5 Stylish Rolling Trays to Add to Your Collection

Rolling Trays

When choosing accessories for weed users, you will likely come across many. They are innovative and really good that can enhance your experience. And, when talking about weed rolling, gone are the days when you use just any plate or dish from your kitchen for the task. However, being an experienced weed smoker, nobody knows the importance of a rolling tray better than you. A rolling tray is more than what its name suggests. It makes the entire task of weed rolling complete, easier, and less messy. 

It may look like a simple plate, but stoners can do better than judging something by its look. A styling rolling plate can enhance your entire weed-smoking session if you prefer rolling your joints. On this note, some exceptionally stylish rolling trays are a must-have. 

1. The Kind Pen Rolling Tray

No more using the psalm to break the weed buds and no more rolling them on any slippery surface – now you can enjoy the weed with this excellent rolling tray from the Kind Pen. Get Them in 2 sizes – large with 10 inches x 6 inches and small with 7 inches x 5 inches.  

With a raised perimeter and hardened plastic, these rolling trays take your rolling experience to the next level, whether you use any herbs or weeds. Carrying these trays is very easy as they only weigh 1 oz. 

2. The All-Time Favorite RAW Classic Metal Tray

Are you a beginner who is looking for a rolling tray? Then, if you have already gathered your weed accessories, don’t forget to add a sophisticated tray to your collection. Classic metal trays have always been the favorite among most experienced smokers. It can make your life easier with this kind of tray that resonates with your needs and tries to make it environment-friendly and economical. When it concerns producing weed accessories, RAW has become one of the most reliable brands. To date, the classic metal rolling trays by RAW have been the best and finest accessories.

3. Matriarch Jay Mill Wooden Tray

If you have already used a metal rolling tray and want to try something new, this wooden tray will not disappoint you. The Jay Mill Wooden Tray has an erotic and elegant look made from high-quality black walnut wood. When you purchase this tray, you will get approximately half of the paper sheet’s space with an overall size of about 11 by 8 inches. So, that makes the tray compact with more elegant features.

This wooden tray stands out from most other trays because its 11 different sections allow you to place your weed supplies, goodies, and other stuff. Moreover, on this tray’s side, you will likely have some space for storing the rolling paper, and with its added thickness, the tray’s interior compartments are deeper.

This wooden tray’s top part has a double base area that allows you to store different-sized weed grinders and jars. And the rolling area gives you enough space to roll your weed conveniently.

4. Chongz Premium Rolling Trays

Chongz is primarily famous for creating one-of-a-kind, elegant-looking glassware accessories and bongs. Nevertheless, it has also managed to serve enthusiastic smokers like you with its innovative and exceptional rolling trays. 

This metal rolling tray comes with fun and quirky designs that make rolling a joint even more interesting. Its eye-catching and stylish design enables you to use this tray to grind or break the weed buds conveniently. Additionally, the tray is spacious enough to place all your smoking accessories in one place. Well, their conception of the ideal rolling tray goes beyond just “rolling,” opening the smoker’s mind to new possibilities.

Yes, rolling trays work well as storage containers for your hemp grinders, wicks, tongs, and other accessories. 

5. Case On It Rolling Trays

While smoking on the go, you’d prefer having something downright portable, compact, and lightweight. A surface will only work if you are one of those picky stoners. Moreover, you would want to avoid rolling your stuff over an unclean surface. So, Case On It understands you better and offers one of their cutest and most reasonably priced rolling trays. It is exceptionally made for smokers who’d like to roll their joints on the go, and that too, without wasting their precious weed. 

It also serves as a solid magnetic container with an odor-control feature for storing the weed stuff. The fact that Case On It can be neatly folded into a little square and used as a rolling tray that is the size of a pocket is by far its most valuable feature.


So, that’s about the five best and most stylish rolling trays that combine function and fashion because your smoking experience deserves only the best. You can choose any of them to use or to give to someone who enjoys vaping.

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