Types Of Google Ads- Complete Guidelines [2022]

Types of Google Ads


If you are ready to spend any amount of money on advertising, then try different Google ads to reach your target audience.

After SEO analysis, still, you can not get the expected traffic on your website or application. You need to go for Google ads. Without Google ads, it will be difficult to reach your mission and vision in this digital era.

Before going over the types of Google ads, first, learn what is Google Ads. Scroll down.

What Are Google Ads?

In simple words, it can be defined as ads that are shown on the online platform which are connected with Google. It is plaid advertising under a marketing channel. It is known as Pay-Per-Click.

It is an effective way to gain traffic and enhance your digital marketing and offline business. You can easily increase your store visit website traffic and the number of potential customers. 

Different Types Of Ads: You Must Know Before Selecting One Of Them

Here are nine types of Google ads that you should check them out before selecting which ads are apt for your business.

1. Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)

Responsive ads were launched on June 30, 2022, by Google. It can tailor ad copy with specific search queries. It gives the space for headlines and separates the body to get target reach.

You can customize your ad, and Google will try different combinations until it looks apt for effective ads. 

You can pin specific headlines which you want to show on your every RSAs ad. For example, your brand name.

2. Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

One of the popular Google ads. For well-maintained websites and searches, campaigns have used this type of Google ad.

This ad will show on search engines. It can save a lot of time. With the automation factor, you can control exactly what your ads will say.

Google always does its best to keep the online content relevant to the pages you specify. Google shows your ads with relevant pages.

3. Display Ads

Most common and famous Google ads. Every company is waiting to use this ad to market its product or service.

Now, you may wonder what two main ad formats can be used in a google display ads campaign. Well, there are two types of Google display ads: responsive and uploaded. You can use both simultaneously.

These ads will show on google search result pages, YouTube, and Google Finance. Display ads can be static or images. These ads work as a marketing funnel.

4. App Promotion Ads

It can do exactly what they sound like. These ads are running on Google Play, Google search bar, YouTube, and Google discover.

When business owners only focus on promoting business, products, or services, this Google ad is the best choice. It increases customer engagement and app installments.

5. Video Ads

Video ads are very common in Google ads. You may have seen different short videos on the Google Search Result pages, YouTube, or any other platform that are connected with Google.

A survey shows that billions of people watch YouTube videos. 70% of people bought from video ads on YouTube.

6. Shopping Ads

For marketing, one of the appropriate google ads. In the online market, established e-commerce sites use this type of Google ad.

When people search for something, for instance, a ceiling fan, they will see some images on the result page.

If they click on them, they directly enter e-commerce sites.  To run a shopping ad, make sure your website has a shopping cart. If people go there and they won’t cart the product, it can increase your bounce rate.

7. Local Search Ads

When your target is a local area, don’t go for any other Google ads except local search ads. This ad format is ideal for catching the local target audience.

When people search “restaurant near me,” this ad presents your restaurant to the nearest customers.

This ad campaign allows you to increase your offline customers to visit your store.  This ad can show your store’s map.

8. Call-Only Ads

This ad only runs on mobile devices. It allows you to promote phone calls. Make sure the mentioned number can provide 24×7 service.

This ad still offers descriptions and headlines. But, the primary focus of this ad is to increase the number of phone calls. 

9. Local Service Ads

Local service ads lets you pay only for leads that you receive from the ad. It is the best option for local and home-based businesses.

To turn this type of ad, you have to verify your business by a screening process that involves a background check.

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Wrapping It Up

Now, you know different types of Google ads. Google is the top search engine in digital media. However, without Google ads, you cannot spread your business around the world.

This article will surely help you out. Let us know which ads you will use for your business.

We’ll be there to reconnect with you.

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