Worthy – Jewellery Gift for Every Celebration

Worthy Jewellery Gift

Life is all about joy and laughter. Small things in life make your life worth living. Never take these little moments for granted and celebrate them in every possible way.

I bet every woman loves to have jewellery as a gift surprise. It need not be an expensive or big jewellery item. A small pendant or ear studs are also worth gifting. Gifts are the simplest way of making the moment memorable. Thus, jewellery makes these moments more special with additional value.

1. Rose Gold Initial Ring: 

Yellow gold ruled the jewellery industry for centuries. Jewellery back then was all about gold and diamonds. However, in the last decade rose gold has gained a significant place all around the globe. Young couples love the grace of this colour. Rose gold is considered a colour of love and romance. You are just one click away to explore a whole new range of designs in this beautiful colour. While there are numerous choices available in rose gold, the Initial ring is the trendiest of all. Several websites give you the option to customise your rings with the particular initials of your choice. This ring is a beautiful piece of memory you will cherish all your life.

2. Paloma’s Groove Cufflinks:

Anniversary and wedding gifts are not just for women. Your man of life also needs to get pampered once in a while. Choosing gifts for men, especially jewellery is quite a difficult task. Not all men like to wear rings, studs, bracelets and chains. In this case, you can play safe with cuff links.

Men like to be appreciated for their formal looks. Nothing more than a cuff link suits this special category of men. Check out Paloma’s groove cufflinks. These 18-carat gold cufflinks have all the style and class crafted in these gorgeous pieces of jewellery.

3. Diamond Stud Earrings for Anniversary:

All these years you must have given your lady love all the possible big sets of jewellery. This year show your love for her with diamond stud earrings. The size and diamond cut all depends on your budget. These beautiful stones transform your appearance instantly. You can pair these up with your formals, casuals, gowns and almost every sort of attire.

4. Stunning Heart Necklace for Mother Day:

Your mother has worked tirelessly to raise you. Of course, she deserves more than these materialistic things. You are never going to repay her debts for life. But a beautiful heart pendant is a perfect idea of representing your love and gratitude towards her. Get her initials or a special quote engraved on it. You can even get a heart-shaped locket that can hold pictures of you and her inside it. Get one in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, embellished with diamonds or just a platinum necklace all is based on your choices and of course your budget. I am sure your mother will treasure this gift forever.

5. Maison Monik Green and Multi Bracelet:

A sweet yet stylish gift item that doesn’t hurt your pocket a bit. Maison is a renowned brand for its classic and elegant jewellery pieces. Monik green and multi bracelet is an appropriate gift item for your friend’s birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration. These multi bracelets get along with all your casual attires. Its made of vinyl beads and a gold clasp with small gold rings in between. It’s a fun accessory that’s gonna trend for years to come. A Bead accessory is a great idea to switch your everyday jewellery pieces.

6. Sparkling Wedding Band:

Wedding bands have managed to stay in the league of hot trends for years now. These sparkling diamonds endure your love and affection towards your lady love till eternity. Diamond rings are special as they are capable of bearing all the harsh chemicals and environmental factors for years. Their sparkle and shine are not going to fade away so soon and these shiny rings are the perfect idea of boasting your love life among your peers. The diamond wedding bands look undisputedly marvellous along with your solitaire engagement rings.

Diamond wedding bands are also available for men in a variety of designs. You can even get a couple’s wedding and cherish your sacred bond forever.

7. Emerald Illusion Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Emerald cut is a classy piece of jewellery. This emerald illusion tennis bracelet is a luxe jewellery piece. This masterpiece looks outstanding and speaks a lot about your taste in jewellery. This bracelet is crafted in 14kt white gold. This diamond bracelet is not an emerald cut bracelet, instead, it’s a collection of round cut and baguette diamonds that are crafted in a beautiful setting to give an illusion of an emerald tennis bracelet.

8. Gold Watch for First Anniversary:

Treasure your love and romance with a perfect timepiece. Get a watch from a luxury brand and surprise your spouse with it. Several brands manufacture luxury watches in gold and diamonds. The first anniversary is the perfect occasion to present a timeless piece.

9. Pink Tourmaline Necklace:

Pink tourmaline is considered a birthstone for October-born people. The hue of this gemstone carries a natural tone to reflect your love and affection. This gemstone symbolises self-love, transformation, compassion, and friendship. According to astronomy and gemology, this gemstone is considered auspicious for the fifth wedding anniversary. You can get it embellished in neck chains, rings, earrings or even bracelets. However, the necklace is trending the most among the above.

10. Emerald and Platinum Vintage Ring:

Being a symbol of love, luck, peace and hope; the emerald is a significant gemstone to give someone. Emerald shines the best in platinum. You can make your gift extra special by choosing a vintage ring; instead of a modern artsy ring. These rings are noteworthy for their unique handcrafted designs. Emerald-cut diamond rings are also available in other metals. You can choose emerald ear studs, necklaces or bracelets if they fit your budget and occasion.


Jewellery is just a way of expressing your love, gratitude and concern towards a person. It’s important to consider the emotion rather than the money invested in a jewellery piece.

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