White Hat Backlinks – Safe & Free Ways to Get Them in 2022

White Hat Backlinks

There is a misconception among people that backlinking has no impact on SEO. But that’s not true! Although link building is considered as a traditional method of SEO, it is always in the game as, without high-quality links, you won’t be able to increase the organic traffic on your site.

White hat backlinks are necessary for a fruitful SEO, but they should be of high quality. Instead of focusing on the number of backlinks, we suggest you direct your efforts towards the quality links. Nowadays, several new SEO strategies are developed to carve a niche in an online world. Even digital marketers always boast of adopting new ideas to achieve business goals in terms of rankings, maximizing visibility on SERPs, more conversions, and leads. Therefore, they also take a step forward with a smart move of generating white hat backlinks.

When it comes to generating white hat SEO backlinks, marketers always look for the best ways that can have a positive impact on their business. But which one is good or bad is hard to recognize. Therefore, we bring you this blog post listing the safe and free ways to get the white hat backlinks that still work great in 2022.

Before we discuss the ways to generate white hat backlinks, let’s discuss a few points that are important to consider. Take a look-

  • Instead of kicking off the spray and pray approach, you must focus on the more targeted opportunities.
  • Create a connection with your prospects.
  • Don’t focus on promotion. Serving the information should be key-purpose.
  • If you get rejected, respect them and show a kind nature towards them, especially when it comes to link building.
Let’s start the list of safe and free ways to generate white hat backlinks that still have the same magic that works very well in 2022.

1. Internal Linking

The first on our list is internal linking, which is considered an effective and fast way to get more and more white hat backlinks. Yes, that’s right. Many digital marketers overlook this concept, especially when creating quality backlinks, but they forget that internal linking is something they can benefit from to a great extent. Your complete control over it helps you to achieve your goals.

Internal linking plays a major role in transferring the link juice between the pages and also helps Google and other search engines to crawl the website faster. So, internal linking can be helpful for the overall SEO of your site. 

If your site is built on the WordPress platform, the most popular way to create a natural and optimized link profile is to use the Link Whisper plugin.

2.  Building Links from Wikipedia

There may be a lot of people who are unaware of the use of Wikipedia for generating white backlinks. Yes, it is quite fruitful for the SEO of your site. Wikipedia is the most popular general reference work on the World Wide Web. Nowadays, this tool is considered the most effective way to create quality backlinks. All you have to do is to create a free account on Wikipedia and visit WikiGrabber, which is a free site that detects the missing citations or dead links in Wikipedia entries.

If you have an e-commerce website and want some high authority links, you must head to WikiGrabber and key in “e-commerce.” By doing this, you can also get the list of dead links. So, one can easily conclude the point that building links from Wikipedia is the best. 

3. Maintain Accounts on Reddit for White Hat Backlinks

Social media has emerged as the most powerful tool to get links. Earlier they were not widely used for this purpose as it served the results for a short period. But nowadays, they are listed among the long term strategies and very well-known for their quality links. Sites like Reddit are prioritized for many reasons.

Create accounts or profiles on several social media platforms, like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit. Among all of these, we would highly recommend saying yes to Reddit because of a few below-listed reasons.

Here we have mentioned a few reasons to choose Reddit for quality links. Check it out-

  • Reddit allows you to create several accounts on a single platform. Creating several accounts is also not against the terms of service.
  • This platform also gives complete ease of submitting stories on any topic and increases the chance of getting it to the front page in the subreddit. When your story would be highlighted on the front page, it would bring more traffic to your site and help you to earn more white hat backlinks from other sites as well.
  • Many people probably aren’t aware that Reddit comments are indexed by both Google & Bing.
  • On Reddit, if any link has the unfollow tag, it will be removed automatically if the comments get upvotes.

4. Create Your Own Private Blog Network

If you want to be in the game of SEO for a long time, there is nothing better than creating your own private blog network. Although there are several other popular networks like Gawker or Envato that undoubtedly work great, a privately owned blog network can benefit you in most of the cases. They can do what other web networks can’t.

Below we have rounded up several benefits of a private network that you must have a look-
  • The first advantage of owning a private network is that you will be provided with multiple independent sites & income streams. So, if one of them is de-indexed on a temporary or permanent basis, you don’t need to suffer as you have other options available too.
  • It helps in creating the links between the sites whenever there is a need developed to rank any keyword.
  • Such networks also assist in giving full-control over your SEO that helps in achieving the SEO goals and creating more backlinks.

The above-listed points straightly point towards how a private blog network can benefit you a lot in achieving your goal. If you want long term success in internet marketing, you should say a big yes to these white hat backlinks techniques.

5. Finding Broken Links

Next on our list is finding the broken links. It’s another best way to mark a success in terms of creating quality white hat backlinks. Before we discuss further how this method works, first understand what broken link means.

