, CBD is a mood enhancer, helping promote positive emotions. 

Besides ECS receptors, one study shows that CBD targets other molecules like serotonin receptors to promote feelings of wellbeing; serotonin is a primary mood regulation hormone. Therefore, CBD oil can help deepen connection and understanding through mood elevation.

5. May Create Room For Common Interest And Shared Activities

Common interest and shared activities build teamwork and improve communication in a relationship. Cultivating a shared interest in CBD oil allows you to enjoy shared activities like a CBD oil massage and create relationship rituals that keep you grounded and deepen intimacy.


CBD oil provides an invaluable yet inexpensive tool for spicing up your intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. However, not all CBD oil products measure up quality-wise, so ensure you purchase lab-tested CBD oil from trusted vendors.

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