Broken links are those links that show a 404 error message. Whenever the website owner makes any changes or deletes the webpage from the site, this error occurs. Broken links are also known dead links that are not beneficial for SEO. If you find any dead link on your site, you should immediately take some actions to resolve as it can affect the overall SEO.

Several broken link checkers like SEMrush, Sitechecker, ScreamingFrog, Google WebMaster, Deadlink checker, etc. would help you to detect the broken links on a site.

6. Contests or Quizzes

Yes. By running a contest, you can easily encourage customer engagement & linking. Remember that the contest should be highly-engaging as well as involve prizes to heighten the craze among users. With the assistance of software like Gleam or KingSumo, you can come up with a great contest. If you execute the contest in the best possible way, nothing can stop you from achieving success in the link building. This method helps you to gain the trust of users as you fulfill your promise. Running giveaways in an accurate manner helps in getting links from authoritative websites and a variety of domains.

7. Inbound Link-Building

Inbound links are also known as backlinks or external links. Inbound links are those hyperlinks that point from one site to another. Let’s take an example to help you to understand what they do. Imagine that you have asked about the best restaurant in the city to a couple of people, and everyone suggested you visit “Bill Restaurant on Main Street.” In this case, their similar suggestions built confidence about that restaurant. This is what links do for search engines. Choosing the right backlinks is necessary to achieve your site goals. If we say clearly, right backlinks can do things like

  • Drive traffic to your site: Whenever someone posts a backlink to your site on their website, it heightens the chances of the user might click on it. In simple words, it helps you to direct more traffic to your site.
  • Improves Ranking: Yes, it improves the ranking of your website in the search results. But how? The thing that backlink does is to tell search engines like Google that your site is an authoritative website. When you earn more backlinks from other high-quality websites, it will improve the ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Because of these benefits, inbound linking is always prioritized for a successful website. Some of the examples are StartupStash and the Glossary of Internet Terms. StartupStash has over 1426 white hat backlinks from 185 domains.

8. Offer Content Upgrades

Offering content upgrades is an impressive way to get more free white hat backlinks. But why is it considered a successful practice of backlinking, and how does it work so very well? If you are scrambling to answer these questions, we are here to help you. Below, we have listed some points that will show you why content upgrades work so well in achieving your desired milestone of white hat backlinks. Check it out-

  • With the help of this method, you can easily display something exclusively for the site you are pitching.
  • It is much better than guest posting.
  • It provides the ease of turning a post into an eBook.
  • It also improves the ranking of the website.

Content upgrades like eBooks, reports, infographics, etc. play a major role in getting more white-hat links. So, you can continue with the same to nail the internet marketing.

9. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most widely used and popular SEO techniques that involve writing and publishing a post on a third party website. By doing this, you can easily promote your brand and rank high in the SERPs. The third-party websites are known as guest blogging websites that help the digital marketing company or business owner to promote their brand to a relevant audience. But at the same time, it should be done carefully to not face the Google penalty.

But why do publishers prefer guest blogging? The reason behind this is that publishers always strive for quality content that can provide information to their audience and allows them to come back to the website. On the other hand, authors are on the hunt for the best platform that can add more points to their brand promotion. Therefore, guest blogging is also considered as the mutually beneficial practice of SEO and earning white hat backlinks. For pitch bloggers, guest blogging is the best method to carry forward. 

If you are new to guest blogging, you can take advantage of several guest blogging networks as they can assist in the best possible way. You can even use NinjaOutreach to send your emails and get access to contacts to sites where you find potential guest post opportunities.

10. Ask for Credit

Next on our list is asking for credit. Yes, it’s a great white hat backlink hack that works great even in 2020. No matter whether you are a digital marketer or a freelancer, you can ask for credit from your trustworthy clients and partner. But make sure that you ask for the link when a client is in a good mood as it will be easy for you. You can ask your clients if it is good to display your brand name with your site in the footer of the website.

11. Create an Infographic

The last white hat backlink hack on our blog is creating an infographic. It is another safe and convenient way to get more backlinks in 2022. Kissmetrics (an advanced product and marketing analytics tool) makes the best use of infographics that bring an impressive rate of backlinks to their website. To come up with professional infographics, you’ll need an in-house designer. They will deliver the best work and help you to achieve your goal faster. If you ask us, the most troubling part of the infographic process is coming up with the right topic that can deliver you the definite results. After this part, another thing which can trouble you a little is creating the copy and graphs in your infographics. To remove such a burden from your shoulder, we will suggest you hire a designer from Upwork. They will produce the quality content of infographics.

The mistake that marketers commonly make while creating infographics is not adding their logo or brand name that makes it easy for people to put it on their website. They download your infographics and take advantage of your valuable content. Therefore, we would highly recommend you to have your logo on the infographic. In case if you don’t get the backlinks, you still get your brand name exposure around the web.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a complete list of white hat backlink hacks that works great even in 2022 and delivers you the best results. If you want to get more backlinks to rank high and maximize your Google visibility, you should put all the above-listed ways into practice today. They are effective. So, gear up for a smart move today!

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